September 9th, 2009

Good Week/Bad Week: Recoveries, Reimbursement, Rows

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Daytime Television

David Beckham showed some trendy pants + skin on the Ellen Degeneres/Guti show reminding people to always check the info guide before setting the DVR.

Icy Hot

Sergio Ramos’s tendinitis has been cured and he’s fit to return to action starting this weekend. Thank you e-cards can be sent to the staff of El Ray 2000 for their unwavering commitment to nursing Sergio’s ligaments.

Event Planners

The date’s been set for the Crouch-Clancy nuptials next year. Starting now, companies in and around London will be throwing ‘bows to get to the front of the “I’m want to orchestrate your OTT wedding and charge ridiculously outlandish rates” line. Patience is never a virtue but cash/credit/hefty payment plans just may be.

Yolanthe’s Publicist

First her man inks his arm in a cartoon figures that eerily resembles her, then she’s voted the sexiest Dutch female by FHM readers. Oh lest we forget the opportunist that is Yolanthe was papped consoling her man after his international injury. She’s 3-for-3 in the Dutch national news headlines and it’s time her publicist collects her overtime compensation.


Australia’s Scott Chipperfield

We hope Korea’s Mysterio-imposter eventually let loose.



Either she doesn’t own one or the one on the wall strongly dislikes her because somebody let Claudine Keane show up to Ireland’s Electric Picnic in this poorly coordinated ensemble.

Portuguese NT

Aside from the fact that the squad is at risk of watching next summer’s World Cup on 90-inch poolside plasmas, Simao’s wife is adding insult to injury by claiming there is a pay-for-play campaign orchestrated by – who else, Ronaldo – to force her husband out of the team. Can’t they all just get along?

Warm Weather

Yep, summer’s pretty much over. Bring on the cashmere scarves and thermostat-controlled snow boots. Not. Which Speedo-sporting ‘baller on vacay are you gonna miss the most?

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4 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: Recoveries, Reimbursement, Rows”

  1. kate says:

    um, thats not scott chipperfield. its nicky carle

  2. That should be the punishment for wearing base layers. Take note, Frankie. Wear shorts again and we're sending the masked man after you.

  3. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    That's one weird tattoo… but I am enjoying the Beckham on Ellen vid. For the fourth time.

  4. Merel says:

    That tattoo is too weird. And I still find it strange Yolanthe acutally beat Doutzen Kroes for FHM sexiest..