November 25th, 2011

GQ Men Of The Year Photocall: Xabi Alonso & Nagore Aramburu

Nagore has her GQMF. So what the hell are you going to do about it, bish? Huh? Image:

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35 Responses to “GQ Men Of The Year Photocall: Xabi Alonso & Nagore Aramburu”

  1. [...] THIS IS THE LOOK MOST OF THE GUYS WHO GO WITH THE STUBBLE ARE GOING FOR. EXACTLY NONE OF US THEM PULL IT OFF. Xabi, being Xabi, with wife Nagore at some GQ thing where he’s Man of the Year or whatever. // Kickette [...]

  2. Guech Ly Lim says:

    I like her and Xabi but the makeup is terrible. Not sure if it's the lighting and camera.

  3. Zahara says:

    they are so beautiful

  4. Marina_Isabella says:

    Elegant and glamorous! Both of them!

  5. Mimi says:

    they both look so good
    yeah maybe the clothes are shiny but they still good

  6. anon says:

    And it's ARANBURU, with an N.

  7. xoWinnie says:

    look at that lusciously shiny, flouncy hair.

    *sulks in jealousy…

  8. Melaniee. says:

    As much as I love nagore, I find she looks very plastic in this picture….
    But Xabi…… <3

  9. earidurt says:

    holy crap!! they are so stunning it hurts.

  10. gin_in_teacups says:

    Classy couple. They just always seem so perfect.

  11. loly says:

    And of course they have chosen Cristiano Ronaldo as the most not stylish man in Spain ….!

  12. Catie2838 says:

    When are these two not stunning?

  13. kristen says:

    For how well put together they usually are I think they both miss the mark here. That jackets is horrible on him, especially paired with the bow tie. And the dress isn't appealing to me at all. It's too bad you didn't post the pictures of Carlota and Alvaro. They were by far the better dressed couple of the night.

  14. anon says:

    She suits short hair better. This look ages her.
    I don't like the dress either. Looks like something from the middle ages.
    And I can't even begin with that suit.

  15. Lauren_BCN says:

    Her pose reminds me a little bit of a Barbie pose :-) )) and Xabi of course is a perfect Ken :-) ))

  16. Cady says:

    She always cakes herself in makeup.

  17. Venice says:

    She looks like a mannequin in the window of a posh department store.

  18. Miss Lampard says:

    Happy B-day classy man, can I express a desire for your B-day?? I can't keep this secret, 'cause I wish you were still a Liverpool player. Really I don't regret you role in Real Madrid, but when you were a Liverpool player you had something more magic Xabi.

    I have always thought that Nagore was the best woman for you, you are both classy, stylish, with some other quality; you are the perfect couple, and I'm happy 'cause everyone can see that it's the woman that makes you happy!!

  19. Raven says:

    They look good, but isn't that jacket a bit to tight on Xabi?

  20. FootyGirl says:

    They look lovely together.

    Also, who would believe Xabi turned 30 today? The man is just as perfect as ever. Happy Birthday, Xabi!

  21. olli says:

    Why is she holding her clutch bag there?

  22. Anju says:

    They make such an elegant couple, but I always feel she photographs older than her age, no offense. She is beautiful!

    • anon says:

      Nothing to do with the photograph – in real life she looks much older than her age too. I read somewhere she used to chain smoke and I guess that's what it does to your appearance.

    • Jen says:

      I agree. She is beautiful, but always looks so much older. maybe it is the amount of makeup she wears.

  23. I love her defensive posture here – back off ladies.

    The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

  24. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Alonso Happy Birthday to the most elegant classiest ( one of the best) midfielder in world!!

    She looks gorgous, he looks like a million dollar, they look royal! Her dress amazing! Alonso a guy who my guy friends say he is glad he is married, that we them guys can stand a chance in getting girls :P

  25. black widow says:

    she's far too good to be called a WAG.

    the most elegant, stylish, sophisticated couple to grace a pitch!

    • xoWinnie says:

      i don't get when people say that…
      she's the wife of a footballer, therefore she's a WAG.
      she may not be the stereotypical WAG,
      but she still is one.

      • Kristina says:

        I hear you. There seems to be at least two branches of opinions: one that attributes values into the word WAG and one that are more matter of fact. To me it's a matter of fact thing: a woman that have a loving relation with a footballer is a WAG. As such she can be a materialistic gold digger, or she can be the girl next door.

        I admit, my view on things are perhaps a little boring but I want to believe that footballers aren't shallow idiots that can't think or feel for themselves. That said, of course it's fun to gossip about the rich and famous now and then :) .