July 29th, 2011

Good Week/Bad Week: Doppelganger Dreams

Welcome, ladies and gents. He’s been waiting for you. Image Credit: REUTERS/Tyrone Siu.

Is cloning ever appropriate? Would you mind falling over in front of 26,000 people if Patrice Evra was available to pick you up? And are free kebabs a good thing? We consider these, and other newsworthy and relevant issues in this week’s edition of Good Week/Bad Week.

Enter at your own peril.


Kenneth McEvoy. We’re not saying anything until we’ve seen his thighs. Image: tottenhamhotspurs.tv.

Double Take: We know that science moves fast but this is getting ridiculous. Mere months after the exciting news broke that radio controlled footballers were in the offing, the event has been superceded by rumours that Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has figured out how to clone players. See Kenneth McEvoy (above), a first year academy player for Spurs who bears an alarming resemblance to Gareth Bale. (Luckily, our mates at Dirty Tackle have conducted initial research into the footballing benefits therein). We are now compelled to ask you lot what you would do if cloned footballers went on general sale and you could afford to buy one. Excluding the obvious, of course. We can think about that ourselves.

Baby Grows: Danielle Lloyd has tweeted the news that her baby boy, Harry, who was born ten weeks early on July 13th, is now able to breathe on his own and ‘is doing a lot better’. For those who don’t know, Danielle and Harry’s dad, Wolves’ Jamie O’Hara are trying to raise money to buy equipment for their local neonatal clinic, who have been caring for Harry. You can find out more about it here.

Image via yfrog.

Oh, Fernando: Relief abounds for Chelsea fans this week, who have been asssured by Fernando Torres that he has not forgotten to score and they can look forward to ‘a big season’. We’re hoping, for their sake, that this claim does not end up being filed next to his optimism that it was ‘his destiny’ to score against Liverpool on his Chelsea debut. Ahem.



YouTube Preview Image

Slippery Lino: Officials are the unsung heroes of football matches. Not because they enforce discipline, provoke players into paroxysms of hysterical anger and sometimes accidentally get in the way of play, it’s because they occasionally fall down while discharging their duty. Which, for some reason, is much funnier than when anyone else does it.

This week’s lesson: When attempting an overhead kick during an attacking opportunity, please remember to remove your face from the trajectory of the ball. Chelsea midfielder Yossi Benayoun will now demonstrate what can happen if you fail to observe this simple rule.

A Gold Card You Might Not Want: Speaking of ill-advised associations with questionable foodstuffs, Cheryl Cole’s portfolio of endorsements was rumoured to have gained an interesting addition this week. Irish kebab shop Abrakebabra (see what they did there?) have awarded Ashley’s ex one of their special gold cards, entitling her to free kebabs whenever she’s in Dublin after she apparently mentioned them in an interview. Beat that, L’Oreal.

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79 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: Doppelganger Dreams”

  1. I loooove Fernandooooo! :) ))

  2. Marose says:

    Oh, this photo of Fernando with the freckles made my day!

  3. MissEstonia says:

    Daaamn! I thought you all had found a youth team photo of Gareth Bale before I read the caption! That's freaky!

  4. BlackRose says:

    aww, Nando, it's always so good and lucky to see you… I'm no Chelsea supporter, and I've tons of respect for Liverpool. I know how much it must have hurt. But I really hope that he can be happy where he is now as he was he he was an Atlético de Madrid and a Liverpool player.

  5. SisterIT says:


  6. mar210 says:

    Fernando Torres is skilled, sexy and sweet. His goal today proved that he is ready to take the Premier League and kickettes by storm.

  7. Fatima says:

    Gareth bale clone…one word CREEPY!!! and YAY NANDOS GONE BLONDE AGAIN… KINDA, he looks extra hotter with blonde hair and that pic of him PHOWARRRR!!!!

  8. MH from NH says:

    he just doesn't do well unless he's Red. or Roja. or Rojiblanco. come on back Nando. we have cookies.

  9. Moving on... says:

    Thank you Laia. Great to hear from an AM fan. I always chuckle when I hear LFC fans using "Oh, he will never be loved like he was at Anfield…" Right. I guess Atletico Madrid is just a figment of everyone's imagination then? Funny how four years after he left, he's still loved and missed by them. They still wear Torres shirts at the Calderon. When he left, fans rushed to the store to buy his shirt, not burn it. That's love.

    Fernando Torres used to play for Liverpool, now plays for Chelsea and is Atleti for life.

    • Laia says:

      Yes, he's a true Atleti. He killed for our shirt until he couldn't any more.
      We are going through hard times right now, but i'll never doubt Fer will come back some day. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he took a position at Atletico once his career as a player is over.

    • April says:

      As an outsider, I have to say that is what has perplexed me most with the "traitor" comments from *some* LFC fans. He played there for 3.5 years… they act like it was his childhood club that nurtured him to the first teams (I am not saying he didnt learn a lot there, just saying it wasn't a lifetime). And honestly, I think most of those fans let the media feed their fire about the situation. I have scoured a number of interviews and video clips and have yet to find any that say these terrible things that people claim he said. I mean, they may exist, but I haven't had the luck to come across them. Even the article about scoring against Liverpool wasnt something he claimed was destiny, it was sensationalized and turned into that, and folks ate it up.

      Similarly, the media is blowing this non-scoring thing out of proportion- I don't think he will be the "machine" he once was, at least not in Chelsea's current style, because they dont rely on 1 striker. By that nature you really cut down on the numbers he would pull… add to that the fact that they are front-loaded and they lack a really creative midfielder who likes to kick a deep but deft pass, and the main ingredients to Nando's big scoring legacy are sort of taken away. I thought Chelsea was a puzzling choice in that regard, but at the same rate, LFC were feeling pretty done on him anyhow so I don't think he felt he had much choice.

      I DO think he wants to go back to Atletico Madrid and do something there (he's said so recently)… not sure it will be as a player though. I wonder if he wouldnt think of coaching or something instead? We'll just have to wait and see, I suppose!

      • Laia says:

        You are right, it might not be as a player. I'm sure he'd love to end his career at AM. However we have to be both able and willing to pay the right price at the right moment and that might be impossible.

        For some reason I don't see him as a coach, don't ask me why. Personally I'd give him a job in management, haha… No really something like this could be his thing. He used to study for a business degree at university right after school, but stopped when football became too busy.

        • April says:

          Good point… I haven't followed his career long enough to see what his other talents may be for football, but I tend to agree with you. I see that he sometimes participates in the clinics with kids, and while that can be fun, teaching hasn't seemed to be an area he has shown much interest in. However, the way he speaks about football as a business in interviews is very level-headed, I can definitely see that as an area he could excel in… and if he got some help from Olalla with her Economics and PR background ;) , maybe upper management could be just his thing.

    • mimi says:

      Well said!

    • Caitlin says:

      I think you are missing one really important point though. When Torres left Athletico he didn't go to one of their rivals. He actually switched country altogether. I wonder how forgiving his former club and fans would be if he had joined Real Madrid… (and yes, I know he would never do that)

      • Moving on says:

        So how many clubs are off limits to Liverpool players then? He didn't go to Man U and he didn't go to Everton. Realistically, who else could he have joined that would make it okay for LFC? Is he to uproot his family and go to a country he doesn't want to go to in order satisfy LFC fans? Should he sign up for Bolton?

        And exactly how many clubs could afford his 50M price tag and offered CL football? That pretty much narrowed it down to Barca, RM and Chelsea. Barca didn't want him. He wouldn't go to RM. So that left Chelsea, who were the only club that had pursued him.

        He was 26, on the verge of 27 at the time of the transfer. He had played 10 years professionally and hadn't won a single thing except promotion to La Liga after his 2nd season. He was extremely loyal to AM and was pretty patient with LFC too. He has one career and all footballers retire as young men. What other career retires you in your thirties? Was it the right move for him? Even as a Torres fan, I can't tell you for sure (that's a whole other debate on Chelsea's fit for him) but I admire him for taking the chance.

        He has struggled of course. But I'm proud that Torres has kept his dignity and composure amidst all the criticism and attacks. Maybe he rants and raves privately, but typical of Torres, he's not made a show of himself in public. No angry interviews, no outbursts, no fights on the pitch or with his new teammates, no slamming his manager or teammates, no drunken displays at a club. Just answers the same old questions over and over again quietly. And in Hong Kong when if he was asked if he was tired of the press focusing on his performances, his answer was a shrug and that the press was only doing its job.

        • Caitlin says:

          You said in one of your previous posts: << He did want to leave in 2010 and Chelsea were ready to pay. LFC refused and after listening to Purslow, Torres decided against pushing for the transfer. Do you remember last summer's speculation? Why did Hodgson and Purslow go to Spain last summer to talk to Torres? Just to have some sangria? >>

          So if it's a known fact that he wanted to leave in 2010 already, don't you think it was a bit hypocritical of him to take that photo with the World Cup and the Liverpool scarf? Kind of sending the wrong message to all his supporters, don't you think?

          • Moving on... says:

            I agree he shouldn't have done that. But I don't know if he wanted to leave before or after the World Cup. I just know it was in summer there were talks for him to leave. My understanding is that Pepe Reina put the scarf on him.** Perhaps as a way to to persuade his friend to stick around? Obviously since Torres didn't leave in the summer, he wasn't 100% determined to go. Purslow and Hodgson kept him around or more likely Torres wasn't certain about the transfer. He obviously had had enough by January.

            **He didn't put on the LFC scarf after the Euro win. And in both 2008 and 2010, he has a store load of Atletico stuff on/with him during the parades. Never anything LFC.

            • Moving on... says:

              One of my favorite photos is Torres going to the private after-party for players and family and even there, he was wearing an Atletico hankerchief/bandera around his neck.

          • lola says:

            did it ever cross your mind taht he did it out of love for liverpool and its fans? pretty sure ¨misleading¨ fans all over the world was on his mind in that happy moment..

  10. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Oh, I can't help it not raising my eyebrows with an evil smile on when I saw this Torres picture. – something devilesh about this photo that I like ( I am not really a Torres fan even!)..

  11. elsebethynwa says:

    Well nice that Jamie O'Hara is trying to raise cash for the hospital but Im sure if he really wanted to, he could pay for it himself. Why do everybody else always to chip in when some celeb endorse a charity? As if he will ever get to spend all the money he makes anyway. Im pretty tired fo celebs doing so much for us to part with our hard earned money when they just put their name to something.!

  12. Kristine says:

    Cloning Gareth Bale is cruel and unusual punishment for the clone. That poor kid.

  13. blake2108 says:

    So does this mean I can sneak Gareth out of Spurs and keep him locked up at mine, and they'd never notice?…

  14. Jen says:

    Wow, that boy is def. a Bale clone!! What a cutie!! As for Nando, I got over the heartbreak awhile ago, and have nothing left in the anger/disappointment area…….but he is still cute!!! Those freckles kill me. I wish him well this season, just not too much…….Liverpool will still beat chelsea!

  15. mamaly says:

    Oh Nando, the season can't start soon enough.

  16. IrishBlue says:

    Baby Bale is freaking me out, the likeness is unreal!

    For now, I'm staying patient when it comes to Nando, although I don't know how much longer I can last, ….that is a great picture though…

  17. YNWAalexa says:

    word to the wise for all you Chelsea loving kickettes….

    that nino tends says a lot of stuff he doesn't mean

    • Moving on... says:

      Give me a break. And LFC farts out rainbows? How about them promising him the world when he left his boyhood club and him staying because of promise after promise even as the club sunk down the league table? Or him playing through numerous injuries? But hey, no biggie, the man should sacrifice his career for LFC right?

      Circumstances changed and he made an adult decision based on them. Be sad, be angry but have some dignity. Players come and go. Will you go into details about how Andy Carroll left his boyhood club? Even after saying how much he loved them? Or is it okay for him to do it because he joined Liverpool? How about when Torres joined Liverpool? Did you feel bad for Atletico Madrid fans?

      It's a business and both clubs and players play the game. And you want to get into character and morality issues? I'll take Fernando Torres, a professional since he was 17 and by all accounts, a guy who has stayed out of trouble all that time any day. Will LFC fans lecture us on players who beat up women or break their teammates' jaws?

      • Kat22 says:

        Great post! :-)

      • Laia says:

        Thank you so much!
        You know I'm an Atletico Madrid fan and this ongoing hatred makes me so SICK!
        LFC fans don't even have the right to hate Fer this much, he was never theirs. He didn't go through their youth system, wasn't made captain at the age of nineteen by them and they didn't love him as much as we did, obviously, because we still love and miss him and Vicente Calderon is waiting for nino to come back.

        He left us for Champions League and he left LFC for CL. And in between he shot an incredible number of amazing goals for them….. goals which LFC fans refuse to remember now.

        And please don't come up now with: but he lied and he cheated…. There was a lot talking about this transfer, but the actual facts about how it went through exactly, are still unknown to the public.

        • elsebethynwa says:

          oh i dont refuse to recognise his great goals. he was amazing for us, and I was sad he left. I would have prefered he left in the summer that's all. He could have found a proper replacement and didnt have to shell out 35 mill on Carroll. I can't say I hate him either. I hate most man U players not Torres, after all he was great for us as long as it lasted. OH and we all know how it ended with Hodgson, I have no idea how he convinced Torres to stay but he should never have been at Liverpool and he has fucked up so bad at our beloved club. End of.

      • elsebethynwa says:

        Look, if he wanted to leave so bad, he could have done it in the summer transfer window. But he stayed and kept on sulking . And all that shit he said after he left, Come on there are more dignified ways to leave and not on the last day of the transfer window. Look at Xabi Alonso, he still loves Liverpool and often tweets about it. He also goes back and watches matches, even though he said in a recent interview that he felt that he was being forced out of Liverpool by Benitez. So we don't dislike Torres for leaving, players do that. But the way he did it.

        • Kat22 says:

          Maybe he was worried there would be no more offers if he waited until the summer?

        • Moving on... says:

          He did want to leave in 2010 and Chelsea were ready to pay. LFC refused and after listening to Purslow, Torres decided against pushing for the transfer. Do you remember last summer's speculation? Why did Hodgson and Purslow go to Spain last summer to talk to Torres? Just to have some sangria?

          Me? I wish he had gone ahead because it would have been better for him and it would have avoided the nasty January situation. But he listened to Purslow and gave Liverpool another go and help the club through the sales process and hindsight being 20/20, he should have put in a transfer request.

          How much control did Torres have on when the transfer happened in January? According to Sid Lowe and Ballague, LFC knew about Chelsea's bid about 2 weeks prior. And of course they knew about the bid in the summer. Do you really think a 50M bid started and finished in 3 days? LFC played the PR game to the hilt to villianize Torres. Fair enough, he wanted to go but really think hard about how the PR game worked.

          How exactly is Torres supposed to emulate Xabi? He has said nice things about Liverpool fans but does that get publicized or recognized by LFC fans? No, because he's a tw@t and all that nonsense. If Torres put on his website about how much he appreciates LFC fans support and how he'll always love the club, what exactly do you think the reaction would be? I imagine it would mostly be LFC fans accusing him of being a fraud. And how exactly would he be received if he was to drop by Anfield for a match? He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

        • Jean says:

          lol at 'the way he did it'. That is what every bitter fan says. But how can you actually know what he said or didn't say?
          Look, I think the whole transfer situation was very badly handled by Liverpool, Torres (and his PR team) and the media all together. On one hand, Liverpool did eveything they could to make Torres seem like the bad guy, and it worked. And I can't blame them, it's all bussiness after all and it worked out pretty
          well for them. On the other hand, Torres said the wrong things at the wrong time. Some of them were unnecesary, but most of them were so easily taken out of context by journalists and repeated in articles again and again, as if he truly told them that many times. So the media, being its usual self, just added fuel to the fire and made the drama painfully endless. It's to them we owe them the butthurt tbh.

          I know this is still like a sensitive subject to some fans and most of them have a dead-set perspective about it, and I don't intend to change it, this is just my humble opinion. But I do think I'd be great if we could just move on and get over it.

        • Laia says:

          As I said the facts are unknown. You heard of his departure one day before the window closed. He said in an interview that he informed the club about two weeks earlier.
          Furthermore it is said that he wanted to leave in the summer earlier, but the club wouldn't have allowed it and if that's true it's even understandable he turned bitter.

          Maybe you''ll never know the truth, but there are always two sides and LFC and the fans seem to enjoy to put all the blame on Fer.

          • Moving on... says:

            Exactly. I'm on a bit of a rampage today, I swear I don't spend my days on this issue–it just seems like it for today.

            But this is the internet, and years from now when when someone searches about the Torres transfer, they'll get a million hits on the whole saga from the LFC perspective. Well against that million, I'm putting in one or two that gives the other side of the story. LFC fans want everything their own win and they'll win on volume but by god, I'm sticking a few in there before I'm done.

        • YNWAalexa says:

          exactly! I would have been fine with him going through with a transfer in the summer! i would hardly call giving 80% effort (if that) on the pitch the "professional" thing to do until the highest bidder came along!
          Please don't be confused! i loved him and can never hate him! i guess the best word to descride how i feel is disapointed. I can't speak for all LFC fans but durring his bought of poor form for us i defended him to neysayers and believed he'd be back to his old self in no time. i really wanted that! I still want that for him but not with Chlesea. As a fan of the game and even before the move it seemed to me Chelsea was never too fond of him. i.e his goal against them on his Anfield debut.
          I don't ever like having ill feelings for a former Red! it actually makes me sick, it's just that i felt betrayed and fooled by his leaving the way he did so i;m sorry if i offended any other posters by the little crack i made.

      • Jean says:

        HAH the last part. I think it's absolutely funny (quite sad really) how liverpool fans seemed to quickly forget that one of their two january signings is a woman beater (and a jaw breaker as well) and the other is a violent asshole who bites people and yanks at their hair for no reason whatsoever during matches. Like, no thank you, I still take the player who left because he wanted better oportunities. BLEGH.

      • mimi says:

        Amazing post Moving on! *clap*

      • Sofia says:

        Wow, I see we're all open to giving players another go to let them redeem themselves. For the record, ever since his transfer to Liverpool, Andy Carroll has stayed out of trouble under the influence of Kenny Dalglish, and he's said nothing but sweet things about his former club, I wouldn't put it past him to want to go back one day. I wouldn't mind, there's a level of respect I have for that kind of loyalty. And Luis Suarez, I watched the match when he bit a player, a little while later him and that same player walked off with their arms around each other and smiles on their faces. He's a sweet person, Luis, with a lot of character and determination and he's incredible on his feet, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if either he scores the most goals this season or he's the force behind the most goals this season.

        Liverpool had the means to promise him a world of trophies when they first signed him. Here's the thing, he's a professional, he knew fully well that as a striker, a lot of the responsibility for making that dream come true is his. It would do you all a lot of good to realize that the fact that he didn't have any club trophies for Liverpool is just as much his fault as it is the rest of the team. He was out for massive periods of time with injuries, you can't miss almost half a season and then expect to end up with a trophy for half a season's worth of work under your belt.

        And you say players come and go, and that's absolutely true, but there are some players who aren't born and raised into the club who make just as much of an impact as the ones who have. Fernando was one of them. Players come and go, but players like him are the hardest to let go of. This isn't just a cold business, fans pour their hearts into this game. Imagine Liverpool actually wanting to hold onto a player like that, what an idea.

        For me, 'heartbroken' doesn't even begin to cover how it felt to see him go. I was resilient on still keeping an eye on him. It's the things he said afterwards, the comments he made about Liverpool that made me take a step back in shock. I won't go into it, the comments are everywhere and Google isn't hard to use–but he's done it over and over–don't get me wrong though, over the summer, I suppose he felt a bit better and made some redeeming comments as well–but I'm all for giving people another chance, another one, one more, and then another. I'm not happy with him, after all, what kind of a player goes to a rival club and thinks that's okay? But he's irreplaceable for me, just as a player.

        • Kennyforever says:

          Hi Sofia,
          I Think you need to give Nando a little understanding. I think a lot of the things he said were taken out of context and his understanding of English is not as good as everyone thinks.

          His worst 'offence' was to say he had gone to a Big club – notice not a bigger club. I think he was trying to expalin that he had a very limited choice if he wanted to play CL. Surely Liverpool fans cannot put all of the top 4 or 6 clubs out of bounds. Where was he supposed to go?. Wigan!!

          I think Liverpool can reasonably only put Man U and Everton as 'forbidden' clubs.

          I think he made the wrong choice with Chelsea but the bile and venom that has come out of Liverpool has been hard to take.

          • Sofia says:

            I've watched Fernando for a long time, I've seen his interviews, I understand his language, and I agree, some of the news print was taken out of the context of what he said. But the things I heard from his own mouth, in videos, what he's said as clear as day, that's what I don't understand. You have to understand that Liverpool was hurt, it's not reasonable to ask the fans of the club to be sympathetic and kind, I understand how it feels and I think, for the past half a year, I've done a decent job with being considerate (though I admit, I've said a few bitter things I'm not proud of as well), but that's human nature, we tend to think a lot of unkind things when we're hurt to that degree and some of us tend to even say them out loud. Have you heard the saying 'we hate you so much because we loved you so much'? It's like that. I can't think of a single precedent to Fernando to describe just how much he meant to Liverpool. I'm sure he knows that. I've seen the way he celebrated in front of the Kop and the fact that he felt it was so apparent.

            Did you know, two weeks prior to his transfer, he said his head was with Liverpool and he looked forward to the rest of the season to try to get us back where we needed to be? I try to be understanding, but I will never understand that.

            • Kennyforever says:

              Steven Gerrard himself said that Liverpool knew about possible transfer 2 weeks before – it wasn't a surprise. Torres was asked that question directly when he did not know if the deal was going through. What did you expect him to say? I do not believe that any player would admit to wanting to leave if the deal was not certain.
              As to the way he celebrated with the Kop. I agree and, as Atletico fans know, Fernando is an all or nothing guy. He commits himself totally to the team he is with but his heart will always belong to Atletico not Liverpool.

              • Sofia says:

                The question was in regards to where Liverpool is headed, no one asked him to bring in talk of his commitment.

                And on the second thing, he's an Atletico forever, I agree, but there is no way a person can dedicate three years of his life to a club, write an entire book about that very dedication, and not have a place in his heart for Liverpool as well. So we're just going to have to agree to disagree there.

            • Moving on says:

              "Did you know, two weeks prior to his transfer, he said his head was with Liverpool and he looked forward to the rest of the season to try to get us back where we needed to be? I try to be understanding, but I will never understand that."

              Probably because that entire interview is a fabrication.

              Go to RAWK and ask them this question and see the answer you get. That's about as fanatical as a LFC board I know and they have little interest in defending Torres. Some posters investigated this "interview" and it has never been confirmed. They even asked LFC TV to verify and they couldn't. A journalist, Tony Barrett, who covers LFC, also said the interview didn't look to be real because Torres hadn't given an interview to the English press in a long time.

              See, this is what angers me about the smearing of Torres. A lot of it is misinformation and somehow some of critics are then able to build up a huge argument against him. Except part of your argument is as solid as Hugh Hefner's waterbed.

              Sofia, I can see that you at least are able to sound reasonable in this discussion about Torres. I disagree with you of course and there are a few points I'd address individually but ah, I don't want to subject Kickettes to many more of my novels. Again, I reiterate, I understand why LFC fans would be hurt and upset. And why they would never support Torres again. That's understandable. But I and a few other Torres fans, want to make our case for him too. Because it's been clear the story has been incredibly lopsided against him.

              And at this point, his critics whether in the media or fans, it is not merely enough to criticize him, it's to completely destroy his reputation and hopefully his career. It's like they won't be satisfied until he gives up and goes into hiding in Fuenlabrada. It's not enough that you may be right and his career is in terminal decline, let's smear his name. It's ridiculous.

  18. Hot4Spurs says:

    The Gareth Bale clone is freaky! If I could clone players for my own personal use I would def clone Andy Carroll and David Beckham. I would prefer they not even be able to talk, just serve me.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      oh, oh hands up! I want me some Ramos, iker, Pipa clones too

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      oh oh hands up! I would like to clone Ramos, Iker, Pipa too, to think about it, I wouldn't mind cloning a whole bunch of madridista! Oh the world soo needs 2 saints!

  19. backoffmyNando says:

    I really truly hope that Fernando has a good season this year. Not only for his club and fans but also for himself. Critics saying that you're past your best must have an effect on you.

    On another note….that picture is some definite proff that he needs to be in the H.O.F. or finest five……….seriously…..don't deny the freckles.

    • Leah says:

      Have you seen the shirtless Nando picture on the Headbands and Heartbreaks site? It's so worth seeing. http://headbandsandheartbreak.wordpress.com/2011/…

      • GigiSantaCruz says:

        sweet mother of freckles!!! giiiirl, u should warn us of the content more thoroughly… my heart almost stopped!!! lol… thanks for sharing! ;)

      • Deb S says:

        thanks for the link! Looks like he's finally letting the hair grow back & more blonde. Hopefully that will bring back his form!

      • April says:

        I saw that pic elsewhere and thought about submitting it as proof that Fernando is so over this Finest Five stuff and he is gunning straight for the HHOF with a fiery vengeance. I mean, taking his shirt off like a pro in the last two games, playing with the kiddies…

        He sure does remember how to score alright… with the ladies! Duly noted, Nando. :)

      • backoffmyNando says:

        Yeah I've seen that somewhere but seeing it twice doesn't hurt ;) . We should definitely submit that to kickette to prove how amazing he still is and will always be.

        • Leah says:

          Oh, I submitted it yesterday! But instead, they posted a shirtless photo of some other guy who's definitely no Nando. But then again, who is?

  20. Kat22 says:

    And OMG – how much does Kenneth McEvoy resemble Gareth Bale???? o_O

    • Deb S says:

      I know right? When I first saw the picture I thought, "what has Gareth done to his hair?" Wonder if he has Gareth's pace?

  21. Emily says:

    How did the kebabs land in "Bad Week"?!

  22. Kat22 says:

    I'm sorry – I know the mere mention of his name provokes strong reactions among some Kickettes (especially the ones supporting Liverpool), but I think he's still drop-dead gorgeous.

    I so hope he manages to recover from that awful slump – it's heartbreaking to see him play these days.

    • Caitlin says:

      Well, good looking he may be, but he can't score for toffee!

      And it looks as though even the Chelsea fans are running out of patience (looking at their forums).

      • Kat22 says:

        I do wish everybody would get off his back.

        He is clearly going through a rough time and is low on confidence. Every time he doesn't score he gets slated, so next time round he is going to be even more nervous and guess what? – he fails to score again.

        It's a vicious circle and I hope he can manage to break free from it.

        • Caitlin says:

          Well, if he was really that good he should be above such criticism.

          I think he is running out of excuses and if his poor form continues I'm sure he'll find himself back at Athletico before the season is up.

          • Kat22 says:

            And I'm sure all the Liverpool supporters are just waiting for that to happen!

            He may yet surprise you. Season hasn't even started yet, so it's a bit early to write him off just yet.

            • Caitlin says:

              Yeah, I suppose now someone is going to come out with that same old chestnut "Form is temporary, class is permanent".

              Fact is that he used to be a great player (I'll be the first one to admit that), but he looks totally shot now. A shadow of his former self.

              And don't forget that when he was at Liverpool he was surrounded by truly great players, like Gerrard and Alonso. I doubt he would have scored as many goals as he did without those two.

              • Moving on... says:

                No kidding. It's a team game. How many strikers don't need service? How many great players don't need good teammates? If that wasn't the case, Messi would be knocking in goals for Argentina and winning World Cups and Copa Americas.

                • Deb S says:

                  you read my mind. There are 10 guys on the pitch for a reason.

                  Keep the faith Chelsea. Poor Benzema was having a dreadful start of last season and now the kid's on fire. Even when he's not the one scoring, he's a distraction for the defense which opens up his teammates to score and he provides assists.

                  I really hope that Fernando can get back to his scoring ways. I truly feel bad for the guy.

                  • Sarah, Madrid says:

                    Jose's Charm, he made Benz move his ass and started to play! The problem with benz was confidence and Jose gave it to him, interesting how his opinion in benz changed in one year, esp his recent comments!

                    Now we madrid fan, join Chelesa fans in keeping the faith in Kaka.

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                Wasn't one of the reason that Torres left liver because they sold their good players at top of the list is Alonso and Masch. Torres goal in UCL, Liver failed to give him this.
                Yes, I am not a fan of Torres at all, but fair is fair.

                But, anyway I said it before, you cant help it NOT liking a player who leave your club esp when fans like him, I personally as a madridista will forever hate Robinho. I don't think fans can easily move on, just look at when ashley goes to Emirates stadium, or even when Ramos goes to Seville ( although he speaks well about his club), fans don't like players leaving their clubs, it is part of the passion.

      • mina says:

        He scored today. ;)