July 18th, 2007

Get a Job: Danielle Lloyd

Lord knows we’re about to boycott this skeeze.

Remember when we used to have a girl-crush on Danielle Lloyd?  That was pre-Big Brother potty mouth bigotry, pre-her third make up to break up Teddy Sherringham relationship, and definitely pre-the 40,000 other sports stars this gal has dated since then. 

Let us stop right here and say, we fully support a woman’s right to put it out there without being called a skank.  Except for her.  We do not support. 

We also do not support this t-shirt.  Nor do we support the amount of vacation time Danielle takes – First it was nearly a month in Malibu after holidaying with Marcus Bent, and now she’s in Marbella having a jolly old time with her mates – including Jennifer Ellison (Steven Gerrard’s ex).

The Daily Mail reports that she is on the single girl prowl. If Ms Lloyd had a job, then by all means, get your vacay-on, but if you have absolutely no form of employment, keep your semi-toned arse at home, yes?  Maybe give your pulling pants a days’ rest?

Oprah moment coming: Danielle, please learn to love yourself before you go off after every man-child, child-man and old ass man with a wallet and a six-pack.  Perhaps one night at the karaoke you might want to put on “The Greatest Love of All” and drunkenly warble those words before you pass out. Might help.

Cheers Rosie for the t-shirt tip!


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9 Responses to “Get a Job: Danielle Lloyd”

  1. asian says:

    I was surfing when I passed by your website. I must admit that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors

  2. Danielle Lloyd is very popular and has many loyal fans. Please display more respect and less snark when writing about her. But thank you for any news or updates.

  3. Everyone is allowed to express themselves as they wish but this T-shirt makes men think that all women are easy. Do you really see young beautiful girls walking on the street with a T-shirt that says “I want to go out with you. just ask”?

  4. christo says:

    safe Marty liking what u said, true all the haters should #### off lolz

  5. Marty says:

    Oh girls, come on leave the girl alone, it’s not nice being jealous you know you will turn green one day if you are not already! Danielle does work very hard and does lots for charity not that you would no because she does not tell anyone! and as for being a racist well does that include going out with mixed race or black/asian people? even years before entering the CBB house? and if any of those girls were racist why did they not pick on Jermaine Jackson? he is black isn’t he?  Oh well, time to pick you gob’s up off the floor now and take a reality check, instead of being jealous and spending all your time on the computer searching to see what people are writing about Danielle Lloyd get yourself a job and stop talking about people you don’t know! and by the way when was the last time you farted! never i suppose……

  6. JK says:

    Has anyone ever seen her close her mouth?

  7. Victoria says:

    How does she pay for all those vacations when she’s unemployed?

  8. Suzzy says:

    I want to puke every time I see this classless petty racist skank—- especially when she’s in a bikini. I remember watching her farting as if it was funny in Big Brother then she’d look around and blurt ‘Ehhh Jade thas dead foony tha izz I jus farted and burped Teddy’s gunna luv tha when dey show it on the highlights like’

    And man she’s going to bloat up soon look at the frame made for flab.

    Anyway I thought she was sucking off 50 Cent?

  9. it outsourcing says:

    Danielle Lloyd is quickly becoming a household name — although not necessarily for the reasons she?d like.