July 6th, 2012

Good Week/Bad Week: May Contain Nuts

Image: Thames TV.


TV Enthusiasts: Our mates at KCKRS availed us of the news that Peter Crouch is getting his own talkshow, called, hilariously, On The Couch With Peter Crouch. You might think this is terrible, but we’re addicted to the new series of Geordie Shore. By contrast, Crouch is the footballing equivalent of Larry King.

Also, who watched last night’s premiere of the new ITV1 reality comp, Let’s Get Gold? Starring Freddie Flintoff (cricket bloke), Una Healy (The Saturdays; WAG of rugby chap Ben Foden), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United footballer, obvi) and Martine McCutcheon (who has no great sporting link as far as we can tell), we’re positive none of us missed much.

Rock n’ Goal: Following on from yesterday’s amazeballs kit news post, we bring you these photos from Umbro as part of yesterday’s Manchester City kit launch. Let lovers of moody rock and rock hard abs collide. Heavily.

Technological Evolutions: England fans can take heart that they will never have to seek counselling for a flumping Frankie again, after FIFA confirmed that goal line technology will be introduced - possibly as early as 2014. They haven’t mentioned whether or not the patented Kickette ShortsCam will be rolled out simultaneously, but we remain optimistic.



Totti is knackered, apparently. Image: FameFlynet Pictures.

Regime Change: Francesco Totti confessed that he was struggling to keep up with his team-mates during pre-season training last week. The 35-year-old asked media,  ”How many laps are left?”  as he huffed his way past them at Roma’s training ground. ”I don’t know if I can bear another three!” Perhaps he should be restricted to horizontal work outs for the time being? Okay, perhaps not. Yet.

Breno’s Cell Mate: Former Bayern Munich defender Breno has been found guilty of torching his own house and sentenced to three years and nine months in prison. Prosecutor Nikolaus Lanz described the player as “delinquent”, which seems a reasonable assertion under the circumstances.

Love Bites: Let’s get one thing straight. We reserved the right to bite any player we damn well please, because that’s the way we show our love round here. This does not mean that players can do it to each other, like Corinthian’s Emerson Sheik did to Matias Caruzzo in the Copa Libertadores final. It’s nasty and we’re fairly sure there are all kinds of hygiene issues involved.

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15 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: May Contain Nuts”

  1. iHub Storage says:

    The reason I have a lot of bad week similar to the article here is because my football team doesn't seem to get a win whenever I am watching. Is it possible that I could have jinxed them? I have been a long time fan but it's disappointing that they haven't signed my apparel yet up to this point.

  2. Emas Pte Ltd says:

    Francesco Totti is spending too much of his time just slacking off and that is why I think he is not able to keep up with his teammates. He should focus more on his training and get back into shape. The team will have to come up with a better replacement if his stats don't improve.

  3. The only thing that can give me a bad week is my favorite football team fails to win whenever it matters. I wonder if there is something their coach can do to make improvements. I hope this time they change their strategy.

  4. I always have a good week whenever I watch "Let's Get Gold". It gives me the inspiration I need to work hard and be successful in my endeavors. What gives me a bad week is whenever my favorite football team loses to an lower-ranked team.

  5. I was tuning in to the show the other day and there was a player from the soccer league that was arrested due to alleged drug abuse. Do you have any idea who that player may be? I hope this is just a rumor or gossip.

  6. During summer season, my university clubs will be closed and I won't be able to live in a dorm during that period either. Are there any other places to meet and make friends?

  7. Looks like they all are relaxing in the summer season. I would definitely like to attend the play they are going to do in the next month.

  8. The news about Breno is quite disheartening. I have been a fan of this player ever since he started and I was hoping that he would overcome the adversities. I guess he just has to face the consequences of his actions.

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  13. daze says:

    Peter Crouch is the name of the football player, who plays for the club stock city.

  14. ubud villas says:

    It must have been the worst moment for Breno to get punished for torching his own house.

  15. Catie2838 says:

    On The Couch With Peter Crouch… I don't even know what to do with that information.