June 4th, 2010

Golden Rule: Carlos Bocanegra & Iker Casillas

Images via Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images; Attila Kisbenedek/AFP/Getty Images; Fame Pictures.

German Captain in MiamiThe cream of the highly-talented/highly hot crop is fading fast, Kickettes, and we’re freaking out. So help us, if we hear any more bad news bears around the WC, we’re throwing in the (stolen) Mandarin Oriental Hotel towel and moving to Mars.

There’s those who’ve succumbed to injury – Rio Ferdinand, Didier Drogba, D-Becks, Michael Essien, and Jozy Altidore, to name a few – and then there’s those not given a fair fiery shot, such as Marco Borriello, Pato and Karim Benzema. At least Michael Ballack’s injury occurred early enough to give him the chance to enact his summertime Plan B – hitting the shores of Miami with his wife, Simone. Bah, who are we kidding, Micha’s nipples deserved their place on the pitch.

Please, dear readers, send your warmest fuzzies to all the genetically-blessed guys out there still taking part in the World Cup, including Carlos Bocanegra (USA) and Iker Casillas (Spain). We would encourage physio assistance, but room between their thighs is at a premium and we’re not giving up our reservations just yet.

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14 Responses to “Golden Rule: Carlos Bocanegra & Iker Casillas”

  1. sounderslove says:

    the WC's injury list will be longer than Arsenal's pretty soon if this keeps up. Stop getting hurt!

  2. Ana;) says:

    What's with all the injuries? All the man candy are dropping like flies! This world cup hasn't even started yet, the boys are going nowhere :( I deffo agree about having a rule on friendlys. At this rate most of the hotties will be in the stands :( hope there's no more nasty surprises.

  3. Johanna says:

    As if Drogba’s news wasn’t bad enough, now we have to deal with Pirlo and Robben possibly missing the WC. I can’t take this anymore.

    • liesjuhh says:

      I know, but Robben could go to South Africa if his injury isn’t that bad… Let us pray ;)

  4. Zlatanista says:

    My god, this has to stop! Why do theese injuries come now? Poor Drogba, for instance, carrying not only the Ivory Coasts expectations but, so it seems, the whole of Africa on his shoulders.

    My best wishes to all of them!

  5. keziah says:

    Harry is almost injury free for Australia & Timmy is playing well so two of our bundles of joy/hottness should be there but I am bitterly disappointed that Jozy wont be matching it with our boys tonight :-(

  6. caitanya says:

    oh my … look at iker in that position …

  7. Anastasia says:

    Anyone else gets hurt and they'll have to cancel the fucking WC.

    I can not take anymore injury news. The stress drinking might have to start early.

  8. Johanna says:

    I'm so upset over the many injuries the players are sustaining for this world cup. It won't be worth watching at the rate they're going. Maybe in the future they should keep the friendlies down to two games maximum or not have them at all.

  9. senora ramos says:

    iker and carlos in the same thread? you guys are trying to kill me. much like anymore injuries in this cup will! go yanks! and go injury free month from this day onward!!

  10. C16 says:

    LMAO @ Ella!!!!

    No more injuries!!!! We're losing hotness!!!! That can't be possible!!!

  11. Ella says:

    That's it. I'm officially going back to school to be a sports physio-therapist. I'll specialize in thigh and glute work. :-)

    And for the love of God, NO MORE INJURIES!!!