September 2nd, 2011

Good Week/Bad Week: In N’ Out

Are there any other Kickettes (besides us) out there who will be partaking in Friday’s ritual end-of-week drinking this evening under the disguise of a light dinner?

If so: you rock.

Until Monday everyone!


Dance Solo: USWNT goalkeeper, Hope Sol0, will be appearing in the latest series of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, it was revealed this week. She will be partnered with the show’s resident hottie, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who, by the by, refers to himself as ‘sex on a stick’. According to HoSo, Maks will be doing most of the work this season since she has ‘no dancing ability’.

PS – Hope will be one of the nude athletes featured in the next edition of ESPN The Body Issue.

Blondie’s Back: Amazeballs news for fans of Bolton Wanderers’ resident bucket of cute, Stuey Holden. The blond bombshell made it through eighty minutes of a reserves game against Fulham, which means we might be seeing him back in the EPL soon. Super, man!

Persona? Non Starter: The latest celebrity bodies to festoon themselves in Victoria Beckham’s creativity are Kim Kardashian, who wore a VB gown to a party in New York, and Kate Winslet, who slipped into a cream VB concoction for the Venice Film Festival. With New York Fashion Week kicking off next week, we expect to see more big thangs from the new mother and designer.



Ricardo Carvalho seemed okay at training on Wednesday. Maybe he should’ve asked permission before handling Fabio Coentrao though? It’s alright, we’re sure CR hasn’t noticed… Images: REUTERS/Jose Manuel Ribeiro/Daylife, Kckrs.

Over & Out: Riccardo Carvalho has quit the Portuguese NT after ‘being made to feel unnecessary, disrespected and having his dignity wounded’. As we can’t surmise what heinous crime was actually committed, we defer to Portugal manager Paulo Bento’s statement: the team would ‘move on’. Which presumably isn’t quite the wailing and gnashing of teeth response Carvalho was hoping for.

Busted Bambi: Mesut ‘Bambi’ Ozil is not the dude you want on your team if you get caught doing something naughty. Unlikely, we know, but still. In response to criticism that followed his being photographed with cigarette in hand while on holiday, Mesut went with the old ‘it was a bet, I don’t really smoke’ excuse. Yes, and that’s water in that bottle on our Editor’s desk, not vodka. M’kay?

Water For Boys: A pool company has claimed it will confiscate some of Inter Milan’s ‘assets’ if the club does not settle an outstanding bill for the installation of some hot-tubs. Apparently, Inter owe CEMI eighty-five thousand Euros for provision and installation of the tubs at the club training centre, a sum that could quite easily be covered by the loan of Wesley Sneijder for a couple of days. If you hear we’ve gone into the hot tub business, Kickettes, you now know why.

Got plans for the (long) weekend, people? Why not share?

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19 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: In N’ Out”

  1. hmm says:

    What? Since when was "smoking" a punishment for any bet?


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  4. Luna says:

    Hope Solo is so damn hot. I have a huge crush on her and I'm not even American.

    Actually does anyone else see the resemblance to Ramos? She looks like she could be the a prettier girl version with bright blues.

  5. JA7 says:

    I love hope solo! I think she's phenomenally beautiful!!!

  6. Maribel says:

    Gawd, I just have to say how adorable CR looks in that picture. And I love Maks and Hope and will be voting for them every week on DWTS.

  7. vp85 says:

    Hope Solo is super hot. Too bad she can't make the finest five list!

    • Emily says:

      Why can't she? She's a baller, and by all accounts of those w/eyes, she is indeed fine. Does Kickette have a gender requirement for the list? If not, then I say Pinoe for #2, and Pinoe's hair as #1 on the finest five!!!

  8. Ava says:

    I love Maks Chmerkovskiy.
    Just sayin'… :P

  9. Agnes Wonka says:

    I think that if Ozil wants to smoke, it's his business. I mean, as a pro footballer he must know what is wrong and right, but in the end it's every baller's decition to do it or not.

    Poor Ricardo Carvalho :(

    • chay says:

      it must have been pretty bad, whatever it is that happened to carvalho to make him just decide last minute to retire from the intl team. i bet someone said something nasty to him. Very uncool.

      re bambi ozil, who cares that he smoked a cig? i knew a marathon runner who used to smoke. who knows why he did it? i doubt it was a bet, but it's a cute attempt on his part to cover his behind :-)

  10. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I am scared, I heard Portugal could ask UEFA to punish Caravlho and he could miss one to three months in the process, we need Ricky! I wish him luck and I dint know what exactly happened, but it seems bad!
    I hope his club teammates will, talk with their national team!

    • DebS says:

      From what little I know about Ricky, it seems that something other than not starting Ricky is what set him off. I just can't see him walking off like that without just because he wasn't starting. idk, maybe his Madrid teammates can talk to him and get it sorted out.

      It also seems odd that the national coach wouldn't start him. Having 4 people on the field that play together daily (or almost daily) at the club level could only help the national team's performance since the national teams really don't get a lot of playing time together during the year.

  11. Lisette says:

    Oh, for heaven's sake. Two points:

    Mesut Ozil, for all that he looks like an adorable schoolboy and kind of makes my ovaries hum, is a grown man. If he wants to smoke, that should be fine. It's only someone else's business if and when it affects his performance. Don't most footballers smoke anyway, to keep their weight down?

    Point the second, Mesut needs to grow a pair, admit he smokes and make it clear that everyone else needs to mind their own beeswax. His pathetic excuse for an excuse is really, really pathetic.

    Learn from Wayne Rooney (who I have always thought is incredibly bright) and just put it all out in the open, other peoples' opinions be damned. (Sleep with hookers? Just let everyone else have their fun and get on with it. Get a hair transplant and put the results on Twitter. Everyone will have moved on in a little while.)

    • kel says:

      I've never heard of smoking to keep their weight down. Surely exercise and a healthy diet works better than smoking. Also smoking would lessen their lung capacity surely , which is problematic when running around for 90 minutes.

      I don't think sleeping with hookers while your wife is pregnant is on the same level as a hair transplant.

      • Gladys says:

        I agree. I'm pretty sure if you run that much and train several times a week (plus you're in your 20's), you're not going to have a weight problem. God only knows how many calories they burn on the pitch. On the other hand, what European doesn't like the occasional cigarette while relaxing on vacation? I just hope, for his health, he's not sneaking 10 a day in the Bernebeu bathrooms.

        • Gladys says:

          BTW…sorry to stereotype. I realize lots of Europeans finds smoking to be a nasty habit. But it just seems more acceptable in certain countries to have a casual cigarette every so often.

      • Lisette says:

        I'm not trying to compare the two actions by Rooney. I'm trying to make the point that admitting something and getting on with your life is a very effective way to minimise the effect that gossip can have.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I think tou are overreacting a bit, here! Maybe just maybe, it was a bet and if he smoked, I don't think it is such nice thing to say he does, it is a bad habit, regardless it is good that he is saying he is not doing it, I see nothing wrong with it!
      Alot of players smoke, I remember pictures of Raul smoking shisha or hookah when he was on vacation, when he is vacation he is allowed to do it, as long as it doesn't turn into a habit and I am pretty sure Mourinho will kill him if he knows he is doing something to effect his health. I really believe his body and estima has improved alot since he joined Madrid too, so it seems to be unlikely.