May 27th, 2011

Good Week/Bad Week: Gifting & Grabbing

Thierry Henry pauses during his side’s fixture against Colorado Rapids to consider the impact on Cheryl Cole’s career that her exit from US X-Factor might have. Or maybe he just caught a glimpse of Cesc’s hair in the crowd. Images: Getty Images/Daylife, Getty Images/Zimbio

Isn’t it nice to see Titi again? While we could live without the beard and the handsy rep, we’ve missed leching over Monsieur Henry and his physique. He’s not a bad footballer, either.

Sit back and enjoy the memories while taking in the week’s major events, peeps!


Waiting Time: It seems that Mario Balotelli’s new found generosity of spirit has caught on amongst his EPL colleagues. Whilst hanging out at Whisky Mist, Spurs defender Vedran Corluka noticed that a waiter was giving his expensive timepiece the eye, and promptly offered to exchange the watch for the guy’s cheap-as-chips Seiko. Unsurprisingly, the waiter couldn’t get it off fast enough, and is now the proud owner of a diamond encrusted Hublot worth roughly £36,000. Dammit. The proceeds from hocking that little gem would have kept us in shoes for a ruddy week.

Up The Duff: Hooray for Sol Campbell and his lady-wife Fiona Barratt, who have announced (rather belatedly) that they are expecting their first bubba. The pair, who married in July last year, were pictured at the Chelsea Flower Show this week are expecting the stork any day now, although this visit is unlikely to be the last. Apparently the couple are hoping for at least ‘four babies’ to round out their brood. We’ll see whether they feel the same after four months of broken sleep and a permanant baby sick stain on each shoulder, shall we? In the meantime, congrats guys!

Boom Bling-a-Bling: Shy and retiring Aston Villa star Stephen Ireland proposed to partner Jessica Lawlor in typically understated style this week. Ireland, who is currently wanted in the UK for crimes against furniture, flew his baby mama and a bunch of friends to Catalina Island, off the coast of California, hid a ring in his er… swimsuit and hit one knee at sunset. Jess, who presumably was very impressed with the contents of her hubby-to-be’s Speedos, said yes. Which means there’ll be a wedding. Shuddering congrats, Jess & Stevie


YouTube Preview Image

Swing Low: Last week, we looked on with joy as David Beckham wrangled his youngest son in the park during a kickabout. This week, the training sesh with Cruz was applied with typical Becks aplomb as he grabbed a pitch invader during Gary Neville’s testimonial match and assisted in his exit from the pitch. Why is this bad news? Well, it’s given us a few ideas regarding pitch-based close up moments with our favourite boys. Which is never going to be good news for them or UEFA.

Cheryl Chagrin: Although it remains unconfirmed by the singer/presenter herself, it is being reported that Cheryl Cole has been dropped from the US X-Factor and will be replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. Reasons cited for the decision so far include an inability of US citizens to interpret her Geordie accent, Cheryl’s inability to warm to co-presenter Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell’s inability to convince the bigwigs at the network that Cheryl is the right girl for the job. Hardly matters why though, does it?

Diet Pill Dramz: Poor Kolo Toure. Not only was his experimentation with wifey’s diuretic pills exposed to a vaguely bewildered but thoroughly amused world, he had to wait several aeons for his hearing and then got banned for six months. Oh, and in his absence his team qualified for the Champions League and won the FA Cup. Oops.

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28 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: Gifting & Grabbing”

  1. @mezz98 says:

    I dunno. I think I've warmed up to this Grizzly Adams look Henry has been sporting lately.

  2. bluubb says:

    nothing about shakira and pique??????????…

    i guess its my job :D

  3. Georgia says:

    Kickette don't be so harsh! Cesc's hair is fine, I'd more than happily accept him..

  4. Homeskillet07 says:

    I miss Titi….he must come back to Barca!!!!

  5. Marina_Isabella says:

    I love Titi! Colorado Rapids FTW! They're the current MLS CHAMPIONS! :D :D

  6. Marina_Isabella says:

    I love Titi! COLORADO RAPIDS FTW! They’re the current MLS champions! :D :D

  7. Amandinha says:

    I like Thierry. I mean I actually have feelings for him.

    • smurfette says:

      feelings as in 'love'… a tiny little bit? Can't blame you. After all, this only shows what a wonderful taste in footballers you have :-)

  8. Chris says:

    Henryyyyyyyy!!! how's going in NY? we miss u in europe!!!

  9. LisaB says:

    Ozzy Osbourne is proof that Brits don't need to have a particular accent (or even for it be remotely coherent) for American viewers to like and accept you. Daphne (Jane Leeves) on the sitcom Frasier is another example. Sure, her accent got less and less Mancunian every season but at least they kept her around for all eleven years.

  10. Yanks4ever says:

    Anyone who is a cheater and a jerk will never, ever be hot.

  11. canada says:

    Saw Henry live recently and he's still lovely to watch.

    As for Cheryl Cole – can the UK "press" just stop talking about her accent? It is so not an issue over here. Americans can understand her perfectly. It's insulting both to Americans and to her to suggest otherwise. If we can interpret Paula Abdul's mumblings and psycho-babble, Cheryl is hardly a problem :) .

  12. @DebStimson says:

    I agree. We have so many different nationalities, languages represented in the US and hear a plethora of accents that it just seems ludicrous for her to use that as an excuse.

  13. Gladys says:

    Wait…Cesc and RVP are in NYC?!!!! Do you think they want to watch the Champions League in Brooklyn tomorrow? Had I known, I totally would have added them to my group email. ;)

  14. Jessica says:

    on cesc: forget the hair, I could live with that, looks quite nice in the profile shot, almost raul-esque. mmm, Spainards. wtf is that shirt though cescy??? falls into yesterday's "should not be allowed to dress himself" category with cr. if carla's now longer in the picture (did anyone figure that out for sure?) i volunteer ;)

    and didn't he and rvp vacay together last year too?? love.

    guess we know stevie and carra and the like will have to go somewhere other than the mls to retire, (not that i want them ever to leave) their scouse is even harder than cheryl's geordie. they still make me scratch my head from time to time, and i've lived this side of the pond for a good long while. suppose playing is not exactly the same as presenting though…

  15. mochara says:

    Sheesh a bit harsh, shouldn't X factor have thought about this before they announced that Cheryl would be the judge? And come on her accent is hardly hard to understand!

  16. Harley says:

    Wow. Thumbs down for stating simple facts? Tough crowd.

    • Sergz says:

      I guess some people give others thumbs down if they don't like what they're reading, doesn't matter if the statement is correct or not.

  17. Her people saying that "Americans can't understand the Geordie accent" is a bunch of bull! I think her people are making stupid excuses for her. Is she not the one who has chosen to leave? There are so many people in entertainment who are from all around the world who have come to America and done well. It sounds to me that Cheryl is more interested in being a socialite while she is here instead of wanting to work for it.

    • mena says:

      I agree with you.

      The accent excuse doesn't make sense. Steve Jones is still the host, so obviously unfamiliar accents are not a deal breaker.

      I think the real reason is, Cheryl just couldn't cut it.

      TBH, I think Simon expected Cheryl to work hard & stand on her own but Cheryl expected Simon to carry her. That was never going to work. Oh well.

    • Winnie Mata says:

      i heard she was "fired", point blank. many outlets are reporting that and that does not sound like anyone is making excuses for her at all. why would she leave anyway? thia was supposed to be her way of crossing over. if anything, that's embarrassing.

      • I guess we are hearing totally different things then. All I have heard is that "the accent is too heavy". If that's the case, FOX execs would have never let her be chosen in the first place. I hear that they asked her to work on a few things as far as image and to stop smoking but she didn't. The girl just wants to let Simon carry her on his shoulders and hang out with Rhianna instead of prove herself. She basically had this gig handed to her and she couldn't deliver. That's pretty darn sad!

  18. Thea says:

    Just wanted to say – I predicted that she would bomb! I really don't know why she got the job over Nicole in the first place! xxx

  19. smurfette says:

    I adore Thierry Henry so much. I just find him a gorgeous man and the footie he played with Arsenal was phenomenal.
    I wish him ALL the best, wherever he is, whatever he does. May he be happy and content and may he bring joy to the lovers of the beautiful game for many many more years… prayers are over :)

  20. Summer says:

    I'm so sorry for Cheryl…I don't know why Americans can't understand her Georgie accent, 'cause I'm italian and I can understand it. I think that she didn't deserve an humiliation like this, this is an horrible and also a shameful thins, 'cause if they wanna sack her the would have never call her (only 20 days is an humiliation for everyone).

    Also I was delighted to see this week Class '92 with my beloved Paul and and crazy Gary Neville (I don't know why i hate this man, but I also find him so charming). He will remain the best right back of the world and maybe in United history!

  21. Audrey says:

    Henry is tearing it up in MLS at the moment. He scored his 6th of the season (11 games) on Wednesday. The whole offense has been scoring like mad, but in the past few games the defense has gone to pieces… they only allowed 3 goals in the first 8 games, and now in the last 3 games they've let in 7.
    And after Saturday's game we'll be missing FIVE starters (including both central defenders) for the best part of June because of the Gold Cup.

  22. Sergz says:

    I'm Swedish and I can understand her Geordie accent, so why shouldn't native English speakers be able to understand it?

    Bless Corluka for giving him his watch! It's nice to see footballers act in kindness every now and then between the scandals. ;)

    Oh and lastly, seeing Giggs, Scholes, Phil & Gary Neville, Becks and Butt together again made me too happy for words. Class of '92!