February 21st, 2011

Gerard Pique & Shakira: Good News Or Bad News First?

Images: ElPais.com; Thx to Emma for the tip!

Like the ‘chicken or the egg’ theory, we face a conundrum here, folks.

Shall we be the bearers of blasphemous bulletins and admit defeat first or soften the blow with some positive peace of mind?

Instead of wasting our time trying to decide, we went with our guts and own personal affinity for being the “good news first” kinda girls.

GOOD NEWS IS…Nina Senicar issued a half-ass denial of her supposed romantic relations with Marco Borriello. Yes, we know we’re reaching here, but we hope this semi-revelation helped ease the pain and suffering for a few folks at least.

BAD NEWS IS…Gerard Pique’s car is really dirty. Someone be sure to break this news to Landon Donovan gently.

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201 Responses to “Gerard Pique & Shakira: Good News Or Bad News First?”

  1. bertha says:

    he's very disrespectfull to her. she's so beautifull. what a jerk whats wrong with her.

  2. bertha says:

    pique can dress in the hottest fashions, have a nice hairstyle, but a totally ugly man is a ugly man. whats wrong with shakira she is so beautifull.

  3. unclean if you only generate on introduced streets, but that car can't even evaluate to my own when the dust streets get muddy! clean your stinkin car Raise, you can manage it! Sheeeesh.

  4. Shakira is extremely pretty so good luck to him!

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  6. saba jamshidifard says:

    I love both of them and I think they will have a nice life with each other and stop gossiping about them they are the best!even persian girls love them too!<3

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  10. nadine says:

    love you both pique & shakira and i loveeeeeeee barcelonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. zozo says:

    u stole my boyfriend shakira! :(
    fine i will have fabregas then! move carla!

  12. SenioritaBaja says:

    I thought Shakira never wanted to marry? Maybe thats someone else though..

  13. Marzi says:

    I love Gerard and Shakira together. Imagine how beautiful their babies would be!

  14. Isabella says:

    Shakira es una asalta cunas jejeje :p I hope she's not just using him for some kind of publicity, or something along those lines, that'd be pretty shit and low of her. I kind of can't help but to think that she might just be using him since her 1st choice seems to have been Nadal, and he just turned her down. So I hope she isn't just 'playing' Geri… But other than that, I wish them the best… hope Shaki has a jolly good time *cheeky smile* ;)

  15. zippity says:

    He has excellent taste in women! Shakira may be 34 but looks about 24, and as someone else mentioned she's no gold-digger actually she's probably much, much wealthier than he is.

  16. nins says:

    argh her HAIR!

  17. Dee says:

    Good on Shakira for dating a younger man who just happens to be one of the sexiest men ever!!

  18. D0li says:

    Is there proof that Shakira was intereted in Rafael Nadal? i'm starting to believe the conspiracy theories because after hating on Shakira, and realizing how stupid I was being I baught two of her songs..

  19. mochara says:

    aww that's all I can say I should be jealous but they are just TOO cute <3

  20. Zahara says:

    age is just a number to me! so i dont mind that shes 10 years older than him. and i respect him now, more than before, coz whoa! he got shakira! no joke!
    it also shows that he is mature.
    and i think shakira is a genuinely nice person and pique seems to be a good person too so i think that they are amazing together..
    and if i cant have geri, i cant think of any one better than shakira.

    he doesnt want to rub in the face of all the other men in the world that hes going out with SHAKIRA! so thats why hes not smiling in the pics…such a nice guy! and he was probably caught by surprise.

    cannot be happier for these two!

  21. Olivia says:

    Both extremely hot and both super talented. Imagine the kids they could have.

  22. [...] Gerard Pique and Shakira are staring at you. [Kickette] [...]

  23. rainstarmcgee says:

    i said it before and i'll say it again…THEY MAKE AN ABSOLUTELY SEXY COUPLE!

  24. Chaz NYC says:

    Although I am a genuine Shakira fan (her live AC/DC cover is brilliant)…She is NOT sexy, she's way too tiny/slight…and Pique is a big guy…but maybe he’s into that…but give ME a classic, voluptuous, artificially-enhanced, Spanish WAG any nite of the week…go Barca

  25. noelle says:

    yay! i love her, and i love him (he's the hottest on the barca team) LOL! they're a beautiful couple =)…. its kinda weird tho cuz i remember reading something around the time of the WC that shakira is a big real madrid supporter…. its ok, i love real madrid but that doesnt mean i dont enjoy the barca man candy a lil here and there =)

  26. I just want to know what the fuck is going on here? Pique hasn't tweeted in days, and he used to tweet like a boss. I'm dying here. I honest to God never thought I would see the day Pique was officially with a woman. I thought that Nuria girl was maybe a cover up but I'm pretty sure Shakira doesn't fuck around….

  27. Lola says:

    Shakira just got out of a ridiculously long term relationship. This is a rebound and obviously will not last. I think they are more than beautiful together but come on.

  28. Kayla says:

    I LOVEEEE Shakira and Fc Barcelona, which is the club Pique is playing for. How happy and shocked was I when I heard about this news, this almost gave me a heart attack. Btw CONGRATS to both of them, I hope that will work out :D You go, Shakira!

    Btw about the age thing, people who is upset/angry about that is too childish.

  29. ximena86 says:


  30. jamtartheart says:

    So excited for them, haha. They look great together, and I wish them nothing but the best. There's no legitimate reason to assume this is happening for any other reason than mutual attraction and interest, and that is awesome.

    (Just an aside, but…recent relatively poor record sales or not, Shakira is by far the more famous of these two, haha. She is definitely not dating Pique to improve her own publicity; the thought is completely ridiculous).

  31. Mrs. says:

    They're a hot couple :) Just sayin. Only thing I keep going over is the constant denials and whether they each did cheat on their former partners…. interesting….

  32. Becca says:

    He has the prettiest eyes and she is super pretty. Very nice couple.

    However I am dreaming about Marco Borriello. Oh Marco How I love you! haha

  33. Lane says:

    I LOVE Pique and Shakira together! I say get it girl!

  34. LoJy says:

    Ok Shakira it seems like you have won this round ,but I am warning you from now STAY AWAY FROM CESC BECAUSE HE IS MINE!!! YOU HEARD ME HE IS MINE

  35. khaledezzat says:

    they were born on the same day yay 2nd FEBRUARY

  36. PEACE & <3 says:


    Personally I like many wish it was me instead of Shakira…. BUT …. I can't hate on her…. I love MOST of her songs and she has the charity for children …. & her being 10 yrs olders… WHO CARES!!!!!!! Puyi is 10 yrs older then Malena … & besides Geri my dream guy is Xavi and he is 10 yrs older then me … & trust me I DON'T CARE … AGE IS JUST A NUMBER PPL!!!!!!!

    am I the only one that thinks Shakira looks 24 NOT 34 …. she looks good …. she very beautiful latina!!!! so proud of her!!!!


  37. kdj says:

    All I can think of when this news came out is my fav Shakira’s song, Underneath Your Clothes. The lyrics is just perfect..

    I bet she likes what she sees underneath his clothes, surely it’s an endless story. And damn girl, you deserves IT for being such a good girl. LOL

    *imagine Pique rolling around in bed with her like in the music video. SEXY!!*

  38. Nihaal28 says:

    Wow his car is really dirty
    Oh shakira is there too
    Wait WHAT??

  39. honeybee says:

    no more waka waka for me.

  40. mimi says:

    shakira and gerard are a bad couple together very bad :S
    0% chemistry
    and shakira is to old for him and very small
    and ugly sorry
    i think its only an affair
    sorry for my bad english

    • BlackRose says:

      he's always dated short girls. Anna was short, Núria was short and Shakira is short. Unless it's a coincidence, he's pretty much his type of woman physically speaking. And gurl, I wish I were THAT ugly…

    • Raiola says:

      Prepare to be voted down a million times by hysterical fangirls, my dear.

      But I agree with you. Except I don't even think it's an affair.

  41. crss2001 says:

    All I have to say is that if he needs someone to wash his car he can call me! I will gladly do it free of charge, ok maybe ONE picture with him and i’m good…him shirtless and I will vacuum/clean the interior too ;)

    I love Shakis and seeing how in recent months I have acquired a liking for Pique and a dislike for her current music (I LOVE her old stuff…the old Shakis was way better!!) I really dont know how I feel about this match…but the older woman/younger man gives me hope for a future rendezvous with the really hot younger boys on my Footy Loves List :)

  42. nisya says:

    omg omg omg omg omg
    I knew this day will happen because when you've saw Shakira's hips with your own eyes its impossible to resist her and he is single so yeah I'd shipped them
    dating younger man is not an issue btw. I approved this couple

  43. GinaM says:

    Meh I was more upset Sergio hooked up with Lara Alvarez lol

    I think the age difference will eventually catch up to them

  44. Anya says:

    So she' dating a football player, ten years younger, who happens to be one of the best CBs in the world?

    Remind me to congratulate her.

  45. Lis says:

    I love Shakira. If they like each other I think it's great! What guy wouldn't want to go out with her and what girl wouldn't want to go out with him? They are gorgeous and likable. She is older than him, so what! She doesn't look it. Why is it always okay for a female to go out with an older guy but not the other way around? Gerard+Shakira are a (maybe/maybe not) couple I fully endorse.

  46. *Maylea* says:

    FINALLY!!!!! xD
    The secret (or not so secret) is finally out!!! They are cute!!
    But that car, Gerard, that car… -_-" hehehe

  47. MsMe says:

    He can have fun with her, he just hasn´t met me yet ;)
    The age difference is one thing I´m glad about, since I´m a lot older than him too. Sorta gives you hope…

  48. foree says:

    Cute!! Besides, in my dreams Pique is my bf. Damn he is one sexy spaniard

  49. @mezz98 says:

    I think they make a cute couple.

  50. heythereivannah says:

    Hahaha, that's my tweet!! I made it onto Kickette!!! Amaysing :)

  51. keira says:

    she just a sneaky cheater i think thats disgusting going after men with girlfriend pique was in a relationship and also she just leave her husband . Also shakira is way too old for him hope thet break up soon

  52. Eleanor says:

    She could do better.

  53. cherryboomboom says:

    Bad , very very bad bad news .
    You know I never wanted to beleive the whole shakira-pique thing . I've always said to myself that it was just a rumour , nothing to worry about .. and then .. BAM , this comes up.
    I am very sad . I need tequila shots . Now .

  54. Guest says:

    how gorgeous is he… im happy for him, i dont think he would start such a public relationship just for publicity/rebound. I dont really know much about her but the same goes for ending a 10 year engagement. the age difference though… the bags under her eyes are clearly visible! imagine how beautiful their little spanish children could be <3

  55. Poppy says:

    They are so sweeet that I can´t be jealous.
    To the age difference when a man dates a jounger woman no one says something, my boyfriend is six years older than me and no one say anything. It´s great that Shakira doesn´t bother about the age difference!

  56. IrishBlue says:

    Well if I had the opportunity to get to know him in that in that 'way', I'd jump at the chance! What a fantastic way to get over your ex-boyfriend, on the rebound with Gerard Pique aint a bad position the be in! I do hope they remain happy for a long time, they're one gorgeous couple.

  57. striker9 says:

    they look coute togehter. and i think the will make a perfect couple…. age is just a number…. :D

  58. missbubbles says:

    i like two of them…and although i hate her music as hell, i think they are cute and i wish them luck :) )

  59. Mony says:

    Heck I am a female and a barca fan, and Pique better get his head together. I could care less about him dating her, but he better start playing well and stop thinking he is all that just because he is dating Shakira.

  60. Leslie says:

    congratulations! hope this will last

  61. xbabyshakesx says:

    happy for them!
    They are sexy and i never thought of shakira as a cougar before but hey things happen ^_^

  62. pearl says:

    so….can i expect a double date of them with Cesc and Carla?
    or triple date with Puyi-Malena?
    (btw, correct me if i'm wrong, Carla is also two years older than Cesc, no?)

  63. Winnie Mata says:

    regardless of what people have to say about this relationship and Shakira's intentions with Gerard, etc, it's important to know that he will now be Mr. Shakira, not the other way around. so even if she DOES happen to be using him (which i highly doubt), he still gets to "tap dat azz" (so to speak), so i really doubt he cares.

    • ~Ang~ says:

      *lmao* …. Girl u crack me up!!!!! … but I think they will call him Mr. Waka Waka … but they already called him Shakira's Boy (in the last game) …. & I agree … Shakira …. is touring all over the world …. & idk about europe, asia ext.. … but her in North & South Americas she is MORE WELL KNOWN THEN GERI!!!!! & even if she is "using" him I agree … he still gets to "tap dat azz" *lmao* …. soooo its a win … win …hahahhaha

  64. Nando y Geri 4ever says:

    HIs blue eyes are fantastic in that first picture. Mmmmmm

  65. Lily says:

    You don't have to try hard to see rebound written on his forehead. I'm just gonna sit back and watch.

  66. @Lyandra says:

    After Nando's disloyalty, I just cannot handle the news that Pique's off the market too. I need to go lie down. :(

  67. Mimis says:

    I have to admit that I am extremely happy for them! (yeah is the first time I get exited about my footballers dating a girl). Shakira is the goddes of music. She is beautiful! I want them to have babies!!! xD

  68. syv says:

    Never mind Shakira, you can't do that to an Audi!

  69. Rosey says:

    I would pick Shakira over 98% of the WAGS any day. I would have rather her on the cover of SI. She is super smart and sexy without trying. I love Pique and I think they are cute. Do I see marriage? Nope so let them have their fun IMO.

  70. laligagirl says:

    I like both Pique and Shakira. They make a lovely couple and she seems like a lovely person.

    I'm fine with this. But if we get new pics of The Ramos and Icanteventypehername, I'll die inside.

  71. Rezia says:

    Um ok. Being a shorty myself I get to ask this: How is she gonna reach up to his face? She's really tiny (like about 5'0 I think) and he's kinda a giant. So how does this work? Give me some technical detail here…Is there going to be a ladder involved? Stilts?

  72. BlackRose says:

    I can nearly picture Sex and Bojan crying on each other's shoulders. It's kind of hot.

  73. Raincitygirl says:

    She's gorgeous, they're both talented,t hey both look happy, and ten years isn't THAT big an age difference. Nobody's bitching about Puyol dating Malena Costa who's ten years younger than him.

    • Winnie Mata says:

      oh baby…they HAVE bitched!

      • Crackers says:

        hahaha totally! The way they sounded when it first came out, you'd have thought he was some paedo going after a teenager, not a man in his early 30s dating a 20something, ha!

  74. poor guy, waking up in the morning listening to this woman´s voice aghh my ears :S

  75. Luna says:

    I feel for the fangirls. First Sergio and now Pique. I myself don't mind it so much since both Shakira and Lara are gorgeous, the two hottest wags out there. Now I get to crush on the couples instead of just the baller.

  76. @AgnesWonka says:

    this is terrible news!
    Shakira is so using him to get worldwide publicity! ……and he is a gruppie!

  77. dontaskmetosmile says:

    Ok. Time for Pastasauce to hand over her WAG gold medal to Shakira. Now, please.


  78. NotMocMoc says:

    As to age difference – Helena's got Zlatan and it works for quite some time (ok, I strangely really like her, she's so fierce, him I cant stand) LOL I think it only depends on two individual persons, there is no rule as to what would work and what not.

    anyway, they do look nice and I wish them luck, but I do not totally get the concept of outing themselves, I think they clearly lost their minds, the craziness will begin just now, those pictures will not calm anything down!
    if they really wanted to keep things private they could have at least ignored the public demand of their pictures, it looks all too much unnecessarily strategical to me, but it is not my business anyway.

    Sexio The Ramos seems – surprisingly – much less spotlight hungry, this time.

    I still like staring at PK, though, he can be adorable. I hope he gets his act together and plays better soon (yeah, those last yellow cards do really look like received on purpose….)

  79. BarcaGirl_Indo says:

    my heart is broken into million pieces…
    no, no…. not that kind of broken….

    I love Pique, I love Shakira tooo… love them together, sooo adorable…
    I only have one problem —> his performances…

    He turns from one of the best central defender in the world into an average defender…
    He's been so great for 2 seasons in Barcelona…

    He was able to solve his pace complexities with good positioning, wild move, and quick decision….
    but now, when I see him on the field, he looked stiff, awkward, confusing, and uncertain…

    It depressed me to see my favourite player losing his concentration and talent on the field… :(

    • JustODD says:

      I agree :/ His career is going down. And there is goning to be a lot of preasure on them, every barca fan hating shakira for his bad performance.

      Isnt Shakira a Madridista?Maybe thats RM secret plan, how they'll beat Barca twice in April :/

      • BarcaGirl_Indo says:


        a friend said it was Madridista conspiracy.
        I mean, Pique played so damn great from 2008 – 2010 season, so maybe it’s right.

        naaah, just joking, of course… :P

        if I think about Pique, I feel sad and depressed…
        not because he’s dating Shakira, I already like him since he’s dating Nuria…
        so a new girlfriend doesn’t bother me, really… Shakira is hotter than Nuria anyway…

        it’s his CAREER that worry me the most…
        in his book he wrote that Nuria stabilized his life, I guess Shakira cant stabilize him, eh? :(

        • D0li says:

          haha it could be a Madridista conspiracy! In a way i'm glad that he's doing poorly so that Real Madrid can win el classico but at the same time he is one of my favorite players and I hate seeing him be under such pressure. I think Pep should keep him on the side for a while until he gets his head clear..

  80. rubyqueen says:

    i admit that i do find them together a little odd because they look odd together but i wish them all the luck in their relationship.:)and haters to the left.

  81. C16 says:

    The only bad thing of this is that they're all over the news and I've had to take this the last two months at least. Make it stop!!!
    And wash your car Piqué! Shakira deserves a clean car!!!
    That aside, congrats!!!! :)

  82. WAG2BE says:

    i knoww this is supposed to be a candid shot, but both of them look AH-MAZING!! How is that even fair??!!! if it were me id have like one eye closed and my hair sticking up, maybe even a stray booger or something equally disgustingly hideous going on. INSTEAD, shes SMILING FOR THE CAMERAS -___-. the world just isnt fair.

  83. Sophie says:

    I hope Cesc is ok , Maybe I could comfort him.

    • Liz says:

      Not if I get there first!
      Btw how cute is he for tweeting for opinions from his fan girls?

      @cesc4official Cesc Fàbregas Soler
      Beard or no beard? Girls opinion if u don‘t mind please. :-)

    • maia says:

      *LOL* I'm sure he is heartbroken, another reason to change the team and go to Barca asap.

  84. balicious says:

    the way they were holding hands was so cuuute! they're a lovely couple despite of some issues. I'll support PIquira romance ehehe :P

  85. tapioca says:

    Anyone else notice that she looks happy to have been snapped, whilst he's not actually smiling in any of the photos that have been released?

  86. WAG2BE says:

    i knoww this is supposed to be a candid shot, but both of them look AH-MAZING!! How is that even fair??!!! if it were me id have like one eye closed and my hair sticking up, maybe even a stray booger or something equally disgustingly hideous going on. INSTEAD, shes SMILING FOR THE CAMERAS -___-. the world just isnt fair.
    lets not forget pique, hes working the whole calm and collected "i dont have a gorgeous woman beside me, im just driving a car" thing going for him *_*.
    DEAR GOD THEYR BOTH PERFECT. *heart breaks at the cuteness* lol

  87. BarcaLove says:

    I can't believe I'm gonna say this.. But I'm actually happy for them! They make an adorable couple.. If he's going to be with someone that is not me.. it might as well be Shakira! She seems like a good person.. And as far as the age difference goes.. Who the hell cares?? She is gorgeous..

  88. SoccerrLoverrr says:

    They would make hot ass babies!

  89. tammy says:

    I love Pique! He's super hot! I think he and Shakira are great together. Hope it works, they are sooooo cute .

  90. SANA says:

    they both look great together hich her all the best hope she will get her family but gerard is very young.

  91. Liz says:

    I love Pique. and I totally have a girl crush on Shakira. If Pique needs more than his bromance with Cesc, I can't think of any woman who could possibly be better than Shakira. I honestly can't even be jealous because she is so perfect haha

  92. Americus Killaponius says:

    Sooooooo who got the money? Anyone else wondering? Eh?

  93. Amandinha says:

    ok. thats it. i'm taking you OFF my Ipod, Shakira!!!!!!

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      you shouldn't have had her in first place, her music is terrible!

      • diana says:

        lollll I agree about the music(seen and heard "she wolf"?awful awful)…but they do look cute together!

        • Zahara says:

          are you kidding?! i love 'she wolf'! i think its unusual but original and great to dance to! and also i cant not like any of shakiras sonds coz shes my, erm, role model.


    • cherryboomboom says:

      hahahaha girl your comment made me laugh cause now when I put my Ipod on shuffle and a shakira song comes up , I always skip it ! I dont want to listen to her music anymore !!!! :P

  94. pooky says:

    Well I guess she finally landed her "of the moment" sports star after Nadal shot her down!! Don't get me wrong – I wouldn't begrudge our Pique a fun fling with a very sexy lady (even if he seems to be having a coincidentally poor run of form and narrowly avoided being sent off at the weekend), but I'm a cynical be-atch and it's VERY handy for her love life to be in the spotlight, what with her new album being out and all, especially after she jumped the shark with She-Wolf.

    • D0li says:

      I keep reading comments like this but I haven't seen any sites posting this. When did she flirst with nadal? Isn't he seeing someone?

      I'm liking that Pique is loosing form so that RM will beat them in el classico but at the same time i'm upset because I want him for myself…

  95. Kristine says:

    Ladies, The ten year age difference isn't weird. Where is this coming from?

  96. Lisa says:

    This is to the people who are bothered by the age difference…

    I just so happen to be 8 years older than my husband and thanks it's working out fine. In fact every single person in my husband's family is married to someone much, much younger. His Aunt is 17 years older than her husband (26 years married) his cousin is 13 years older than her husband (7 years married) his Mom is ten years older than his Dad (46 years married) so I think yes it does work.
    Men have been doing it for years. Younger men keep you young longer. Fact of life. And unless someone was to ask no one would know. Look at Shakira she looks fantastic. I am proud of Pique for being man enough to NOT let that bother him. Because it does take a real man to go for what you want and not what others think you should have.

    • Leya_S says:

      That's really cool, btw, that a) you have a series of successful marriages in your family (bc, let's face it: nowadays, that in and of itself is an accomplishment) and b) all the older-woman-younger-men pairings. I love it.

    • ~*~Angel~*~ says:

      my parents are 8 years and a few months a part … and they say they didn't know they were 8 years apart until they went to get their marriage license because they new each other b-day but not what year… It's werid I know … Cause I can't believe it… but thats what they tell us all the time … & they been married for more then 30 years…. I hope I can be married for that long and more!!!!!

    • Raiola says:

      Darling this isn't real. You've totes wasted your time here.

  97. Devilish-x says:

    I think its hurts more when you cant find a fault in the girl..
    Shakira has been my 'girl-crush' for so long & they are kind of the perfect couple, no? (Y)

  98. IbraaaFan says:

    This is just wrong!!!

    • Raiola says:

      I agree. He would be better suited to Zlatan. And I should know since I get thumped and trod on daily by Zlatan.

  99. Summer says:

    Ah Piqué + Shakira..What a pity! But although I desire Ger's happiness, I don't know if the thing will last…I think that the difference of age is too much. I haven't nothing to say when the man is older than the woman, and it often happens this thing in a couple, but when the woman is older than the man I think that the relationship couldn't last so much. 10 years are a lot!

    • BlackRose says:

      well my mom is 11 years older than her husband and they've been together since, like, 1990. They're happy together, so 10 years may be too much for you, but certainly not for everybody…

  100. barcaguys says:

    ha so she were cheating on here X with gerard in ibiza

  101. Ofeily9 says:

    They look adorable.
    Aaargh :/

  102. Elisa says:

    Eh, age is just a number. Pique has had an established career for quite awhile now, won the World Cup, etc. I'd imagine that that matures you quicker. Whether it has or not, power to him to not only landing an older lady, but landing an older lady who looks and moves like Shakira Shakira.

    Haha, poor Landon (and Stuart Holden too…although he seems to be recovering nicely, if his Tweets to that model Roxy Horner are any indication). He does live in LA, though. I'm sure that he could find himself a pretty replacement if necessary.

  103. Rossanera says:

    On the upside: MARCO'S STILL SINGLE. Hey, a girl can dream …

  104. Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

    One thing is for sure no one can compare to to the Spanish NT's women, i mean dangggg it's seems they are all sooo hott, its not fair. Shakira is super beautiful they make a hot couple!!

  105. Espe says:

    Ahh I just love this. My favourite fotballplayer and my favourite artist together. Would usualy hate it , but this time I cant.

    But I just wonder on one thing : What happend to that girl Gerard was dating in the summer ? She disappeared fast….

    • henrietta says:

      Poor girl was discarded like a dirty wet-wipe. You've got to love all that "I haven't changed, I've still got the same friends, same family, same girlfriend" BS he was spouting post-WC when he was actually cheating on his GF, like, all that time – because "(just) friends" often sneak about behind their partner's backs in hotel rooms during the daytime! ( I personally like to go bowling with mine, or the cinema, then treat them to Nandos.)

  106. torontonian.madrista says:

    omgg, they are so cute together. and if the age difference to them isnt a big deal, then we shouldnt care about the age diff.

  107. Goonergirl says:

    Good lord, the children! Can you imagine?! I think they make a nice couple, the circumstances are a bit odd, but I think good luck to them. She always comes across as a really nice person.

    Oh and think of their product placement potential, they both love a good advert!

    Pikira selling anything and everything coming to a screen near you!

  108. Lia says:

    and comeonnnnnnnnnn, shakira REALLY doesn't look her age – and think of the babies!
    damnn – future supermodels/singers/footballers/ fo sho! ;)

  109. LaraSergio&SaraIker says:

    Do you personaly know any couple where he is 24 and she is 34 and its a long term?And she just got out of a verrrryyyy long relationship?Not to mention she's gonna be away a lot with her ex?Its just weird to me on so many levels. Dont get me wrong, im not jaleous I like them both seperatly but i just think they both should find someone else :) )

    The worst thing you can do is go from one looooong term relationship to another. She should learn how to be single and just enjoy herself before jumping into relationship with someone. I understand that after 11 years with Antonio she needs a hot (young) rebound, but going public with it its just stupid. And I think that sooner or later she will realize that she needs a strong, powerful man who's more mature than pique.

    But at the end of a day it doesnt matter what I think, its their life, if they're happy than its all good :)

  110. PSR says:

    What is up with ladies criticizing Shakira for dating a younger man? Men have been dating younger women for centuries, I am so happy that women now can make the same choice. I think they are adorable! Get over it.

    • Kristine says:

      You said it! Ive always dated younger men. Its way more common than you'd think.

      • LosAngeleno says:

        Guilty!! And I'm completely disgusted by some of the truly gross comments I've read online (not on Kickette and most likely from men) about him dating an older woman. These guys (one can only imagine what sort of Star Wars bar scene extras most of them are) would be lucky for a woman like Shakira to even look in their direction. She and Geri look cute in that car together. But I do sympathize with you Pique gals out there who may feel a little heartbroken (even if he's about the only Barca player I don't have a crush on). Stay strong.

        • PSR says:

          I know, I find it so weird. Especially since with Puyol & his gf no one even noticed! Sadly there's still a double standard!

        • JT033 says:

          I don't see what the big deal is either about a woman dating a younger man or vice versa, as long as it's not a huge gap (eg. hugh hefner syndrome). 10 years isn't much.

          but i would like to point out that Star Wars is cool :(
          …so I have to say the guys you refer to may be hypocrites, but that it doesn't mean it's a relation to liking Star Wars.

          • LosAngeleno says:

            Sorry for the confusion…I think Star Wars is cool, too. I was just making a reference to all those mutant-looking characters in the bar scene ("Empire Strikes Back"? I'm spacing) in relation to the guys writing hateful stuff online.

    • LuvinBale says:

      Absolutely agree!!! I'm not hating on them in any way. They are so cute and she is so beautiful and talented- any man should be so lucky to have a woman like that on their arm.
      Love – Love – Love these two together!!!

    • Steph says:

      Exactly! Women do it all the time, too. Besides, she doesn't even look that much older than him, IMO. They look really cute together, so IDC. :)

    • luna says:

      Exactly! Especially when the woman is as HOT as Shakira. I like ladies who are confident enough to date and enjoy the young men tbh.

    • Melanie Gedeon says:

      i dislike it cause i want it to be me not her…. :$

    • Winnie Mata says:


    • Guest says:

      wow i actually never thought of that. for me personally i think the pique fans might mean it from the point of view that he has a child-like sense of humour. Im not sure if one can say the same about Shakira but then again how much is known about her…

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      You are so right PSR! Why the double standards? I wish them both good luck and that they can find some level of normality in this chaos.

    • Leya_S says:

      I'm really surprised to hear that ppl are really upset over their age difference. The age difference seems so impertinent, and definitely doesn't warrant snide comments. Aside from any issues I have with them stemming from my insane jealousy, haha, I say props to Shakira for snagging such a delicious younger man and props to Geri for getting a seriously hot older woman. My first response was definitely "Noooooo!!" when I saw the post on the Kickette home page, but it was more like "S***, now he's really NOT single", and in reality I'm happy for them.

  111. Fernanda says:

    My heart just broke :( But oh well….so is life… All my male friends who are Barcelona fans are blaming her for his sub-par performances lately. I don't know what it is but I feel like he isn't the same player lately….let's just hope he snaps out of it soon!

    • LaraSergio&SaraIker says:

      I think so too. He's just not the same. He's not smiling a lot. He doesnt play as good as usually. I think this relationship is going to have a negative impact on his career :( I hope im wrong though.

    • Pique has no concentration on the defensive line for Barca — have you all noticed the crazy clearances? The weird passes. So either Shakira has rocked his world so profoundly that he cannot concentrate on the beautiful game — because of the beautiful girl, or else, the publicity is giving him a twitter induced headache and he doesn't know who he is any more. We all know that Gerard may not be the most mature of the Barca team.

    • Debsen says:

      I hope Puyol is back soon to straighten him out!

      • Amen to that! Pique NEEDS Capt. Caveman to keep his mind on the game. Unfortunately, Puyi has got tendonitis, which just takes a lot of time to heal!

      • @DebStimson says:

        I do think that the absence of Puyi has a big impact on Pique's play. But, in truth, there's a lot of Barca players who have been playing below their "imperious standards" (to quote Ray Hudson). But as we all know, even the best athletes have slumps. I'm sure they will get back on track soon.

  112. Jen says:

    Clearly he has better things to DO than wash his car!!

  113. beebe says:

    Life is too short for hating, so I'm gonna be 'the bigger man' and take this news with a smile and be happy for them. Is it true love? Then we will see some beautiful kids. Is it just a fling? Then we can look forward to soon find out that mr Handsome is single again.

    • Steph says:

      Agreed. :) I really like these two. I think it could work! It might not last forever, but let them have fun while they're together. I'm totally on board. :D

  114. Duha says:

    They look cute together but I think my heart just turned to a million little pieces.

  115. Sandra says:

    they are a hot couple… imagine if they have babies!

    i mean the age difference is weird but so is Puyol's and his wag and they work. so i support this relationship!

  116. @orionstorm says:

    dirty if you only drive on paved roads, but that car can't even compare to mine when the dirt roads get muddy! wash your stinkin car Pique, you can afford it! Sheeeesh.

  117. Thea says:

    I dont get why everybody is hatting this so much! They make an INCREDIBLE couple!! Both hot, both famous and rich…
    whats the problem? Better her then some hussy-of-the-rack-only-after-his-money tipe of gal…

    • Alia says:

      hating bc they want to be in her place haha

    • Kristine says:

      I agree, they look fantastic together and I hate Pique.

    • Isabella says:

      because she's just trying to get attention!!!!! she has NO personality…. now that he's a superstar bc of the world cup especially shes trying to push herself back into the spotlight. also.. she think's she's spanish! as in, from Spain. She talks with a spanish (from spain) accent, lost her colombian accent, forgot the colombian national anthem on live tv, and when she was with her argentinian boyfrind de la rua she spoke as if she were from argentina. She thinks shes too good and too high up for her own people. shes just making a lousy attempt to rob the cradle.

      • pooky says:

        zOMG u iS sUcH a jElluZ h8R!!!!!!!!!!!! *rolls eyes* Anyone else remember the ludricrous statement she put out about the end of her engagement to Antonio when no-one actually gave a damn about their relationship? It couldn't have been more "Me! Me!! Look at me! I'm RELEVANT dammit!!" if it had been riding around in a giant egg on the shoulders of male models at the Grammys. An awful lot like the spotlight-hogging, completely transparent, "just friends" media-whoring…. "Privacy", their perfectly peachy ASSES!!

      • Sergz says:

        Why would Shakira need more attention? She's more famous than Gerard Piqué! Shakira is known all over the world, Piqué is known by football fans. Nothing else…

        • tapioca says:

          Errr… because her last couple of albums have seriously under-performed. Laundry Service sold 15 million copies, Oral Fixation 1&2 sold 13 million combined. She-Wolf tanked at 3 million, was her worse-selling studio album ever despite favourable reviews and barely scraped into the top 15 in the US. Sale el Sol has fared a little better, but she's no longer topping "sexiest" polls or Google searches like she was 5 years ago and the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and even Katy Perry are scooping up the MTV awards and column inches. Shakira is undoubtedly a great musician and perfomer but she's not the hot young thing anymore, so what better way to get back in the papers than by throwing a 'young, dumb and full of c*m' footie star to the paps?

          • Winnie Mata says:

            umm…i'm sure people have mentioned this before, but if that was REALLY her intention, she could be dating a hot young MOVIE star, or someone whose name carries a tad more fame…like beyond the soccer-scope. in fact, i haven't heard much about this relationship beyond footy blogs, and foreign articles from countries where he's a star (i.e. Spain). which should indicate that no one who doesn't know who he is cares.

            anywayyss…i'm thinking her intentions are a bit more superficial, meaning; he is a hot piece of ass and she is gonna ride that hot ass for all it's worth, or at least until she gets bored and moves onto the next, i mean hullo! i'd kill for a hot young baller to be my rebound man! go gurl!

            • Crackers says:

              So true, I agree with you. And so what if their relationship won't last, hello have people heard of the concept of just having a good fling?
              Not everyone who gets into a hookup like this wants it to end in marriage and babies, come on.

            • @DebStimson says:

              I might agree with you but with them dating AFTER the World Cup, where Spain won, Pique is getting a lot more attention world wide. So dating Pique now, might help her publicity, imo.

              • Sergz says:

                Just because he won the World Cup doesn't mean that he's suddenly famous world wide. Yes, he's famous by the people who like football (and football players), the ones who don't care for football only knows that Spain won.
                If Shakira really wanted attention she'd go after someone bigger.

        • yomama says:

          To promote her album. And to feel better about being "old" (compared to other newer, younger celebrities)

    • Crackers says:

      Anyone who objects to their pairing just because she's older is an idiot.

      And so what if it's just a fling? It could be a GOOD fling….like you said they're both successful and hot, who could ask for more?

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Absolutely agree with you, Thea!

  118. Alia says:

    my heart. it hurts.

  119. Stefania says:

    What? No, why Pique! i mean don't get me wrong Shakira is gorgeous and i didn't really like Nuria, but shes like 10 years older than he is, to me thats a little weird. He's SO HOT!!!! why can't i have him insted, theres less years between us, she is so lucky if she ends up with him and i WILL be jealous and i little disturbed.

    • Cara says:

      Why? 10 years is nothing tbh. Gerard is very wise for his age and obviously they dont mind the age gap so I dont see why we should either?

  120. Cara says:

    I'm happy for Gerard, he's growing up and hopefully *crosses fingers and toes* settling down with a girl that he will want for a long time. Shakira is beautiful so I dont know who is luckier? Her for getting to cuddle on down the Senor Pique or Pique for getting to get his 'Waka Waka' on with Mrs Hips dont lie? Decisions Decsions ;D

    • Sara says:

      Love it. I just broke the news to a girlfriend who has a major crush on Pique….and I told her that he was a lucky guy because her hips dont lie! lol!!! :)

    • Guss says:


      are you on facebook?


  121. Emily says:

    shakira looks gorgeous here!! and, that twitter link is priceless!