April 8th, 2011

Good Week/Bad Week: Cow Hides & Car Rides

Irina offers a nod to eighties soft rock with this ensemble. Who knew? Image: Getty Images/Zimbio

Welcome once again to Good Week/Bad Week, where we share some of the stories that we have been enjoying in lieu of doing any proper work.


Leather Look: Cristiano Ronaldo’s lady love Irina Shayk debuted a rather fetching leather jumpsuit (top) at the New York premiere of ‘Hanna’ on Wednesday night. We have placed this news item in our ‘Good Week’ section as we are feeling unusually charitable. Readers interested in her ‘innovative’ approach to fashion should take a look at this, courtesy of our friends at Kickette Style.

Hoop-La: LeBron James has purchased a minority stake in Liverpool FC. Rumours that the controversial Miami Heat star will be lining up next to Andy Carroll in LFC’s game against Manchester City on Monday were started by us.

Serial Dating: Pato & Barbara Berlusconi are no longer hiding their love for one another. Good for them. Broken hearted Kickettes can find solace in the news that Aida Yespica has apparently moved on to the next, putting an end to any lingering Mesut Özil lust connection.


Mario explains the exact trajectory and force required to make a dent in a Maserati with a metal torch. (We know this is an old picture, but without artistic licence, we are nothing. Image: Getty Images/Zimbio

Automobile Aberrations (1): Serial berk Mario Balotelli continued to test manager Roberto Mancini’s patience by having his Maserati bashed in by a club bouncer. According to reports, the striker’s group had just been kicked out of a lapdancing club for breaking the ‘no touching’ rule and decided to celebrate by jeering in the faces of the bouncers. Exception was taken and one of the gents set about Mario’s car with a metal torch. Sigh.

Automobile Aberrations(2): Arsenal babe Cesc Fabregas’ vehicle also suffered ‘slight’ damage this week (left), when he bumped into the back of an Audi on his way to training. He later tweeted he was fine, allowing our panicked hearts to return to a slightly less frantic rhythm. Could you think about getting a driver, Cesc? Your safety means a great deal to us.

Image: AP Photo/Daylife

Classy Chanting: Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Spurs fans, they have now been forced to deny their chants toward Emmanual Adebayor during the first leg of their Champions League fixture were racist. Regardless of the outcome, our mothers taught us that if you haven’t got anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything. We rarely abide by this, but see no reason not to admonish others for the offence.


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86 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: Cow Hides & Car Rides”

  1. Tiggertoo says:

    of course it's gossip since none of us will ever know the truth anyways everyone has their own spin on something the only people that will know are the ones involved and the ones close to them the rest of us have to sit here and use our imaginations or question these shady sources.

  2. Emily says:

    i spy a manbag in the fabregas link!!

  3. Ellie says:

    Small warning to any Liverpool girlies,the link to cesc's crash story is on the Sun.

  4. Zahara says:

    cesc! mi amor, thankgod your ok!

  5. Chloe says:

    The funny thing is, you girls are probably the ones who are like "Don't judge/inner beauty" crap.
    You don't understand why Ronaldo is dating her? DO YOU SPEAK FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE?

    You guys have double standards.

    She should be able to wear whatever the f uck she wants as long as she's happy about it. You guys are constantly criticising her because of her physical features but if anyone dared to do that with someone who is considered "ugly" and not have the "right" features, everyone would think that's horrendous but apparently it is okay to criticise her. It's the same thing with people saying how beautiful "fat" girls are and constantly slam girls who are skinny and saying curves are beautiful.

    If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. Sure you should be able to express your opinion but it just shows the negative mentality that women has as a whole in our society. And you know what, if Irina was truly a horrid person (I am talking about her personality), I'm sure Cristiano wouldn't be dating her. I honestly don't know what you are trying to achieve by saying horrible s hit like this because I am certain you would not want anyone else to do the same to you.

    I know some people will say don't go on kickette but I don't come here to read your horrible comments, I read what Kickette writes. I don't care if you thumbs me down or whatever because it's obvious that you just want to read bitchy comments about her exterior appearance and talking about what a fame whore she is.

    You don't know what she is like in real life so don't go assuming things because again, I'm sure if anyone did that to you, you would not feel good.

    • Jenn says:

      Well, she wanted to become a model and it's normal that models are judged by their appearance and their style, that goes for every model, not only for those who date footballers. And about her personality, of course we don't know her personally but I think in interviews she comes off as a very arrogant person and she often tells lies, that's what I don't like about her. Maybe she is a nice person, I just don't think it shows in her interviews.

      • Winnie Mata says:

        i get what you're saying, but i also understand what she's saying.
        if she was someone who was CLEARLY unattractive,
        loads of people would be jumping down each others' throats
        for making comments regarding her appearance
        especially those who are criticizing her as we speak.

    • cat in a hat says:

      You're right Chloe, everything you said is spot on! I also think some of the comments here are written in good humor and fun not to be taken so seriously!

  6. balicious says:

    Instead of talking about Irina and her vulgarity, guys you should've discussing about racist chants over Adebayor. I can't believe that they denied that the all sad scene was racist. dammn

  7. @DebStimson says:

    About the chants, of course they're racist. Ask yourself, it they were singing it towards a white player, would the word "elephants" even be used? Right…no it wouldn't.

    And LeBron James? really? He's an arrogant SOB who has a knack for alienating fans…just ask Cleveland. I sure hope they don't think people will become more interested in soccer because King James owns part of Liverpool. They should have gotten someone with more fan appeal, like Kobe or MJ.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I might be giving them benefit of the doubt in this one because they can't be racist? what about their own players. I dont get it.

  8. Yash says:

    Whatserface 2.0 is really boring than previous version.

  9. Leya_S says:

    I'm excited for Lebron potentially taking a real interest in Liverpool. As an American, I'm hoping that with other high-profile athletes (NFL-ers, NBA-ers) showing an interest in soccer, maybe (slowly) the rest of the country might start to take notice too, increasing the image of the sport in this country!

    Meanwhile, over on Idiot Island, if I ever get the chance, I will PUNCH Mario Balotelli in the FACE just for being a d***head.

  10. WOW says:

    I'am sorry for the girl that she wear things like this and no one tells her the truth, not her mirrior either poor Irena!

  11. Agnes Wonka says:

    yes! irina is back!
    poor cesc O_O

  12. Liz says:

    Why was she even there? Is she in the movie? No. Was she invited by one of the stars? No. Oh I know, she goes to all these movie premieres, that she has nothing to do with, just to walk the red carpet and get her picture in the paper. Sad. Such a famewhore.

    • Susana says:

      Yes, Liz, and she's doing exactly the same thing that whatserface 1.0 did…

      The leather getup is hideous. The flap thing in the front looks like a longjohns potty flap. This girl has no style whatsoever.

  13. Ashley says:

    Irina looks good. I wish I can pull off wearing that.

  14. Irina needs to change things up with her style! She's always wearing something that looks like it's been cut by a five year old.

  15. Rainbow says:

    I was about to question everything when a leather jumpsuit was put into a good week but things are still just about in order, with the fact that Mesut is over Aida.

  16. Merel says:

    The leather suit is awful, but Irina has the attitude and the body to totally rock it and not look uncomforable. That's a serious strenght

  17. JA7 says:

    My dear cescy, soo glad ur okay!!! Though i would be HONOURED to be your driver! *locks the car door and starts making out with cesc* annd balotelli is annoyin -_- stop givin mancini a hard time with ur ridiculous antics..

  18. Look at me. Look at meeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Por dior says:

    Lace, leather and woderwoman pose , ooohhhh my .

    She sholud get a GOOD stylist.

  20. Elisa says:

    Ironic that Shayk is at the premiere for Hanna. She's exemplifying exactly what makes that movie so awesome–the fact that the heroine ISN'T dressing like her, overly sexualized and just pouting for the male protagonist like in every single other action movie that's come out in the past year.

    • D0li says:

      I LOVE YOUR COMMENT! I agree it's starting to get extremely sad, pathetic, annoying, sexist that women in media are resorting to over sexualizing themselves so as to get attention. What's ever worse is in the end, those women fade away within a five year span, and are replaced by the next younger version of themselves.

      They call those movies "guy movies" since they have men performing strong actions where as women are naked and cannot act.

  21. rubyqueen says:

    why hide a banging body like her's behind that horrible mess.??

  22. mochara says:

    Why am I not surprised Balotelli is in the Bad Week section?? Oh Cescy my darling do you want me to drive you car for you? For safety purposes of course…….

  23. [...] peeps got all sorts of crazy* over this? Well, it looks like Aida Yespica has already moved on. Kickette is reporting that she has a new beau. His name is Philipp Plein and he’s a German fashion designer. So it [...]

  24. Olya says:

    I don't understand her obesession with lace. She wears it to events, day, and evening. Its something thats meant to be worn once in a while, otherwise it just becomes vulgar. With the leather, I'm thinking that was her goal.

  25. Rossanera says:

    I don't leather jumpsuits are a good look for ANYONE.

  26. FloraJane says:

    Rear-ended by Cesc. LOL

  27. lilygold says:

    That outfit is the God Ugliest Thing I have seen since Cesc arrived in England. It's too disgusting to keep looking at and yet she looks so ……..dare I say it……….Proud.

    • Leya_S says:

      I hope to GOD you're not implying that Cesc Fabregas is ugly…………………..

  28. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I just dont get what is Ronaldo thinking dating her? I am not big fan of the guy, but seriously in the end of the day he is a good family man and a very successful person, he can do much much much better. With his body COM'ON Ronaldo I am cheering for a break-up lol, Iker let Sarah fix him with some of her ladies journalist, they arev very decent seriously respectful like Lara lol :P .

    Ozil is Single, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Finally, some Madridista single men, Ozil, Benz, Pipa we need more lol :p

    • black widow says:

      from your mouth/fingers to iker's ears/eyes, god willing …

      • Lily says:

        I don't know about her personality but I think she's pretty, her sense of style doesn't always mix well.

    • Tiggertoo says:

      Actually Benzema is still with his long term girlfriend and apparently Pipa is doing the on and off thing with hisex reporter girlfriend but on and off for me still screams single.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Yes, Pipa screams single for even his "relationship", but didn't Benz break up? HE DIDNOT?!! My day is ruined :( .

        • Tiggertoo says:

          No Benz is still with her there were recent pics posted on someones wag blog but on another happy note Lara and Sergio broke up a few days ago it was released this morning BUT don't know how true the source is so we'll have to wait and see.

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            they broke up? I liked them to be honest, although these two never said they are officially dating from the start and it never hurt to see a single Ramos, never ever! lol.

            • Tiggertoo says:

              according to this magazine article ripped off diez minutos, the reasoning was she couldn't keep up with his busy lifestyle and he was supposedly spending more time out partying than with her, but we'll have to wait and see if other sources can confirm as we can never trust spanish press. I was never against their relationship in the first place she seemed like a decent girl that has her priorities straight but it's always nice knowing Ramos is open for buisness. I hope the next girl he finds is the one he will settle down with, i'd love to see him with a woman like Ollala and I only want him to settle down when he's ready it would be a shame if he fell into the same trap the other ballers do though Sergio seems like a smart guy. the link if you know spanish.

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                Ramos partying? it looks like he became one of these decent footballers, I thought it was Guti influence, but now that he left, and he is surrounded by spainsh footballers such as: iker, alonso, arbeloa, he would settle, I thought Lara was a perfect girl for him. Oh well! we will know the truth one way or another, as you said who trust these spainsh magazines :S. I dont mind another single Madridista :P , they are rare lol.

                • Sarah, Madrid says:


                • Tiggertoo says:

                  That's what i thought too. Most of those madrid men are settled down and if they aren't then are in decent relationships. If it's true they are no longer then I would've thought Lara would be around for at least another year it just seems like we didn't know too much about them in the first place. Apparently they started dating last summer but were able to hide it very good until someone finally leaked them out we only got a few pics of them and now they are broken in every pic of them they seemed really happy together nor do I recall hearing about Sergio partying. But with the jobs they have I can see there being problems in the future she works two high profile jobs and we all know how demanding his job is too.

                  • Sarah, Madrid says:

                    That's the thing, her situation is too similiar to Sarah's, Sarah's seem to take in the heat and contiune with Iker, maybe Lara looked at Sarah's situation and actually dont want herself to be part of it at all someday in the future I mean. Or, maybe they are still together, here is thing with these two, as you said we dont know much about what's going on with them, anyway, I want to see Ramos happy with or without Lara, with time we will know :) .

              • Crackers says:

                He's only 25, and even if footballers who get married tend to do it when they're young I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't want to get hitched for a while yet.

                Besides, from what I've seen of his "type", he's not into girl-next-door types like Olalla so much. Lara seemed really really cute and they made a nice couple but I got no quarrel with a single Ramos.

                • oomaloompa says:

                  Cats out of the bag it is released ramos was cheating on her good for her for putting her foot down unlike the other wags that stay, i grew a new respect for her.

                  • Crackers says:

                    He was cheating? Good on her for dumping him then.

                    I got no problem with players, but not when they cheat- at least have the decency to tell one lady friend it's off before going after another. Or don't get into an exclusive relationship at all. Badly done, Sergio.

                    • oomaloompa says:

                      we all know Sergio has a shady past it's not the first time he's cheated each time it's swept under the rug so not many people find out and when they do of course it "never happened" because he's Ramos and can do no wrong whoever his pr guy is is excellent at covering his tracks he was seen celebrating his birthday with 2 blondes although he's no different than the rest of them and he's a wonderful guy i'm sure, but I thought this time would be different I thought maybe this time he really has changed especially since Lara seemed to have that affect on him.

                    • Sarah, Madrid says:

                      I think the 2 blondes were family, this is what at least saw and read. :S. If he cheated good raddiance then Lara.

                    • Tiggertoo says:

                      Hmm so the new articles that came out about this said she ended it because he became possessive and jealous of her and asked her to quit working and she also was apparently seeing her ex behind his back. Looks like they were both playing each other if he was indeed cheating.

    • LaNovena says:

      so you prefer hes dating girls like Nereida Gallardo who directly runs to the yellow press and reports every detail? Sorry but I just dont want to know every detail and felt actually sorry for CR. Irina seems rather shy when the press comes with that topic and tries to avoid, change the topic or if not possible saying its private.

      • el8 says:

        yeah! shy!!
        for that she calls the paps everytime she's in madrid???

        • LaNovena says:

          from that answer and for the bad votings I see you prefer Nereida! OMG!

          oh yeah now shes responsible for the paparazies too? Gosh girls, get it real. I mean shy with talking to the press about CR. READ the post before replying!

          • eliz says:

            yeah shy…!! for what ………….
            FYI Nereida and Irina, both belong to same side of the coin( we need no more version 1.0,2.0 is enough)
            Shakira was not 'shy' in posting a picture of herself with Pique.

      • eliz says:

        Yeah Shy!!
        A shy gal won't expose naked in front of camera, won't show her middle finger, etc……….

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        No, as I said I am not a big fan of Cristano anyway, although I support los blanco, but I really would love if he was with achildhood-sweetheart or a girl who likes keeping a low profile. If she is shy talking about them, it means nothing, their relation is out their and people know they are an item, she doesnt have to be all over your face talking about it to be a fame-digger

  29. AC_USA says:

    Yaaayyyy Mesut Ozil is single again :) Out of all of this, the fact that Ozil is single makes me the most happy :)

    • Öz's lova! says:

      YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! and he's looking fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine too <3

  30. Dar says:

    I look at her and all I seem to think about is BDSM. Save it for the bedroom, dear.

  31. JulieFromParis says:

    Good week? The catwoman outfit? ok, april's fools day is over u know. seriously.

  32. Nihaal28 says:

    What the hell was irina doing there?

  33. Jenn says:

    Fayk's outfit is horrible but that's nothing new. Rarely like what she wears anyway. Funny how she prefers to run from one movie premiere to another to act like she's some famous supermodel instead of spending time with her boyfriend. That says a lot about this 'relationship'. But that's the only thing she does lately, to show up on some events since she doesn't seem to get many modelling jobs. Her most recent one was for Otto in Germany, where she posed for very cheap clothes. They don't book topmodels, they just book some random girls nobody really knows.

    • Real_Jen says:

      You're jealous and you know it.

      • Jenn says:

        Lol no. I'm happy with my life. I don't need to shag a footballer and pretend to be a supermodel to feel better about myself.

        • Rossanera says:

          Then why do you feel the need to disparage what others are doing with THEIR lives?

          • Jenn says:

            Well, this is a site that has a comment section so people are allowed to voice their opinion. I just don't like the fact she gets so much publicity for basically nothing and I'm allowed to say that. Kickette is a site where people talk about footballers' and wags' lives so what do you expect really? That I kiss her ass all the time? I don't have to do that.

        • Donna C says:

          Agreed. Didn't know my life must be horrendous because i'm not in the spotlight 24/7 nor am I banging a well known athelete. Some people need to get real but I guess for some lack of privacy and all the cash in the world= all the happiness and they can't handle the idea that someone who is actually happy with the smaller things in life must be jealous just cause they aren't on the cover of a magazine in a swimmsuit. If I REALLY wanted to have that life then i'd be creating portfolios and going from casting call to the next, not sitting on kickette. I don't like nor hate Irina but i'm not one to go around kissing a womans ass I don't know because of who she goes to bed with every night. It amuses me how the minute it's out that a girl is with a baller thousands of girls will go create a fanpage for her/start befriending them on twitter. For what? What did she do that's of any merit or anything more that we aren't doing? She wasn't the one working since she was little missing out on her childhood, suffering injury after injury, drop everything in life to risk being a successful athelete.

    • LaNovena says:

      Otto does book top models. Done it with Gisele Bündchen and Heidi Klum already. Or do you want to discuss with me that these are no topmodels? Anyway, its for their designer label and I like her actually in these clothes. Looks much more normal and natural than this!

      "Funny how she prefers to run from one movie premiere to another to act like she's some famous supermodel instead of spending time with her boyfriend. "
      So shes an independend woman. Whats wrong with that? Shes had a load of engagements the past week and this looks like a red carpet which means shes making promotion for herself. Girls, I really dont get you! On one hand you say shes successful because of CR but she wouldnt be allowed to promote herself and instead fly to see him? Would CR cancel a game or a training to fly to NYC to be with her? How they organize their days off is difficult enough I suppose. But its THEIR problem and non of our business.

      • Susi says:

        oh jeeeez
        its better to get some information before you open your mouth!!!
        OTTO booked Heidi and Gisele for the cover and for a special feature for the catalog!!
        they also printed their names on the cover!!!!

        you cant compare that with Fayk!! lol,
        she is still a nobody!!! the SI cover did nothing for her, last weekend she was the star guest at a nightclub in atlantic city!!! dont tell me this is what Supermodels do!!! its ridiculous and embarrassing!!

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Exactly! I actually cant call her a super-model either since she is famous because of Cristano Ronaldo, let's be honest here, I am all for the empowering of the ladies and being famous because she is doing something before dating the player, however I had seen her before, but knew her name because she is dating Cristano.

          • Donna C. says:

            At least I knew who the hell Heidi Klum was long before Seal and I knew who Gisele was long before Brady. Please stop giving credit where it's not deserved. She may have been a model beforehand but definately not internationally myself and several others didn't know who the hell she was 8 months ago. I'm not bashing the woman because I don't know her but let's state the obvious she can play shy all she wants and dumb down the fact that she worked for it all on her own but anyone with a sensible brain knows otherwise. I'm glad she's an independent lady and i'm not all for clingy people on either end but if she was that good then where was she before she started with CR? Good models come out when they are still in their late teens early twenties why she is coming out now at a time that she'd be considered "old" for her career. Once again never understood women that come on here and kiss the ass of someone because of who's load they are recieving at night.

            • Donna C. says:

              Might I also add if she really cared about CR as a true girlfriend would then she'd show more affection towards his son and also encourage him to spend time with him or even the 3 of them can hangout. That's what frusterates me about that fake relationship the baby is the one being thrown in the backseat meanwhile daddies too busy making his contract girlfriend rich before she dumps his ass this summer. I don't see what he's getting out of it really? Fame no? Sex no? (cause he can get it with any girl) a settled family image? NO because he's never with his son anyways and what about her? Fame? check Money? check Successful career? check The world at her feet kissing her ass? CHECK. It really baffles me what one has to do to make millions these days either start a useless reality tv show or get it in with a well known comrade, pretty soon all colleges and universities will go bankrupt cause that won't be on anyones minds anymore. My my when will CR ever learn really legend on the pitch, loser in real life.

              • LaNovena says:

                if you really cared for your life you wouldnt post here.

                Thats non of our business.
                What if she loves CRs son? Where will you know she doesnt care for him? Just because they dont do everything in public and just because shes not going to the press to tell them every detail about her life with CR you think you can have an opinion on it? Pffff

                So when CR travels with her into holidays its her fault? They are not allowed to have a break either? Or its her fault that she makes millions and universities go bankrupt? Sorry but you are so contradictory.

        • LaNovena says:

          you totally missed the sense. whatever she does she can never make it right for you girls. If shes promoting herself (whereever she wants, I dont care) she should rather be with CR. If she gets fame, you girls say its just because of CR. I feel sorry for her, she never gets a real chance.

          Anyway, what should she care for kickette….

          and for the record Im not calling her topmodel. Never did. And whats so wrong modeling for Otto? (shes only presenting special brands in Otto too) As I said she looked much better in most of the clothes than in that pic above that must have costed a lot more.