April 7th, 2010

Gerard Pique: ‘Ballers and Books

When you begin your product shilling career as the prince of pastries, there’s only so much higher one can go. For Gerard Pique, though, his celebrity trajectory has surprisingly climbed from grocery store royalty to book author. All at the good-looking age of 23.


‘Viatge de anada i tornada” (In English: Round Trip) is actually not Pique’s “official” coming out autobiography (that was most likely ghost-written by someone else), though. In an interview with Spanish newspaper, Sport, Pique had this to say about what awaits readers:

It tells the story of a dream fulfilled. The adventures of a boy who above all wants to play some day in the first team of Barca. And in the end he succeeds, but along the way a lot of things happen to him, like having to go to Manchester United.

Nonetheless, he looked adorable at yesterday’s book launch press conference. If you plan on buying the book, please do inform us if you come across any chapters on his hot girlfriend, Nuria. With more photo proof, a girl crush shall most likely result.

Gerard Pique book launchA majority of the Barcelona first team were in attendance to applaud Pique’s reading and writing skills. Such as Victor Valdes and his tongue.

One noticeable absentee was Eric Abidal, who tore his left thigh adductor. Which is pretty close to a groin strain, ladies. Godspeed, Abidal’s inner leg muskles. You’ll be sorely missed during this weekend’s El Classico.

Photos via El Pais

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22 Responses to “Gerard Pique: ‘Ballers and Books”

  1. crissie says:

    Where is his book available for purchase? Can someone share a link?

  2. LA_MASIA says:

    I want buy this book :(

  3. sarah says:

    cant believe hes got a girlfriend :( , HJ jow do u know shes a daughter of a butcher??!!!wonder how they met and what she does??!!!

    • HJ says:

      lol!No, she's not the daughter of a butcher! My friends and I are just making fun of her. Her father's the owner of a ham company. Their relationship is quite serious and I think they're moving in together.

      she's actually really pretty *holding back tears* follow Molly's link to see a pic of the two of them together

  4. barca4ever says:

    the hottest player alive

  5. Molly says:

    I was he was looking up so he could show off those beautiful eyes he has!! :)

  6. Merv says:

    I was under the impression that he did write the book. I know I read it somewhere that even after the CL final in the locker room he was jotting down things as to remember all that he was feeling at the time. He even made mention of showing it to his parents and they liked it so much that he decided to publish it.

    Also, Gabi and Puyol wrote the prologue. Pique has admitted that he has always loved writing short stories and such.

    I suppose I'll have to go research it to see who did write it.

  7. senora ramos says:

    oh pique, sigh. and yeah, he totally didn't write it :) but that's ok. as long as there are a bunch of pics with him without a shirt!!

    • Messiforpresident says:

      I think he did write it. At least that it was he said in an interview with the catalan magazine Sport.

      • senora ramos says:

        wow, extremely impressive, then. with all the time playing for club and country to still find time to write a book!! that's awesome!

  8. juventina says:

    oh gerard! he is adorable! he is also quite a dork…at yesterday's CL match he was being his adorkable self throwing notes at Cesc
    i love them.

  9. MrsNesta says:

    Ooh Pique :)

    Haven't quite forgiven them for knocking us out of the CL, but right now I am having a full on Barca crush!!!!

    (in the photo think Victor may have let one rip!)

  10. HJ says:

    that pic for his girlfriend is not opening on my stupid computer! Will someone please post another link for a picture of her? you know what they say: keep your friends close keep your enemies closer :)