August 12th, 2011

Good Week/Bad Week: Hargo & Aggro

Image Source: Me-Me-Me.TV.

In a week that started badly, got worse and then took a surprisingly amusing turn, please enjoy our highlights with a side of cheesy fries. Yum!


He Gets All The Boys: Steven Gerrard’s groin might be having a rough time of it lately, but it’s indisposition hasn’t prevented members of British gay dating website Gaydar voting Stevie the hottest player in the EPL. Unsurprisingly, Fernando Torres came a close second, while Peter Crouch surprised everyone by getting 2% of the vote. Like, really? Whothehell voted for Peter Crouch, guys?

Comin’ & G’Owen: After confounding the world with his ‘Come Get Me’ youtube vid, it seems that Owen Hargreaves is going to get the last laugh after all. EPL club West Bromwich Albion have reportedly offered the former Manchester United player a deal, although as yet he has not indicated whether he is prepared to accept it. We hope so. It’s been too long since this has been available for our perusal.


Handbags At Dawn: It appears that Landon Donovan has taken his ball home and will not be bringing it back for any neighbourhood pickup games in the near future. He has taken umbrage at being left out of Jozy Altidore’s BFF list on Twitter, responding in a most hand-baggy way to the love-in tweet. All together now… wooooooooooh!

Tool Academy: Columbia NT coach¬†Hernan Dario Gomez was forced to resign this week after allegedly punching a woman who criticised his coaching skills outside a bar. After discussing the matter at length in the office, we have decided that a more appropriate punishment would be ten minutes with the Kellys in the Kickette ‘Mayhem & Fruit Beverages Suite’, but hey, what can you do?

Make It Stop!!!!: The ‘Fab’Si Wantaway Saga’ at Arsenal has yet to resolve itself, meaning that the EPL season will, in all likelihood, begin with the players still on the roster. Both Samir Nasri & Cesc Fabregas have been left out of the Adorkables squad to face Newcastle United on Saturday, indicating deals with Manchester City and Barcelona respectively have not been concluded. Not to worry though. We’re sure it won’t affect the Arsenal players’ heads in any way. Gulp.

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15 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: Hargo & Aggro”

  1. earidurt says:

    why does gerard butler's 6 pack look like that? it looks curdled or like something that's going bad. WTF?

  2. 1140 says:

    Why kickette, why??? ColUmbia is NOT a country! It is COLOMBIA. I know this place isn't exactly top class journalism, but get it right please.

  3. Lucy says:

    Shirtless Gerard Buttler is much better than all the rubish around Fabregas

  4. Tony says:

    Sergz and Sophie: It seems that you don't fully understand how the business works. Signing a long-term contract makes the player a more valuable asset to the club. It could easily be that Cesc signed for five years because the club wanted it, and that he was compensated by a signing fee and/or higher wages. Likewise, had Nasri been willing to sign an extension, his value as an asset of the club would have shot up. Arsenal do not have to sell Fabregas, but the 35 million pounds being talked about is in part a function of the time left on his contract.

    • Sergz says:

      I understand how the business works and I get that the extended contract would have given him higher wages. This just shows that Fabregas was thinking with his wallet instead of his brain. It was as if he wanted to have the cookie and eat it too – getting more money and then spitting on the contract.

      I'm just twenty but I wish that the football players could be like they were in the Eighties or something…

  5. IrishBlue says:

    Gerarddddddd Butttttlllllerrrrrrrrrrrrrr………………nom

  6. Sergz says:

    I hope Fabregas leaves Arsenal as soon as possible. I cannot think of a worse captain than him, because who would behave like him if they had the captain's armband? Saying he wants to leave, signs a new 5-year deal, then says that he wants to leave again a few months later. Seriously?

    I hope he'll have a great time on the bench, cause Xavi and Thiago are way better than him (according to me at least). I'm also hoping for some karma to come Barcelona's way, cause the way they've acted is not that admirable to say the least…

    • Sophie says:

      Couldn't agree more! I find it so appalling that he would sign a long term contract and then publicly declare he wants to leave. No man who declares his desire to play for another team is a fit Arsenal captain.

      I can't even find him attractive anymore! Definitely no longer in my personal F5 :(

    • Sergz says:

      Just adding that i'm not an Arsenal supporter. I just like it when people have morals.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      The only good thing is: no more I want cesc in barcelone statements from Xavi :/! I really believe this must be the worse transfer saga it should goes down in history as such.

      • xoWinnie says:

        honestly…that man has no class, no sense of professionalism, and a huge ego to boot!
        it's actually appalling. you'd think someone his age and with that much experience would know better.

      • Felicia says:

        ……no. worst transfer saga goes to Torres…

    • Adri says:

      What would you rather? have him be a hypocrite and act like he doesn't want to go back to Barca? He has ALWAYS been honest about his feelings, why would he have to sugarcoat anything now?…
      I AM a gunner, and I'm not going to diss a man we owe all that he has donde to help Arsenal accomplish what it has accomplished in all these years, we just simply would not have done it without him, period.
      you'd think he would have been captain for so long if Arsene didn't think he was capable of that? honestly more than offending Fabregas, you're calling Arsene and arsenal overall incompetent and deficient, because according to you they chose someone who isn't fit nor professional as captain for almost a decade.
      Of course I am going to be hurt and shaken and disappointed by not having him anymore, all Arsenal fans are, some will disagree with his team choice, resent him, feel betrayed, whatever, you name it, but we sure as hell cannot bitch about him as a player, because he was loyal and stayed for so long at this team and gave it his soul and his everything, we HAVE to acknowledge that just as he has always acknowledge his love and gratitude to Arsenal.
      Its just incredible that people are giving Cesc so much more sh-t than they ever gave Torres, it just goes to say A LOT about double standards, especially seeing that Torres is a traitor and a coward, and is resented by liverpool fans and players, but Fabregas is not, he will be saluted and remembered lie Afellay is by Ajax fans. His performance in Barca is just none of my business really, he is a professional and so are Barca executives, and none of us are, so my guess is that they know why they would need him.

      • xoWinnie says:

        …no…but he didn't exactly do that did he?
        i mean there isn't really any bigger contradiction than signing a longer contract is there?
        could he not have told his loudmouth friends (Xavi, Pique, and the lot of them)
        to stop badmouthing our team in the press? that's disrespectful to fans,
        his teammates, and especially Wenger, who has always supported and stood by him.
        he's captain and they're his friends. he should have said something, but did he?
        of course not. then, to add insult to injury,
        when it came time to give his opinion on the situation at the club
        he was all no hold barred and "candid" *rolls eyes*
        did he really have to call Arsene's tactics out in that press conference?
        i mean–REALLY!?! what, they don't talk so he has to criticize him in public,
        just so the world can see how unstable the relationship in the club are?
        he was NOT always loyal; he pretty much gave up less than halfway into the season.
        you could tell when he played he was no longer dedicated to us.
        you could tell he was gleefully awaiting his summer transfer deal.
        as a Gunner, that is beyond disappointing to me.
        and ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? the stuff being said about Cesc is WAY MORE tame
        than the sh1t people gave Torres! compare the posts! Fernando's transfer post
        had HOW many more comments?

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      I agree with you so much!
      he is so "pecho frío" (cold chest to mean cold-hearted)