August 3rd, 2012

Gonzalo Segares: Frosted Fancy

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A slight misunderstanding in our local cupcake shop recently resulted in a lifetime ban, so our exposure to iced sponge is limited to what we can snatch from passers-by and pictures.

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You can imagine the hysteria then, when this footage of Chicago Fire defender Gonzalo Segares in Molly’s Cupcakes, emerged yesterday. Gonzalo, who not only got to play in the icing (a personal dream for many of us) but had a cupcake created in his honour. The ‘Chicago Fire Velvet Swirl‘ is on sale at Molly’s this month, and it is your Kickette Army duty to get up there and buy one. A dollar from each sale goes to the Chicago Fire Foundation, so you can justify it to yourself too!

Since it’s Friday, and we’re already bit demob happy, let’s have some cupcake related fun. If you were going to have an honorary cupcake built for you, what would it consist of? What would you call it? If you want to bring samples round, we’re willing to set aside a few minutes of busywork time to test them for you.

The sacrifices we make for you guys…

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3 Responses to “Gonzalo Segares: Frosted Fancy”

  1. chay says:

    As a non-MLS follower, I have to say that the footage they showed of Gonzalo Segares (a personal fave name of mine, due to hottie Gonzalo Higuain) making all those intense tackles really earned a newfound respect! And he's kind of cute too, esp with that accent of his.

    Regarding my honorary cupcake, it would have to be vegan made with fresh, organic ingredients. Maybe I could get both Gonzalos to promote its yumminess. I could call it Beautiful Gold (guess this means it has to be yellow)

  2. Dr. Heidi says:

    My cupcake IS Sergio Ramos. But, if I had to actualy design one, it would of course have blue icing (just like the UCLA pool that beautiful beast swam in) with a light chocolate rendition of a gorgeous mans' body (and a little white icing for modesty where it counts) and of course, a bit of golden icing on top of his sweet little head…..then I'd take a HUGE 'rabid animal in the woods' bite out of a very specific part…..oh yum