August 5th, 2011

Good Week/Bad Week: It Ain’t Over ‘Til There’s Odour

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Hmm. Old Spice commercials are becoming rather popular at the mo, aren’t they? Here’s Is Chivas USA midfielder Michael Lahoud having his turn. First spotted by our mates over at KCKRS.

Warning. This post contains references to malodorous marriage proposals, farcical fishing frolics and an alarming amount of alliteration.

Nothing new there, then.


The End Is Nigh: Sick of the Cescy-saga? Yes, so are we. But while there has been little news on the Arsenal midfielder’s proposed move to Barcelona in recent weeks, the irritating stalemate between the two clubs will have to end if Cesc is selected to play in the Gunners’ squad in their upcoming Champions League qualifier vs. Udinese. His inclusion would disqailify him from appearing for Barca in the competition, thus forcing the issue. Praise be, eh? He might even get a haircut.

Cash Converter: If your faith in football is continually knocked by players spending vast amounts of cash on eccentric fripperies, take heart for a moment. Wigan Athletic players have donated £1million from their EPL bonuses to a local charity that supports art, music and sports activities for kids. That figure would be impressive if it came from one of the ‘elite’ European clubs. For a club whose annual salary bill is probably dwarfed by Cristiano’s outlay on tanning, it’s ruddy awesome.

Cheeky Boy Makes Good: Congratulations to ex-Macclesfield Town midfielder Max Lonsdale, who’s initiative and blatant cheek in the face of his release from the League Two club has earned him the eye of Sir Alex Ferguson. Maxie managed to get a DVD of his performances into The Hairdryer’s hands and the Manchester United boss was so impressed he gave him a start in a couple of reserve games. We can feel one of those ‘rags to riches’ tabloid fables coming on, can’t you?


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Clone Conundrum: Using lookalikes of famous rivals to shill shirts in your club store is cool. Especially when you’re not afraid to poke a little fun at them into the bargain. But while we can live with the Kaka clone in Corinthians’ latest advert for their club shop (above), we could’ve survived without sight of Neymar’s terrifying twin. He’s even more alarming than the original.

Maserati Ming: It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Mario Balotelli, but you’ll be pleased to learn his increasingly prank-a-licious existence is continuing apace. This week, Mario got back from Manchester City’s pre-season tour of the US, only to discover his team-’mates’ had left a bag of kippers in the back of his car. Two weeks, they were away. Uh oh.

Foul Play: Alex Morgan’s reward for being an all-round footballing superstar hottie is apparantly to spend the rest of her career fending off marriage proposals from every third person she encounters. The pastime has become so pervasive that even Old Spice have got in on the act; their latest viral campaign involves old school ‘hunk’ Fabio and current contract shiller Isaiah Mustafa facing off via video link for the honour of Alex’s hand. Lucky girl.

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8 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: It Ain’t Over ‘Til There’s Odour”

  1. Agnes Wonka says:

    ok this is just another summer which Cesc failed to accomplish his childhood dream.
    I want him to stay in Arsenal, but I'm sorry for him, he has such bad luck!

  2. linvinnaar says:

    Do these *clones* earn as much as the real ones? I mean…. omigod they look so alike!

  3. kaya says:

    some of the marketing stuff coming from the MLS teams is just awesome. This latest Old Spice inspired ad is just genius, love it!
    As for Barlotelli, he deserves a more rotten carcass than that…

  4. Gladys says:

    I love Chivas USA– they're always at the bottom but they are my favorite MLS team. Anyway it takes for them to sell tickets is fine with me, especially since they don't have the superstar pull that the Galaxy has.

  5. A to L says:

    Well here's something, the shaykweight knows how to clean up after herself. No, wait sorry I mean her adorable dog Caesar.…

    • Gladys says:

      And thank heavens she doesn't have one of those irritating little white dogs in a bag. It looks like a real pooch that runs, barks, catches things. I gotta hand it to her– not what I would have predicted.

  6. Rachael says:

    Good on you Wigan Athletic and Roberto Martinez is probably the most dignified EPL manager I have ever seen even under pressure hope they have a good season.

  7. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Kaka clone is so freaky! I was this close to believe it's him.