February 6th, 2007

gemma atkinson: piss off, I’m still here

imageAfter the reports of Ms. Atkinson getting her groove on with some random soap opera “star” rather than sticking with her hottie b/f, Cristiano Ronaldo, it would seem she’s decided she wants back in the WAG club.  To the naysayers who doubt her relationship with CR, Gemma says it’s still on, they’re still dating and it’s all good – she’s even going to meet the parents at some point in the never-future.

Ronaldo has apparently told his team mates that the relationship isn’t serious and that he’s got a jones for most of the girls from Hollyoaks, the British soap opera Gemma graces our presence with 4x a week. Or more. Or possibly less, as if we’re going to check the listings for that factual information.

Since the initial flurry of activity (ie, the one night), no one has actually spotted Gemma and Cristiano together. 

We’re thinking it’s the sort of dating where after a drunken fling and a few hot and steamy text messages, party A is planning the wedding and party B is planning their next night on the tiles where they can pick up some more random B-list ass and so on.  Not that we know anything about such incidents. 

Gemma’s posted the following on her official site: “Finally, to those who have wished me luck in my new relationship, THANKYOU! I haven’t done badly there girls have I!!!!! Fingers crossed I don’t screw this one up……..“

We have no comment.

Link: Ronaldo Likes “All” HollyOaks Girls

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