April 15th, 2011

Good Week/Bad Week: Specs Appeal

Image Credit: John Richmond Eyewear. Image Source: Carmenitaola.com.


Home Schooling: Samuel Eto’o dons tortoise shell glasses and looks… well, let’s just say there’s a reason he’s in the ‘Good Week’ section of this post. The Kickette staff will be sent to bed without any cocktails tonight though, as we failed to include him in our amazing ‘Players As Pupils’ post. A+++ for Eto’o, E- for us, darn it.

Normal Baby Names: Antonio Cassano became a daddy this week to a healthy baby boy named Christopher; Kaká & Caroline have settled on calling their daughter-to-be-in-no-time Isabella (which means ‘god’s promise’) Hurrah!

Sticking Around: Some much needed good news for Arsenal fans, as Jack Wilshere confirms he will not be leaving his Adorkable friends for a lucrative deal at Manchester City. He made the announcement via Twitter (natch), accompanied by a pic of himself kissing the Gunners’ badge.


Owen Hargreaves, fully fit in a United kit. Something of a collector’s item, sadly. Getty Images/Zimbio.

Boo Boo, Bye Bye: Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that Owen Hargreaves is unlikely play for Manchester United for the rest of the season, prompting speculation that the club may not renew his contract. Owen, whose injury problems have been an issue since he signed for United in 2007, is currently sidelined with a shoulder injury.

Over & Out: Rumours abound that despite publicly backing Heurelho Gomes after his blunder in the game against Real Madrid on Wednesday, Spurs manager Harry Redknapp is looking for a replacement goalkeeper.

Monotone Moans: The kidlings at Sunderland’s academy are being issued with black footie boots (sans blades) to prevent them from experimenting with the exotic variety of colours sported by elite players. First team manager Steve Bruce has claimed the younger players should ‘earn the right’ to wear flashier footwear. As long as the boots still have studs on them, we’ll be happy.

Lastly, our thoughts & prayers go out to Didier Drogba’s family in the Ivory Coast.


Was this a successful week for you, gang?

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21 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: Specs Appeal”

  1. jollyroger says:

    HOW DO YOU DO… specs

    Help him! The Bionic Man needs his micro fibre lens cloth or he will almost certainly not see the impending incoming Global Holocaust! What? It was just a fat fly and a bit of gravy. Well good job you incinerated it and saved us from that erm fly, cheers, in future Bionic Man can we just call you man…

  2. Mya says:

    Oh my – Eto'o looks yummy!

  3. Mony says:

    Hope Drogba's family will be alright and the war will soon be over.

    Eto'o looking hot in the glasses

  4. Mariana_Isabella says:

    I don't think that's a real tattoo… the frames are from a brand called 'John Richmond Eyewear' and at the very center of the photoshopped tatt, there's a JR… so it's just part of the ad to add a tatt with the brand's logo & initials on Eto'o's neck. am I the only one who noticed?… :p

  5. jen says:

    so sad for owen hargreaves. it's amazing how no matter how hard he tries, his body never complies. :(

  6. FloraJane says:

    Thanks, Kickette, for mentioning Didier Drogba and the situation with his family. My heart goes out to them all.

    Also, I like Steve Bruce's idea with the boots. And Hot Men + Cool Glasses = WIN!!!

  7. Alik says:

    wow..Eto'o looks gorgeous!

  8. TariGirl.x.ManUtd says:

    Didnt Know Eto'o had a Tatt. ?

  9. ToysForBots says:

    I hope everyone in Drogba's family is okay. I can't imagine how he must have felt after hearing the news. Also, with this happening the same week as Chelsea being knocked out of the CL, he must really be having a rough week.

  10. Agnes Wonka says:

    Owen hargraves has such bad luck! i can't belive it :S

  11. WAG2BE says:

    Samuel Eto'o = SUPER SEXY = ) had to say it just had too

  12. JA7 says:

    Good, i dont want jack goin anywhere..apparently der are rumours that marseille want chamakh :( </3 my prayers go out to u Drogba n ur family!

  13. mochara says:

    Eto'o looks so cute! I though he was B.O.B for a sec when I saw this pic :)
    There were rumours Jack was leaving Arsenal for the M.C? I must be living under a shell…… but yay he's not!

  14. rubyqueen says:

    can i please adopt jack and become his mummy.:)

  15. ayayay says:

    i think kaka and caroline are sooooo adorable!!!!!!
    great couple!!!!!

    yesterday i got reallly confused: cause last week kickette posted an article which said that Özil is single but on the cover of Marca they compared the girlfriends of a few barca and real players
    they showed aida yespica as the girlfriend of Mesut and lara alvez as the gf of Sergio Ramos
    there is also a video on marca.com
    or http://www.sporxtv.com/futbol/ispanya/en-guzel-el…

    however a week ago i heard rumours about aida yes-( i'm a bitch)- pica being together with a famous RICH italian man
    I HATE THIS WOMAN!!!!….not classy at allllllll

    kickette pleeeaaase clearify it …. i trust in you :D

    • ayayay says:

      okeeeyyy!!!! mesut thing is clear!!!!
      aida admitted that she is with this italian man (phillip plein …or whatever)
      thank god he is not with THIS WOMAN!!!!! CAN´T STAND HER!!!!!

  16. @mezz98 says:

    Sammy – such a handsome guy.

  17. Eto'o is beautiful.
    The news about Drogba's family is very unfortunate. Much love and prayers to them.

  18. Gladys says:

    Eto'o's looking all Beatnik hot in those glasses! I love his hair, too.

    On a more serious note, that's terrible news about Didier's family. I hope everyone's OK.

  19. Kat says:

    I can't wait for little Isabella's arrival. And her destined playdates with Jon Alonso.

    That's sad, sad news about the Drogba family. I hope everyone is safe and remains so.

  20. IrishBlue says:

    Awh poor Owen, he must feel pretty crap watching the matches he cannot be involved in, week in week out.

    It's nice to see Jack having loyalty for his club, a move to City would be purely for the money. (I don't think that a swap from Arsenal to City is a career-furthering one!)

    Ok so I have to say that cos of the Nando/Chelsea sitiu…… I know that the footballing world is a business and ya gotta do what ya gotta do to further your career and was obviously pleased to see Torres come to us but seeing the loyalty players like J.T., Lamps and Gerrard have to their clubs means a lot to their fans. (I do still love you Nando!)

    As for Drogba, the world can be an evil place sometimes and there are some people out there who live to do no good.