April 27th, 2009

Good Week/Bad Week: Creativity, Cash and Chazza



Nicola McLean (wife of Tommy Williams, Peterborough United) went to the Hannah Montana London premiere, bringing a little WAG “glam” to the yellow carpet.  Thierry Henry’s ex-wife Claire Merry brought her Goddaughter, Maisy Belle along for the fun too. For those concerned, there were no casualties reported suffering from eye bleed or brain damage after watching the film.

Pro wrestling
The world’s most realistic sport got a boost of extra star power when Michael Ballack showed up ringside at the ECW event last Tuesday. We would give our right stiletto to see Michael squeeze himself into a spandex leotard with fire painted up one leg, parading around, nipples erect and ready to poke an unsuspecting opponent’s eye out.  Michael’s team mates Ashley Cole and Jon Mikel Obi were also at the WWE event.

Impressive titles
Daniele De Rossi is set to be named as a “Knight of Rome” on May 25th. Francesco Totti already holds this honour and will be present at the ceremony.  They both better be wearing armour and carrying swords or we’ll be seriously disappointed.

Creative expression in print
Rio Ferdinand’s new online lifestyle magazine, #5, made it’s debut last week. 50 Cent got the cover spot, pop singer Duffy, actor Mickey Rourke and buddy Cristiano Ronaldo are all featured inside.  Since we love any and all footballing forays into the magazine realm, we enjoyed flicking through this virtual world of words, pics and video. FYI, Michael Jackson has reached out to Rio to offer an exclusive chat for a future issue.



Fact checkers
Every photo agency with pics from the Hannah Montana event identified Maisy Belle as Tea Henry, Claire’s daughter from her relationship with Thierry Henry. Curious that no one would question a child growing several feet in height over a short span of time, but who are we to criticize? We fact check stories using our Magic 8 ball.

Cash flow
Southampton FC looks set to fold in just eight days. The club went into administration last month with players only getting paid after £140k was raised by fans.  We still can’t believe that Southampton isn’t in the Premier League anymore, let alone at this state of being in the poor house.  Someone write these boys a cheque, please!

Girl group unity
Cheryl Cole has announced she will be pursuing solo projects after the Girls Aloud tour wraps up.  The to-do’s on Chazza’s list? Releasing a solo album and looking foxy.

Jermain Defoe
Finally, in truly terrible news, Tottenham’s Jermain Defoe suffered a huge loss on Friday when his brother, Jade, succumbed to head injuries sustained in a recent attack and died.  Understandably, Jermain missed out on Saturday’s game and is said to be devastated by the news.

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16 Responses to “Good Week/Bad Week: Creativity, Cash and Chazza”

  1. Dani.Mrs José Manuel Reina (PLQ) says:

    Sympathies are with Defoe I CANNOT STAND NICOLA MCLEAN !!!!!

  2. Boston Red says:

    Liz!!!! Ask and you shall recieve! I guess I can check that one off then! LOL God that man does things to me…. :P

  3. lose that girl says:

    How terrible for Jermaine. Such a tragedy.

    If Rio needs any freelance writers, I volunteer!

    lose that girl blog

  4. lose that girl says:

    How terrible for Jermaine. Such a tragedy.

    If Rio needs any freelance writers, I volunteer!

    lose that girl blog

  5. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    "For those concerned, there were no casualties reported suffering from eye bleed or brain damage after watching the film."Funniest. Line. Ever. Officially.
    Oh my God, I’m more shocked about seeing two of Ballack’s kids in the same place. Or his kids period. But he [Michael] does look quite fabulous.
    Congrats, Del Rossi.
    On Ferdinand’s magazine… hm.
    "We fact check stories using our Magic 8 ball."That’s another hilarious line!
    On Southampton, thats a shame, really. Good on the fans, though.
    Cheryl Cole solo project? Hm…
    Rest in peace, Jade Defoe.

  6. Erin says:

    Terrible news for the Defoe family. I hope they are doing ok.Congrats to De Rossi…"Knight of Rome" sounds very hot. ;)

  7. sdh says:

    How terrible for Jermaine. Such a tragedy.

  8. RedHeart says:

    So sad to hear of Jermaine's brother. I extend my sympathies to the family. I am also throwing my hat in for freelance writing positions! Rio, did you hear that? Your United girls are offering their services!

  9. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Totti wearing armour and carrying a sword you say? <img src="http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b328/torstai/Roma/Totti/Picture1.png"&gt; Yeah, I wouldn't mind that again. The Pepsi advert was a good start, but they need to step up the level of epicness. Really. And if they get DDR to do it too? Hoo boy. *is daydreaming about Daniele in armour*

  10. Boston Red says:

    *passes out at the thought of Totti wearing armor and carrying a sword*

  11. Madame Rudy says:

    I saw the ECW stuff before. I had to do a double take to see if that was really Ballack!!

  12. Dreamgirl says:

    First of all my sympathy goes out to Defoe and his family. Those kind of tragedies happen unfortunately all too often.Claire and the little girl are looking lovely.Cheryl dear, maybe it's not a good idea. I adore you but I don't think your singing ability can sustain a solo career.Lastly, Ms Kickette. I don't want to grumble but why are we coevering a story featuring Nicola ????? but not Giggsy's win of the PFA trophy? Please explain

    • sandra says:

      i have never seen claire looking that good. shes very mediocre at best….doesnt have much style (which, for calling herself a "designer" is quite apalling) nor is she some beauty. the orange self tan on her forehead isnt a plus either. the little girl is cute however

  13. Meer. says:

    First of all, my symphaties are with the Defoe family. I’m so sorry to hear things like that happen.

    Second, Rio, love your new online mag, it’s great!

    I could care less about everything else in the article.

  14. ferzie says:

    RIP,Jade Defoe.

  15. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    Nicola’s hair is the most horrible thing I’ve seen in a while… condolences to the Defoe family…