February 16th, 2009

Good Week/Bad Week: Babies, Bumps and Books


Lampsy and JT comic (which takes a true, special love and makes it super-creepy) exclusively for Kickette by Studs Up


Baby bumps
The newly engaged Fernando Torres took his gal Olalla on a weekend break to Monaco.  There is definitely a little Nando in the oven: Olalla made no attempts to hide her bump. She looks a good four+ months along to us.

Arts & Crafts
Fashionistas/wagabees in the making, we’ve got great news for you: looking like the budget version Alex Gerrard or Victoria Beckham just got easier. Grab a pair of scissors and stop eating any kind of food because information on how to make your own pair of latex leggings has hit the internet.

Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero has made an annoucement that his wife Sonia is pregnant with their second child. They already share a son, Tobias, who was born in October 2007. Congratulations!

Tiny fingernails
Inter Milan’s Cristian Chivu is a father. His wife, Adelina, gave birth to a little girl on the 12th of Feb, and they’ve named her Natalia.  Sweet!

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) has revealed his favourite book is Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.  “I’ve read the story from cover to cover so many times the book has almost fell apart,“ he says.  Stevie also admits he used to love creative writing in school and wrote a brilliant piece about winning the World Cup.

Pato (AC Milan) is back together with his ex-girlfriend Sthef.  (Who we’ve just discovered, spells her name with a “th”. Bad week for fact checking). We wondered what was up last night when we saw him making his patented “heart” goal celebration - looks like they’re giving it another go.



Danielle Lloyd is writing a tell-all book about her life and loves. Her loves, of course, involve dating several gazillion footballers.  Not sure who the book is aimed for: men (who surely don’t want to know the intimate details of Jermain Defoe’s night moves), or women (seeking advice on how to rocket from the D list to the C list and then back again)?

Keeping it classy
They’ve had a tumultuous relationship from the start (got married on Friday the 13th, broke up mere minutes after the wedding, then got back together a few months later), so the final end shouldn’t come as a surprise. Sunderland’s Michael Chopra has been dumped by his wife, Heather, via Facebook. Don’t worry. He got her back by canceling her mobile phone service. Take that, romance.

Speaking of which, if any of our Kickette readers are Facebook members, you might want to have a read of their new terms of service. And then hire a lawyer.

QPR. Service Station. Pizza. Cardiff City and Brighton supporters. Food fight.

When poetry this good is freely available, quite frankly, card shops have got no chance.

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27 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: Babies, Bumps and Books”

  1. catherine torres sans says:

    extremely sad, yet happy for nando at the same time…just wondering hows oalla gonna fit that into a wedding dress? or will they wait untill after the wedding?

  2. Dani.Mrs José says:

    ROFL ! The Torres Baby is going to be cute !

  3. Boston Red says:

    The cartoon is *genius* LOL

  4. carly says:

    Wow, so many babies…small and grown-up ones too…

  5. alessandra says:

    wtf? THAT's stevie's favorite book? i hated that book back in high school sophomore year. congrats to the torres, del piero, and chivu families!! i'm hoping this time the del piero family can welcome a baby girl!:)

  6. Torillas says:

    Just random stuff, I don’t have any “personal feelings” for this guy, but hey? He called his daughter Natalia, almost my name. I’m just Nathalia. Cristian Chivu must be a clever man :D

  7. carly says:

    Wow, so many babies…small and grown-up ones too…

  8. xhanna08x says:

    Haha at Facebook! :) And OMG I cant believe that is Stevie's fave book! :O I'm seriously shocked!. And Congrats on baby Torres but I have to say, she does not look at all 'radiant'. I do like her and the fact she is nothing like all the other WAGS but I really think what shes wearing does nothing for her, even if she is pregnant. I still love them though, just think she could look a bit better.

  9. mrscudicini says:

    Torres Bubba might break the cute-meter!!! (and that Facebook thing, sheesh, I mean, I know EVERYTHING you post on the internet can and may be used against you at any time, but sheesh, seeing it in legal terms is scary…I’d cancel my account, but it is SO already too late- I don’t ACTUALLY mean those things Carlo, HONEST…except, well, that one thing but *cough* really, baby, you can’t blame me….can you?)

  10. Janis says:

    THIS IS SICK! I mean really, why is Ollala dying her hair when it can damage the health of her baby! And babies making babies?! My life is overrr!

  11. HiL says:

    come on girls don't disrespect Stevie! :P

  12. HiL says:

    Congrats to all the new daddies. baby Torres should come out all "freckley" and cute as hell.

  13. Nandia Mrs.The Ramos says:

    I’m sure thats the only book in that household!!

  14. Avenath says:

    So, the baby bump is for real…sigh…i am still coming to terms with it…so much so, i can’t bring myself to make a nasty comment on Ms. Danielle…

  15. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Congrats Fernando and Olalla!I suck at DIY clothing. Jeans-to-skirt turned into jeans-to-scrap fabric.Congrats to Del Perio and Sonia!Congrats to Cristian Chivu and Adelina!On Steven Gerrard liking "Of Mice and Men"… I'm impressed, actually. Its not "The Godfather" like most.On Pato and the heart, hm.On Danielle Lloyd, wow.On Michael Chopra getting dumped on Facebook, wow. Thats low.Facebook's new terms of service make me mad. Seriously. Thats ridiculous.The food fight made me fall over laughing.On the poetry, LOL.

  16. Elise says:

    Kickette, you *know* I love the cartoon! Okay, maybe it's just the idea of that 'true, special love' you mentioned that I so adore because the cartoon itself is kind of creepy! lol I did visit the boys (?) over at Studs Up. They are completely mental!

  17. Raina says:

    Ollala looks further along than 4 months, I wonder when she’s due and when they’ll get married!  Think they’ll sell photo rights so we can see it all??

  18. sophia says:

    “she looks so radiant…“ Sorry, but that

  19. Nandia Mrs.The Ramos says:

    so glad for Alex and Sonia!!

  20. Kleon says:

    Congratulations to Fernando and Olalla, I saw a picture in a amgazine today and she looks more than 4.. i'd say 5 months To Janis: dying your hair doesn't affect pregnancy…

  21. aristeia says:

    OMG THAT COMIC. To quote Rachel Zoe: I die. Nando & Olalla! HOLY PREGNANT BELLY! Love it (I'm sorry Malin, forgive me). I can't wait to see his progeny. Alex & Sonia are preggers too? Yayyy! That man is too beautiful not to procreate multiple times. She's a beauty herself. Congrats to Chivu & family– so many babies, I love it! Stevie is talented in multiple ways. ;) Re: Sthef & Pato– both cute as a button. I hope it works out for them! Re: Facebook… WTF. I didn't know that, oh crap. Thanks for the heads up, Kickette!

  22. TammyV says:

    Stevie G can read? Come on… LIES! Kaka and Caroline's little bundle of disney joy had better watch out… that Nando-Oallal kid is might take its crown as the perfect baller baby

  23. TammyV says:

    Stevie G can read? Come on… LIES! Kaka and Caroline's little bundle of disney joy had better watch out… that Nando-Oallal kid is might take its crown as the perfect baller baby

  24. lose that girl says:

    Nando's gal hasn't even had the sprog yet and I'm already tired of hearing about it. lose that girl blog

  25. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Wow… everyone’s having babies. I suppose it will make for a wealth of cute pictures :D And Stevie… really? That’s an awful book. Pick a better one. And oh dear, that thing about Facebook is pretty terrible. Not that I really put up anything hugely personal on it, but it’s still a little creepy.

  26. GO says:

    Congratulations Nando!I’m sure he’ll have a beautiful baby!:)and be a great dad. Congratulations and best wishes to daddy Cristi Chivu, ok ok I guess you can be forgiven for not showing up with the NT at the international friendly, just don’t do it again ;)

  27. Erin says:

    ROFL! LOVE the cartoon! The eyes are perfection. Can’t wait to see the Torres baby. Awww, Stevie read a book. And wow at Facebook!