March 9th, 2012

Good Week/Bad Week: We’re Not As Shallow As They Think

Well, obviously we are when it comes to certain things.


Eva. The only person in history to take a ‘duvet’ coat and do something positive with it. Image: talkchelsea.

Your #1 Girlcrush: Being all about the bling is one of the allegations frequently made against us that we can now cheerily refute, thanks to you guys. We’re thrilled to announce that you voted Chelsea FC doc Eva Carneiro your number one girlcrush in our recent poll, despite never having seen her dressed in anything but trackies and a big blue duvet coat. A glammed up Nagore Aramburu came second, with Alex Morgan bringing up the rear. Now, about those accusations of being all about the skin.

Shiny Things: A WAG wearing your product has got to be one of the biggest boosts a fledgling business can hope for, so props to Birmingham based LaLaRocks, who can now count Louise Barry as a fan. Gareth’s missus was pictured wearing a LaLaRocks bracelet at Wayne Rooney’s recent birthday party, and the word is that Joe Hart is also a customer. Nice work, lady!

Employment Opps: Rihanna isn’t the only one considering a career change after being exposed to the football lifestyle.  Actor Adam Deacon’s head was turned when he starred in Danny Donnelly’s soccer based drama ‘Payback Season’, as he proved at the prem when he asked a reporterDo you know how much they are paidI would do it – the money is worth the stress.



Image via twitter.

Busted: Danielle Lloyd has told how a routine breast enlargement turned into a nightmare after her implants exploded. She told Reveal magazine that she ”only had the breast operation because I wanted nicer boobs for my wedding. But now I have none. [I look like] a 12 year old.” Don’t worry, Dan. It’s not the size, it’s what you do with them that counts.

Thrown Out: Ryan Giggs has had a claim for damages against the Sun newspaper thrown out of court. He was suing the paper for breach of privacy after they printed details of his affair with former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas and generated a “media storm“. Mr Justice Tugendhat dismissed the claim, stating he had decided torefuse to grant relief” to Giggs. We have literally had to tie up two of our staffers in order to prevent them from responding to that and getting us sued too.

Nude = Rude: We don’t have a problem with locker room based male nudity. Queen Sofia of Spain appears to actively enjoy it. But our go-to fantasy scenario is not to everyone’s taste, as Asian Football Confederation Match Commissioner Cristina Ramos proved this week. She has filed sexual harassment charges against Philippine Azkals players Angel Guirado and Lexton Moy after she entered the locker room and Guirado presented himself to her in his pants. Um…


Alright, we *may* have over-simplified that last story for comedic effect. Check out Ramos’ account of events and give us your thoughts. Should she expect nothing less from a bunch of pumped up ‘ballers? Or is a little respect the least a match official is entitled too?

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40 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: We’re Not As Shallow As They Think”

  1. shevaughnie says:

    her implants exploded!!! lmfao!! i'm sooo sorry!!!

  2. Jen says:

    She entered the boys locker room…what was she expecting???

    • Anna says:

      So girls should expect to be ogled and have their boobs commented about when they enter a room full of boys?

      • auri says:

        No, of course not! But that's not what happened in this case. Someone posted a link on this thread to an article about the team's side of the story if anyone's interested. It turns out the accused player wasn't talking to the match commissioner.

  3. criss88 says:

    I think it says tons about Eva that she can make that Chelsea gear look good. I really want her life, even if it means spending half of it in blue sweats. Does this mean I have to go to med school now?

  4. Kay20 says:

    Hey now, I believe that's Jermaine Jones you've got up there! Wow on the Tats.

  5. Shai says:

    We live in a world where wanting a new set of 'nicer boobs for my wedding' is so….. normal. That bothers me a bit. I kind of hope she doesn't decide to go and get that new pair anyway as soon as she's feeling okay.

  6. Agnes Wonka says:

    OMG what happened to Danielle Lloyd is terrible. She looks awful in the picture, she may have suffered a lot :S

  7. michelle says:

    I disagree that Cristina Ramos should be considered "bad week". She's a woman in a predominately male field and even if she IS match official, think about it. You're a single woman walking into a huge room of large, physically stronger men who have the ability to completely overpower you. The only thing standing between you and a terrible situation is the illusion of authority that a title (something that can not be touched or used to defend yourself) gives you.

    In this situation, it seems to me that the players are showing they don't respect her authority or her. I mean, I'm all about the skin and hot, shirtless men, but in certain contexts (such as this one) the refusal to put on appropriate clothes isn't just harmless fun. It's a tool being used to show who is dominant. And think about it. If she did decide to use her power and cancel the match, what are the chances she would be put down as some crazy, hormonal woman that didn't get her way and so she want to "ruin everyone's fun"? It's a fundamental issue that feminists have been fighting since before I was born, and while we've made much progress, it's still an underlying problem, especially in Asian countries. (I would know – I'm Asian, female, and I've worked in that setting before.)

    I, personally, think she should be lauded for going through the correct channels of authority to handle the situation. Obviously we still haven't heard from the other side so I'll say no more, but I do think that we kickettes shouldn't just write off this woman just because we might prefer more skin. Keep in mind, this is her job and her professionalism is at stake; I for one, know that I would be unable to take that kind of disrespect lying down.

    • AEM says:

      Take this from the perspective an individual who personally knows some of the people in involved in this matter, including Ms. Cristy Ramos. I think you need to hear the other side of the story first before you start imagining a situation where this lone woman is standing in a room full of hormonal boys so out of control they're all but hanging from the ceiling. It wasn't like that. There was never that component of potential violence, and to imply that as a scenario is terribly unfair to the players involved, who I will assume you've never met. There has never been a looming threat or pattern of abuse as far as Ms. Cristy is involved. If there was, believe me, she would have mentioned it in her complaint or in her interviews. Just as a side note, Ms. Cristy is the daughter of a former President, so the power balance in this case is quite unique.

      Should the AFC still deem Ms. Cristy's complaint actionable, even after they've heard from Moy, Guirado and Younghusband, that may turn out to be the least of the players' problems. In her latest interview, Ms. Cristy has alluded to criminal liability for the boys' actions. I'm sorry but as I find her complaint for sexual harassment, per se, as already questionable, I find it extraordinary that she would think about elevating this case to an actual court of law. Even if we were to go by her complaint alone, which we shouldn't, I don't think any of us would think the players deserve prison for their alleged actions. It is this overkill attitude, combined with her past track record in Philippine sports, that makes me wonder about her motivation for all of this.

      I know you're speaking from experience, but so am I. Please don't automatically assume that your situation is the same as that of Ms. Cristy's. The circumstances may be similar, but I think that in this case, where so much might be at stake for the accused players, it's best not to generalize and turn it into a over-simplified woman-vs-men or woman-vs-establishment scenario.

      • April says:

        Based on what I've read about it thus far, I am a bit confused as to how her job to perform the inspection -where she can walk in at any moment in whatever state of dress the men are in- isn't able to be filed as a counter complaint? I should think there should be some rules about her ability to enter a dressing room full of changing men, as well as any other person that performs these inspections. Maybe there are and I haven't read up on that yet. Sounds more like it was misunderstanding about dressing room talk, but if I walked into a dressing room, I am pretty sure I'd expect to see people in various states of dress and as a female, I'd be particularly careful that my presence wouldn't make the men uncomfortable. I mean, could you imagine if a man walked into a female team's dressing room while they were changing?

        • criss88 says:

          That's a really interesting point, I never even really thought about the idea that she made them uncomfortable too! With what the guys have said so far this all seems to have been a really big misunderstanding but damn, damage is done to the guys' rep and team morale right? If the woman in question is so uncomfortable with visiting the locker room why doesn't she just do the check when the guys exit the locker room from now on? Actually that sounds more efficient to me because by then they'll be in uniform and she can cross ref the numbers on their shirts too.

  8. criss88 says:

    The woman who filed that sexual harassment complaint (she's the controversial sort in Phil sports) is also accusing the boys of breaking the law so I guess she wants jail time for that poor guy who did nothing but stand there in his shorts. I get that she might have felt disrespected but sexual harassment? Fer reals!??! Girl needs to reread the definition of that.She was the match commissioner so she wasn't some little sissy girl getting pushed around by the team, two sentences outta her and that situation coulda been fixed. But she chose to make a media scandal out of it instead.

    The guys are getting skewered on the internet and they haven't even really had the chance to say anything in their defense cause the national team is in Nepal competing in a big tournament. Talk about great timing right?

    • gigi says:

      I'd wait to hear the version of the story as told by Moy and Guirado. A lot of people in Manila seem to be taking Ms. Ramos at her word, and I guess they should because she's an official, but from what I've heard on the DL her account may not be so accurate.

      Even if it was, her description of the incident doesn't really meet the criteria for a criminal sexual harassment case. A few people have pointed out that she was the authority figure in that situation (and the way she's known in the country is that she's not exactly shy about throwing her weight around) so they find it weird for someone who's as powerful and assertive as her to suddenly portray herself as a victim against boys who have no power or leverage to bully her into any situation she doesn't want to be in. To add to the weirdness, she saw the team manager after, exchanged pleasantries and made no mention of the alleged locker room incident.

      She's been telling the media that she could have canceled the match just like that but she didn't because she was being nice. I don't know how filing a surprise sexual harassment complaint after the fact fits into that.

      • criss88 says:

        There's no formal statement yet but some info has started to come out from the guys in Nepal: Sheez, if they really are telling the truth I feel so bad for them.

        • kickerella says:

          So Lexton wasn't even talking to her when he said that B cup thing!?? I was really wondering about that because the one thing Lexton isn't is dumb, quite the opposite in fact. No matter how rowdy they were he would never say something disrespectful, much less that downright stupid, to the match commissioner right before a game! Do people really think he would idiotic enough to jeopardize a match like that? Gawd, talk about a giant misunderstanding.

    • Bats says:

      I think we should wait for the results of the investigation being conducted. This may well be a misunderstanding that hopefully will be cleared up after the investigation. Thanks Kickettes.

  9. Jayy says:

    Oh Eva, marry me. I promise I'll treat you right ;) Does anyone know if she has another half? I wanna know who the lucky &*%!~@ is.
    Anyhoo, woahh whats going on with the Azkals? Sexual harrassment charges? I'm sure Angel has a gf :/ wonder what shes thinking of this.

    • littlegreenpea says:

      I hope she doesn't. :)

      • Jayy says:

        I read somewhere that Eva learns Portugese in her spare time to unwind. Intelligent, sophisticated and cultured as well as gorgeous. Who could ask for more?

        • littlegreenpea says:

          Fernando Llorente as well? :)

          • Jayy says:

            Took the words right out of my mouth.

            • littlegreenpea says:

              we know each other so well lol :)

              • Jayy says:

                Like I said – TWINS lol. I'm watching the Osasuna v Bilbao match and theyve put Llorente on the bench. THE BENCH. I'm actually in shock :(

                • littlegreenpea says:


                  • Jayy says:

                    I KNOW. they tried making up for it by subbing him on by half time but it was too late. Im not happy with a measly 45 mins of the lion king, i need a full 90!

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      I am steaming right now. YOU CAN'T BENCH YOUR GOOD PLAYERS (like chicharito).
                      We are so off topic lol

  10. Nick says:

    There is one racy photo of EC doing its rounds around the interwebs..…

    • April says:

      I don't think that is her. I mean, if it is, it's certainly not recent. The shape of the face and features doesn't quite match up. But I have seen it making some rounds.

      • Jayy says:

        Mate, as someone who regularly gawps at beautiful Eva, I can tell you thats definitely not her. Eva looks hot in anything – including that god awful bubble wrap jacket. I wish we could put her on Finest Five.

        • littlegreenpea says:

          see, that's why we need more than one category for the Finest Five; for those adorable ones like Afellay, the amazingly hot like Olivier and Yoann, the women, the best bodies, and then a whole nother list for the young hot guys with a warning attached. Or we could go by country?

          • Jayy says:

            I agree, I think we should stick to catergories like 'Hot', 'Adorable', 'Gorgeous', 'Best Bod', 'Girl Crushes' etc. We definitely need one for women so we can put beautiful Eva, Nagore and Alex on there.
            If we did it by country, we would have waaayyy too many catergories and it would take ages :P plus we need to have a young ballers list for the likes of Tello, Morata, Lamela!

    • anon says:

      that looks nothing like her…