December 16th, 2011

Good Week/Bad Week: Buffoonery & Bitchfacing

Don’t be misled, people. Despite Marco Borriello’s innovative approach to legwear, Roma’s Christmas party was not fancy dress. Luckily, other players performed marginally better in the fash stakes, as you can see here. Image via tumblr.

The party spirit has certainly overwhelmed Marco Borriello in this photo, and we must confess to spending a little too much time practicing for our own ‘do this week, too. This was despite David Villa’s busted leg, Nico Kranjcar’s attempt at hobo-chic and Guti’s experiments in facial hair ruining everyone’s good mood.

Heaven knows what next week will bring.


We’re thinking of starting a five-a-side team. You reckon Hope Solo would be interested in playing with a bunch of useless females with more concern for their manicures that their midfield? No? Ok. AP Photo/Rick Bowmer.

Small, But Perfectly Formed: The Women’s Professional Soccer league in the United States has been reprieved! We reported earlier in the week that the league might disappear after the majicJacks franchise folded, but the US Soccer Federation has waived a law that states a professional US league must have at least eight teams. The WPS will field a compact and bijou five teams next season. Let’s get behind ‘em, Kickettes!

Well, duh: While the news that have successfully petitioned Ukraine to stop killing stray animals in preparation for EURO 2012, we’re sad such efforts were required in the first place. Is there anyone out there (apart from the Ukranian authorities) who seriously thought this was acceptable?

Toffee-Cakes: USMNT and LA Galaxy midfielder Landon Donovan is to return to Everton for a second loan spell. The paperwork hasn’t been signed, but apparently Landy-Cakes will be available for Everton’s game vs. Bolton Wanderers on January 4th and will return to the States after the Liverpool derby on February 25th. Yummy!



Fernando offers his response to reports questioning his future at Stamford Bridge. Image: Scott Heavey/Getty Images.

Strike Two: Pressure is mounting on Fernando Torres to perform, despite claims by manager Andre Villas Boas that the £50m striker is ‘not for sale at any price’. Newspapers reported this week that Chelsea would take a huge hit on the player by accepting an offer of around £20m in January, although these rumours have been refuted by the club. Wherever he is come February, we suspect a goal or two wouldn’t go amiss.

Breaking Point?: Whether Manchester United now have more first team players on the injury list that available for selection is unclear, but Darren Fletcher’s announcement that he will be taking time out for ill-health will not have helped. Apparently, Fletcher has been suffering with ulcerative colitis for nine months and will probably be out for the rest of the season while he battles the chronic condition. Best wishes from us all at Kickette Towers, Darren.

Bendy Buffoonery: Nicklas Bendtner’s campaign to become at least as much of a pain in the backside as Mario Balotelli continued apace this week, with the player involved in not one, but two incidents of buffoonery. Firstly, he pulled the old ‘don’t you know who I am’ routine in a Danish pizzeria when they refused to give him free food, now he’s been arrested with Sunderland team-mate Lee Cattermole for damaging cars in Newcastle. Expect fireworks soon, people.


Lots to talk about in there, Kickettes. You’d better get started,

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20 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: Buffoonery & Bitchfacing”

  1. Agnes Wonka says:

    Seems Nick B didn't stop being a bad boy ;)

  2. Gigi says:

    Borri's still pretty adorkable in that outfit. Waist up, I really like. Waist down, meh. Borri's been trying to rock the trendy ever since things started getting serious with the model, and they both love this 80's pant silhouette (ya, I've been image Googling too many Italian gossip sheets). But to be fair, only someone with his physique and confidence could kinda sorta carry this off.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Well, I just watched Wigan v Chelsea and cannot believe Nando didn't get to play AGAIN!

    What's going on, seriously? Was Drogba that much on fire that AVB couldn't put Fernando on during the second half – no.

    So what's the matter??? I am seriously thinking Nando will be off in the new year. How is he ever supposed to prove his worth if he gets no chance whatsover?

    Please Nando, come back to Anfield! We have forgiven you a long time ago and still love you. You don't deserve to rot on the bench!

  4. RedsGrl says:

    To me it doesn't matter which team you play for, you're way of playing the game will still be the same. Torres should know that by now.

  5. Anastasia says:

    Wow Marco Boriello really seems to be fighting is natural hotness. The cocky bastard probably knows he's gorgeous enough to try to carry off this atrocious mess. <3

  6. Donna C says:

    Is Marco trying to compete with Guti for the "eccentric" fashion look title?

  7. Alisha says:

    Team Nicky B forever. Not gonna ditch him just because he's an idiot, everyone makes mistakes, Nicky just makes a few….plus there's something hot about the whole badboy thing ;)

  8. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    I want Marco!! *sight*

  9. Lily says:

    Hope Solo is soooo pretty!

  10. lone- Brazil says:

    Where's the birthday of the Day Mats Hummels deserves a photo in your homenagen 23 years old! his birthday is today want photo!

  11. IrishBlue says:

    Awh just look at those freckles! LOOK!

  12. Kristina says:

    I send my best wishes to Fletcher and I hope he will heal and come back soon! And poor Fernando. I hope things will turn around for him soon.

    I must say I like Borriello in glasses. A very good look for him!

    And finally: Nic Bendtner. The guy is an ***hole! Sorry, but when it comes to him I have nothing nice to say. He's an arrogant brat!

  13. April says:

    Any opportunity to post a picture of Nando is a good one :)

    Also, I like Marco trying to look all smart and stuff.

  14. Miss Lampard says:

    I'll buy Nando for any price…

  15. DutchGooner89 says:

    Let me start by saying GET WELL SOON FLETCH, football is nothing when Health issue arise…<3

    Bendtner is a Div…Mario Ballotelli for all his bafoonery still makes us laugh…Bendtner on the other hand needs to come down a peg or two with his sheer arrogance mr "AM one of the best strikers in the world" psshhhh in your dreams pal.

    And fyi i would love to see Torres in a Arsenal shirt, we'll look after you in Arsenal booo-boo :P

  16. blöööööööbliiiiii says:

    marco looks like harry potter :)

    • Catie2838 says:

      Harry Potter in some hipster MC Hammer pants. At least he looks jazzed about the ensemble!

  17. Laia says:

    Bring Nando Home………to Atletico! I'm waiting!

  18. Gail says:

    Ahh Nando,king of the bitchface ;)