November 9th, 2011

Fulham FC: (Not So) Smart Phones

What? Did I say something wrong? Frederik Fetterlein ponders the very real possibility of not be invited into any more dressing rooms in the near future. Image:

What happens in the club/pavement outside/back of the cab/someone else’s expensive hotel room, stays in those select places. That’s the rule at Kickette HQ and for the sake of maintaining appearances that bear no resemblance to our true selves, it will stay that way.

Until we’re subpoenaed, obviously.

It seems we are not the only team rumoured to have been operating such a policy recently. According to newspaper reports this morning, former Danish tennis pro Frederik Fetterlein claims in his new book that while he was hanging out with Fulham FC team members in the club dressing room (as you do), an assistant showed up with a basket of presumably untraceable mobile phones which the players then used to ‘speak freely to their mistresses’.

Hmm. Whether the story itself turns out to be true or not, what do we think about a football club facilitating infidelity, Kickettes? On one hand, it would understandable given the technological ineptitude certain players have demonstrated in recent years. Minimising negative publicity has to be number one of most clubs’ agendas. On the other, seeing extra-marital affairs handled in such a detached, casual manner would strike us as a bit… cold?

The club, meanwhile, have refused to comment on ‘unsubstantiated allegations’. We fear it’s unlikely the boo’d up Fulham players will get away with such a response when they get home.

The damage is kind of done, isn’t it?

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11 Responses to “Fulham FC: (Not So) Smart Phones”

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  2. bantlan says:

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  3. FloraJane says:

    As much as I have wanted to smack Ashley Cole sometimes and ask him wtf he was thinking, I'd rather not believe that my club passes out booty-phones to protect player images. Maybe that's a delusional state I'm just happy to live in, but I just don't see a big club like Chelsea (or indeed any club in the EPL, considering the possible financial ramifications of something like that ever getting out) doing such a thing. It makes me feel sorry for the Fulham players who maybe have never done anything wrong and are caught in this.

    As for the News of the World thing, it seems to me they had private investigators trying to dig up stuff on half of Britain, so that doesn't surprise me. And I can absolutely see them targeting people who are generally thought to be decent human beings- like Torres and Lampard. And then there are the constantly hounded like Beckham. Sigh… Good riddance to NofW.

  4. Hot4Spurs says:

    I'm sure football clubs cover up much more than we will ever know about.

  5. MrsLBaines says:

    FYI Aaron Hughes is on Twitter. He’s pretty honest so far (and loyal). Not all Fulham playes fool around. But that tennis player looks like a cad.

  6. Shelley says:

    Did people see the News of the World had been investigating several football related people for various things with a private investigatior (usually following tip offs of affairs etc). On the list was Chris Coleman (his wife even admitted to bugging his car), Rio Ferdinand of multi affair fame, Lampard, Nando, Mourinho, Beckham. Wonder what the private investigator was following them for? And more importantly, what evidence they found? There were at least 5 people in the list of 150 names given by Channel 4 News who are known to have taken out privacy injunctions (super injuncions) so……no smoke without fire?

    • April says:

      I did see that yesterday because Torres was on the list, and I have to believe they were wanting to find dirt on him and didnt. Not because I fancy him, but because nothing ever broke of it. Same can be said for a number of those other folks too, but really… prying into someone's private life to air their dirty laundry is not cool- that's people's families and such they are interfering with and making public. Happening upon it because they make it available and are found out more naturally, that is a downside to their jobs.

      Also… the only club personnel I could imagine spending time doing such a stupid "assignment" as carrying the mistresses phones would have to be the PR team, trying to prevent anything from breaking. But it just seems so unlikely… The club's responsibility is to play good football, not play good role models. The latter belongs to the agents and PR teams for the players.

      • Shelley says:

        Well……Lampard and Mourinho were exposed for having affairs by the British press in 2006 / 2007. Therefore they are not angels and I doubt they just happened to cheat once in their lives….once a cheater etc. Plus just because something does not come out in the press doesnt mean nothing happened. Thanks to the Human Rights Act lots of football people have been able to buy their silence in the UK courts (a law for the rich) by saying any story being printed would ruin their family life etc (no dummy's the cheating will do that!).
        But Rio Ferdinand recently lost his privacy case, so maybe things are changing now.
        I hate 'ballers who bang on about what a great family man they are and then cheat. Its not just horrible to their families, its almost fraud so they can sell brands and products off the back of their phoney image. That is why Ferdinand lost his case, because he tried to pass himself off as a 'reformed family man' – and he wasnt.
        Footballers shouldn't talk about how much they love their families if they are hurting their families at the same time (in my opinion)

  7. Kickette & FFC Fan says:

    Oops, I meant 'anything to *sell a book.' Sorry <3

  8. Kickette & FFC Fan says:

    The club have strenuously denied this story. The tennis player who brought up the story is selling his book at the moment… The highest position he ever got to was 75th in the World. Anything to see a book? If it's true, I'd be really annoyed. It's a horrible story and I hope the club are telling the truth. x

    • Lisette says:

      I'm trying to be rational about this, but there's a part of me screaming "of COURSE it's true!" Professional athletes have such a bad rep that this sounds completely believable. And the clubs run a lot of the younger players lives, so it could be true.

      But you're right to encourage caution. There's no proof, and people should be assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. And he *is* trying to sell a book.