April 18th, 2011

Gerard Pique & Shakira: A Polite Request

They’re staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, dammit! Images: PacificCoastNews/Zimbio

While our cold hearts are typically pressure-cooked to perfection from the sight of two beautiful lovebirds publicly demonstrating their love for one another, we have to confess that we’re growing bored with this particular coupling.

We’ve enjoyed a romantic break, commiserated as they have offered sad goodbyes at the airport and remarked upon the grubbiness of the automobiles that transport them on their journey of love. Ahem.

We think we’ve done enough.

So, Colombian songstress whose ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ ditty has caused much unpleasantness on dancefloors infested with Kickette staffers. Take your beautiful hunk of Spanish manmeat to a private suite, do as you are bid with him and please do not emerge until you have reached that stage in your relationship where you sit at restaurant tables staring into the middle distance when you’re not texting your friends.

Thanks, then!

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60 Responses to “Gerard Pique & Shakira: A Polite Request”

  1. lala says:

    And, he has a huge peen…. Haven't you girls seen THIS?!

  2. kara says:

    i LOVE Gerard pique and im pretty upset to see him stoop so low! shakira is not that pretty and she needs to shave her head and start over!!!!!! He can DEFINATELY do much better than her!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. miaow says:

    lovely couple – they are both gorgeous & more importantly, we know shakira's a clever lady, but pique must be smart to be dating a succesful, intelligent, non-plastic woman!

  4. ArHar says:

    These two are going to marry, mark my words! Can't wait til they have beautiful babies together! :D

  5. Zahara says:

    kickette, you cannot possibly be bored of these two.
    in my opinion, they are making the world a better place, with all their love!
    it makes all the problems that ppl go through seem so petty!
    i am taking their advice! falling in love is the best thing and it makes one so happy!i mean, look at them!
    and i got butterflies in my tummy in that first pic!soooo hot
    and im not just saying all this coz shakira is my role model!lol
    or because pique is mine in my dreams!

  6. Nihaal28 says:

    What the hell is wrong with shakira’s hair??

  7. Winnie Mata says:

    she's not THAT much older than him…gees!

  8. @mai4geri says:

    I love his smile. They are just too cute.

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  10. Marina_Isabella says:

    Girlfriend is pretty smart… younger b/f, hot, intelligent, talented… nice, funny… and with the added bonus that he happens to not be poor (heeheehee) and if she's into fame, well, he's got that too! Now… what's with Shaki having such terrible hair?… jeez girl! seriously! with all the $$$ you've got and you seem to be refusing some serious hair care & loving since quiiiiite a while ago… time to quit the bottle blonde!… she looked soooo much better with her natural hair colour… ay Shaki!

  11. Pamela Marie says:

    We'll be seeing much more of these type of pics, specially now that she's completely settled in Barcelona and that they're living together, in his house.

  12. rubyqueen says:

    aww so cute and clearly smitten with each other.

  13. Winnie Mata says:

    she looked like Britney Spears from behind! :O

  14. Ashley says:

    This relationship is so fake. She's only using him, because her records have not been selling and she needs to be in the limelight. I give it 6 more months.

    • Eliz says:

      While u feel relation of Irina and CR true this relation sounds fake for u. Something seriously wrong with urself in finding what is true and what is fake

    • Zahara says:

      jeez, get a grip

  15. ToysForBots says:

    You know, I don't think Shakira has ever looked as beautiful as she has since she's started dating Pique. She just looks like she's glowing. With love. Or something corny like that.

    Anyway, I think these two are my favorite new couple, just because they look so natural together. :)

  16. Dominique says:

    I'm so freaking jealous! But they are so unbelievably (and equally) hot and should just get together and have totally cute piquira babies already!

  17. BarcaBabe says:

    I am totally not on board with this relationship and after coming to terms with Pastasilla, this is enough to put me over the edge. Pics of this smitten couple on a Monday morning is NOT my idea of starting a good week… so let's stick to the man hotness and ex out their beautiful and rich (with gross hair) famous girlfriends (with their smug twitter comments!) so we can continue our weeks in peace! ;) I am not bitter at all.

  18. Zippity says:

    The look in his eyes-He loves her! Very sweet and romantic!

  19. Kat says:

    I agree that Shakira's hair is a mess, but why waste your time shampooing your hair when the time spent in the shower is time lost getting stared at by Pique like that? … Although. Pique can always join her in the shower…

    I'm not a Pique fan, but man, he looks adorkably in luuuuuurrve.

  20. Ashlee says:

    Oh boy oh boy, someone's in love.
    Normally, I'd be completely denial central, but the look don't lie.

    Madre mio

  21. Mila says:

    Dirty hair or not he seems to adore her

  22. naylovee says:

    Shakira…breaking girls' hearts one at a time.

  23. Catie2838 says:

    Oh Pique… that kid is soooooo smitten :)

  24. trololo says:

    Hair, what, where?

    Who thinks about hair when there is such a man next to you, I would live in bed with him though :-X

  25. C16 says:

    You get me Kickette! They're so.. public about it after denying it for like six months.
    And like my friend said, she's so klingy. She's holding onto him in every single picture.
    Oh, whatever.

  26. Lotte says:

    The look in Pique's eyes in the first picture….man, the boy is really in trouble ;) . Just take it to the next level already and multiply! I want to see some lovely bubbas.

  27. simone says:

    she needs to get that hair done cause next to pique she looks so common all of a sudden. The men's got perfect hair

  28. meh says:

    for fucks sake.

  29. mochara says:

    Awww they're just soo in love, don't worry ladies it won't last for much longer mwahaha!! (I hope….)
    Shakira got robbed at a concert in Mexico last week look at this it's awful! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6O2qdV1MnY

  30. raz says:

    He looks ridiculously happy… And beautiful (he’s my imaginary bf)! Its hard not to be happy for them. I still wonder how and why Shak moved so quickly on from her fiancee of 10yrs to Geri. There must have been a time clash somewhere…

  31. Merel says:

    they're sooo cute! And Gerard looks so hot on the first pic :)

  32. Maria says:

    <3 I LOVE THE WAKA WAKA ROMANCE!!!! they are soooo cute!!! I saw the video … I swear she might have ate him up!!! =) … I love … Love Stories!!!! <3

  33. Liz says:

    I love them! Why can't other footballers date quality?

  34. Devilish-x says:

    that look of love is just so damn adorable <3

  35. beri says:

    awww….so cute!

  36. FloraJane says:

    Even though I have no thoughts about them personally when I see those moments- that look in his eyes when he's looking at the woman he loves…it's beautiful. I'd never get tired of that.

  37. Mumtaz says:

    frankly, im not a fan of pique, yet the way he stares at shakira means smth indubitably. congratz shakira! :)

  38. I love the first pic. His lips are perfection.

  39. Cara says:

    Okay I'm going to get a " I Love Piquira " shirt done and wear it proudly around LOL!

    I dont think I've ever seen Gerard look so much in love as I do when I see him with Shakira…

  40. Aisha Marie Bell says:

    Shakira should thank her lucky stars that I'm a massive fan of her, otherwise I'd be mega jel!

  41. nandosfreckles says:

    His gaze looks so meaningful, I'm melting in my computer chair.

  42. Yoss says:

    She needs to wash her hair…

    • LilyMadrid says:

      They look cute but that's what I have been thinking since they started dating she needs to wash her hair or do something to it!

    • nandosfreckles says:

      I read somewhere she has extensions, and yeah it does look like it needs a wash or two in the first pic.

    • raz says:

      I know! My eyes are only ever ‘attracted’ to that messy mane she has on her head. She hasn’t changed, cut or dyed it in the the years she’s been on the scene. And now it seems she hasn’t washed it either…

    • chay says:

      firstly, it only looks like it hasn't been brushed properly. secondly, either she has extensions or her hair is dried out from the bleaching

    • BarcaLove says:

      I totally agree.. Her hair doesn't look good at all.. She could learn a thing or two from Antonella and Yolanthe.. LOVE their hair!

    • Zahara says:

      i love her hair!
      its so…loca!

  43. ggao says:

    It's spelled Colombian, not Columbian. Fact check.

  44. pao says:

    you spelled colombian wrong kickettes!!!!!

  45. IrishBlue says:

    Wow. He is just beautiful.I could stare into those eyes all day….♥

  46. Eleanor says:

    Not usually a fan of PDA but they're at the beginning of their relationship so I'll let it slide.
    Plus they're cute.