March 16th, 2012

Good Week/Bad Week: Glares & ‘Mares

Image: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images.

Thank goodness for Good Week/Bad Week, Kickettes. If it wasn’t for this post, we’d never, ever be able to catch up with any of the stuff we didn’t have time for while we were socialising/drinking/falling down/sleeping.


Popped collar, neatly trimmed beard, steely glare. It’s all there, Kickettes. Image: GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images.

Ex-Blue In, Ex-Blue Out: If you’re still feeling super bad about Andre Villas-Boas’ unceremonious exit from Chelsea, fear not. In a move that will do nothing to dispel comparisons with he-who-would-love-to-be-named-so-we-won’t, the Portuguese prince is being tipped to take over at Inter Milan. What current Inter manager (and let’s not forget, former Chelsea manager) Claudio Ranieri has to say about this, we don’t know, but even he would have to admit, a sacking is almost certainly on the cards.

Bibs Don’t Lie: At least Harper Beckham’s doesn’t. Mommy Vic tweeted this pic of her daughter’s latest wardrobe acquisition this morning: a bib advising ‘My Dad Is Cooler Than Your Dad’. We can’t see many bubbas coming forward with a valid reason to dispute that.

Convenience Store: With a foresight that staggers us, Harvey Nicols have opened a mini branch of their super-duper store at the Etihad stadium. Yes, it’s true. Once you have finished admiring the pretty on the pitch, you can head on down to the outlet (stationed in a private box, no less) and take your pick from a selection of handbags, jewellery and shoes. All they need to do now is install seats that offer in-game mani/pedi services and we would move the office to Manchester.


YouTube Preview Image

Time Out: It has been confirmed that Barcelona and France defender Eric Abidal will have a liver transplant in the next few weeks. Abidal had a tumour removed from his liver last year, but was able to get back to fitness in time for the Champions League final vs. Manchester United last May. The good news is that recovery from the operation should be no problem and experts see no reason why he shouldn’t be able to play again. Best wishes, Eric!

Nice Digs: Monaco chairman Dmitry Rybolovlev is being sued by his (nearly) ex-missus after he allegedly bought an apartment for his daughter and consequently deprived her of the cash. We highly doubt that Elena Rybolovleva is living in poverty, but evidently she feels that the $88m Dmitry blew on the Manhattan apartment might be a little excessive, seeing as how Ekaterina is still at university.

The Ego Has Landed. Again: Zlatan Ibrahimovic continued his campaign for the ‘Crazy/Petulant Dork of Serie A’ award this week by first flicking a hairband at Sky Sports journo Vera Spadini, then ‘apologising’ by sending her nineteen roses. This might sound nice enough, except that the roses were arranged by Milan vice president Adriano Galliani, and nineteen is the number of goals Ibra has scored in Serie A this season. Seems he’s on course for more than one title, Kickettes.


You know what the end of this post means, don’t you? THE WEEKEND! WOOH!

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29 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: Glares & ‘Mares”

  1. Madrid Fan says:

    Get well soon Abidal! Hope to see you back at Barcelona and the French NT soon. Stay strong :)

  2. April says:

    1) I hope the best for Abidal. I knew someone that had to undergo a similar procedure, and surely hope his goes smoothly and his recovery leads to a good life.

    2) I don't want for AVB to return with Inter because I really want him to go somewhere that believes in giving him young talent for a long-term deal. I sometimes wonder if that is why he said he'd like to do lunch with Benitez (I feel like I read that somewhere). I saw another rumor of him going to Roma. I think of the Serie A teams, that one would be a much better offer for him- Inter is basically like the Italian equivalent to Chelsea as far as locker rooms and recent records go. Not to mention the duplicating of Mou's career path.

  3. Agnes Wonka says:

    Hope everything goes well for Abidal. My sister has a transplant too, so I know the hard situation :)

  4. IrishBlue says:

    I wish AVB would stop staring so intensely….he's making me miss him dammit!

  5. littlegreenpea says:

    Also having a bad week: Fernando Llorente, who, in addition to having a pedostache GLUED TO HIS FACE, apparently injured himself in the United game yesterday. The game in which he SCORED. Just sayin.

    • Jayy says:

      CAN IT GET ANY WORSE! In the name St Iker, I hope that pedostache and injury goes, or its a trip down Ben & Jerrys lane for me.

      • littlegreenpea says:

        oh yes it can get worse. Manchester United could lose their lead this weekend. The new Dark Knight movie could turn out to be a flop. OR Yoann could get married. JUST SAYIN.

        • Jayy says:

          OMG :O dark knight a flop and Yoann getting hitched? OR LLORENTE KEEPING THE PEDOSTACHE? I'd lose the will to live *shudders*
          We have to gatecrash Yoanns wedding obvs (but im hoping we'll never have to and he stays a single pringle his whole life) ;)

  6. mata says:

    OMG AVB, don't do it, Inter has even a worse record than Chelsea for sacking managers, you need someplace where they will at least let you unpack your suitcase before giving you the heave-ho!

    P.S. – I hear Tottenham might be looking….

    • gigi says:

      Agree. I'd rather see him with another Prem club than Inter. Even if he's still uber confident in his philosophy, he's already failed the comparison with the Special Once once, why would he put himself through that again? As passionate as the English media guys are, the Italian sports press is downright merciless. Intense as his stare may be, they'll eat him up alive.

  7. Jayy says:

    Poor Abidal, wish him well!
    And wooo AVB is back ;) and shmokinnnnn :P

    • littlegreenpea says:

      Isn't he always? ;)

      • Jayy says:

        With his ginger mane ;)

        • littlegreenpea says:

          I always thought that he and Eva would make a great couple… though I shudder at the thought of Eva being taken.

          • Jayy says:

            EVA CANNOT BE TAKEN – She is only reserved for the best. I need to do some research on her relationship status, hopefully none of the Chelsea ballers make a move on her or they'll have to deal with me and my karate chop.

            • littlegreenpea says:

              I'll bet you have a mean karate chop ;)

              • Jayy says:

                Yup, in fact my karate chop even comes with its own sound effect. Jackie Chan aint got nothin' on me ;)
                :O Llorente is going out with a doctor……and Eva is a doctor…….this is a bit fishy to me.

                • littlegreenpea says:


                  • Jayy says:

                    I just hope this doctor girlfriend sees the light and Gillettes that 'stache off his face.

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      gillette is a verb now too? lol
                      If his girlfriend is a doctor, she's most likely smart enough to notice the ugliness that landed on his face.

  8. Gladys says:

    I'm going to refrain from going off on the disgusting purchase of the most expensive apartment in NYC ever (it was all over the papers here) for someone's college kid. World-wide recession indeed…

    and concentrate on what really matters…Abi getting better! All the best to him and his family. Amunt!!!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      My friend is telling jokingly telling me, it might be a great idea to face them in Final, terry or lampard or drogba could end up scoring an OG because they love so much that we would end up winning Final, making Jose job done and coming back to Chelsea, imagine jajaja

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        sorry wrong reply sorry!

        • Gladys says:

          No problem! :) (Dols' comment about the fight over Mou is pretty funny.) Also, how about the Europa results? Athletic, Valencia, and Atletico all through!!! Viva La Liga!

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            All didn't draw each other either, yaay!! No Spainsh team in quarter final of any competition, am loving it, Schalke drawing Athletic Raul back in Spain is interesting though

  9. IrishBlue says:

    Best wishes to Abidal, hope to see him make a speedy recovery!

  10. AC_USA says:

    I really hope Abidal is gping to be ok! Its hard and no one should be going through something like that!! Stay strong Abidal-Barca fans will always be with you and praying for you!!

  11. Lorena_yGp says:

    mucho ANIMO ABIDAL!!! :-) ))) Ohh and Barca vs Milan!!!??? Really? but hey, it will be a hell of a match ;-)