February 10th, 2012

Good Week/Bad Week: Suncream & Squealing

Aww, look at him in his little hat! And Archie too! Image via Jack’s Twitter.

Some serious football fixtures demand our attention this weekend, Kickettes. Before settling down at the foot of our nacho mountain to watch the manhose unfold, we prepared this little round-up of the stuff that occurred in between our unscheduled naps.


Diapers in Dubai: Our cute radar went into spasm when we saw this pic (top) of Archie Wilshere on a trip to Dubai with his mum and dad. But are they back together for keeps or just conducting parental duties in an admirably grown up, swim suited manner? Anyone?

Jumpy Claps For Xavi: Watching 2011 Female Ballon d’Or winner Homare Sawa have an epic ‘fan girl’ moment while meeting Xavi makes us feel marginally better about the times we’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of our idols. Don’t worry, Homare, at least you kept your clothes on and remembered not to dribble.

Shiny Things: Nothing says “I love you” like an extremely expensive supercar, so it should come as no surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo has splashed out on a Lamborghini Aventador to celebrate his recent birthday. To us, it looks like a Batmobile with extremely limited space for shopping bags but hey, boys will be boys. You think he’ll be customising it, like he did the last one?



Bendy says… Doh! Image: REUTERS/Eddie Keogh.

Kickers: After an evening of tomfoolery that allegedly left several parked cars damaged in Newcastle city centre, Sunderland players Nicklas Bendtner and Lee Cattermole have been charged with criminal damage. Reports at the time of the incident, which occurred hours after Martin O’Neill had been presented as their new manager, claimed the pair had been filmed on CCTV “kicking wing mirrors.” We’re sure Martin, a notorious disciplinarian, will be thrilled.

Turned Away: Houston Dynamo’s Tyler Deric and Warren Creavalle were arrested last Saturday night after an altercation with an off-duty police officer at the Roosevelt Lounge. The players, who both face charges, are claiming that the incident kicked off due to the officer, who was working door security, wouldn’t let their party into the club because “some (members) were African-American“.

Power Struggle Turns Sour: In scenes of petulance reminiscent of a Kickette editorial meeting, the entire board of Ajax have resigned after a court motion blocking the appointment of Louis van Gaal as CEO. The confusing part? The court action was taken by board member Johann Cruyff, who also resigned. It’s too much for our tiny brains too take in, unfortunately. But we think it’s bad news.


Where will you be watching this weekend’s action, peeps? Do tell.

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15 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: Suncream & Squealing”

  1. xbabyshakesx says:

    Archie + Daddy are soo adorable!

  2. xbabyshakesx says:

    OH Nicky! That's why Wenger gave you away >_<

  3. xbabyshakesx says:

    WOW Nicky! I think that’s why Wenger got rid of him >_<

  4. bri_saldana says:

    Well done Kickette. I've been going a lil hormonal with all the Louie Suarez/LFC goings on. Jack & that precious lil angel is just what I needed. *sigh Jack's really not one that I lust over but this pic is cheeks on top of cheeks.

  5. Alone- Brazil says:

    I wanna go to Dubai! there gorgeous! Good weekend to all!

  6. lina says:

    wow lauren got hugee feet, bubba also but jack and archie is so adorable!

  7. Kristina says:

    I wanna make fart-sounds on Archies cute little bellybutton! How cute can you get? And Jack is so young.

    And that video of Homare and Xavi is priceless! He looks a bit confused when she starts screaming and jumping, doesn't he? Hilarious!

  8. Maran says:

    Archie is so sweet it hurts. I'm melting.

    lol Homare, where did that dignified and composed woman in a kimono from the Balon dór gala go? Yes, Xavi is a superstar, but so are you girl. I'm not blaming you though.

    And Nicky B still proving he's trash.

    • Kristina says:

      Amen to the Bendtner comment! Totally devoid of class.

    • Emily says:

      Yeah, I understand why Sawa would react that way (and the 2 nanoseconds of Xavi speaking English were H-0-T), but really, she's pretty amazing and accomplished in her own right.

      One thing I didn't like though, was from the fcb website and youtube, I saw that Sawa's team and FCB femenina were lined up in a pasillo to greet the boys as they came in to their practice. I mean, if they're all professionals in the same field, why can't they just come in and say hey w/out some big deal honoring the boys? If anything, since INAC Kobe were the guests, shouldn't everyone else have lined up for them???

      Anyway, sorry about the little rant.

    • Amrit says:

      Archie's undoubtedly adorable.. Makes you want to pinch his cheeks and coo at him (or maybe have him coo at you).. Just seeing him with his daddy makes a girl's heart beat… 'Nuff said :)

      Hearing Xavi speaking English = almost like hearing God speak to you from the high heavens :D I say we petition him to speak more often in english! Totally HOT!! :)

  9. xoWinnie says:

    *whimpers* he is the cutest little thing!
    look at his scrunched up little toesies! *sqeals*

  10. Agnes Wonka says:

    Archi is so adorable <3
    Boys will always be boys…like CR and Nicky B! xD but they stay cool…

  11. Sarah, Madrid says:

    boys and their cars! I wonder if he will be sparing his new AUDI that he get and if so, where can I get it :p?

  12. Jayy says:

    aww bless archie and his lil sun hat! :)