August 19th, 2011

The Friday Fit: Marco Borriello, AS Roma

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm…Marco. Thank you for this. We desperately needed a boost today of all days. Image Credit: Gpa/Calvo / OLYCOM; La Stampa.

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26 Responses to “The Friday Fit: Marco Borriello, AS Roma”

  1. Gen says:

    Jees… have been waiting for at least 3 month to see that pic… well done Kickette… well done!!!!

  2. GracieB says:

    such a freakin' sexy tease! if i was a vampire my fangs would be all up and down that goodness.

  3. Pam says:

    That man is so SO HAWT!!! So so SEXI. I LOVE The tat pic. Yum!

  4. RAFAela says:

    Oh God! I’m looking at this photo for the last to hours! He is so hot! Oh God! I’m waiting for this picture all summer! Oh God! I love him! Take off this swim truck Marco! Oh God! I love Sex Fabregas too but Oh God!

  5. Gooner1 says:

    Aaay Caramba! :)

  6. anna says:

    ooooooooh… is that an ipad?

  7. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    Well .. Hello there! When I see this kinda of pics is when I still say he should stay on the finnest five. Period. you just can denied the honnest in him. Thats just it.
    Thats why Marco I'll always give you my vote, always. Period.
    You have been lost al summer boy, we really needed you, I needed this pics. :D i just dont find anything wrong with you… and that tatt.. just *gasp* OMG! I love it everytime I see it.

  8. eve says:

    I don’t know…those very pointy nipples do nothing for me.

  9. balicious8 says:

    hot. hot. HAWT profile!

  10. Rossanera says:


  11. Green 4 says:

    Too hot for words.!!!!!!!

  12. littlegreenpea says:

    those are some wierd swim trunks. Maybe you should just take them off. ;) but seriously. this man is… oh man! i lost my train of thought!!

  13. Kristine says:


  14. Murron says:

    Sorry Cesc i love you but he should be number 1 on Finest five. Even his legs! Yummy!

  15. Nico says:

    “Two hundred degrees that’s why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit.” :D Is appropriate.

  16. Rosa says:

    Finally!! Where has these been all summer? I have been waiting all summer for some Marco and Lashes hawt summer pics and nothing! But finally we have one!

    I'm going to overlook the no-hair-on-the-legs-like-Ronaldo because Marco is damn fine!

  17. jen says:

    God bless you for sharing this. random observation: does homie wax his entire body?

  18. Kitty says:

    That's what heaven must look like.

  19. earidurt says:

    HOT DAMN! he is just gorgeous! uffff

  20. Kerry says:

    how sweet. He's bringing me my ipad.

  21. promakos says:

    If I could somehow post whatever noises just came out of me when I saw that… you would understand the true depth of my emotions here.

  22. Jasmine says:


  23. Tugeezer says:

    Daaaamn, boy!