January 27th, 2011

Getting Dressed 101: Charlie Davies, FC Sochaux-Montbéliard

Image: Chris Floyd UK. Thanks to The Original Winger & ER for the spots!

This ain’t what the doctor ordered, but we’ll definitely take it.

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21 Responses to “Getting Dressed 101: Charlie Davies, FC Sochaux-Montbéliard”

  1. Kristi says:

    I love Charlie. He has worked SO HARD to recover from his injuries. I get all teary when I think about seeing him in a USMNT kit again. CD9!

  2. mochara says:

    sexyful scar, best place to get one if you ask me! ♥

  3. sarrible says:

    Charlie posted the cutest picture of himself and Clint Dempsey (and someone I don't recognize) after dinner at Clint's house last weekend. So adorable.

    Also, I love the influence that world soccer has had on our American team. Americans, as a group, tend to be a little more prudish and inclined to keep their pants on in public. But not our footballers! They do enjoy them some naked time. And I love it.

  4. senora ramos says:

    awww, i love me some charlie!!! gorgeous smile. at first i didn't realize the scar was a scar. miracle the boy is alive! nina is one lucky lady!!

  5. Ess-Jay says:

    Awwwwh, I watched that video linked to this… And I was originally like HOT DANG. NAKEY FOOTBALLER…. Then he said his story and I was on the verge of tears… He's so lucky to be alive… And then he has that adorable little smile of his right at the end (same photo as above), and you just wanna pinch his cheeks and give the lil fella a hug!! NAaaaaaawwwwhhhH! Cute little man. :)

  6. Catie says:

    It's amazing how all that crap could happen to him and all he has is that scar, which kind of looks like a happy trail to me. Glad to see that he's doing well (very well…rawr)!

  7. Elisa says:

    This is a slightly awkward shot of his face–he's actually really cute. Also, considering what he's been through in the past year, it's pretty amazing that he's gotten his body back in that shape.

    CD9, I hope that we see you in the stars and stripes again someday :)

  8. Yanks4Ever says:

    Thanks Kickette for answering my request for more American hotness!

  9. @DebStimson says:

    Charlie's looking great for having survived a near fatal accident (hence the scare). It's a miracle 1) that he's still alive and 2) that he might be back on the pitch soon.

    • gi0ia says:

      OMG, I just had to google what the accident was. :-( (( He`s very lucky indeed. I`m sure this scar will be very special to him, a reminder of this miracle…

  10. GigiSantaCruz says:

    I'd say "How u doin'?" but that scar is freakin' me out!!!

  11. Whitney Hot4Spurs says:

    I actually saw him in person in the states. He is way better looking in person!

  12. SR lover says:

    The video is awesome

  13. SR lover says:

    biutiful scar

  14. nataly says:

    Biutiful scar on the perfect spot on his body

  15. @SweetNohemi says:

    Yummy I love CHOCOLATE! Papasito!

  16. SweetNohemi says:

    Yummy I love CHOCOLATE!

  17. chay says:

    whoa, that is one wicked scar that just … well, you know … is leading my eyes to …

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