June 27th, 2012

Gregory Lacombe & Teddy Mezague: If The Shoe Fits…

Images: MHSC Foot.

One of these players has the largest feet on Montpellier. The other, the smallest.

Is it true what they say about a man’s shoe size, Kickettes?

Well, if we were Gregory, we’d sure hope not.

- Shoe size for Gregory Lacombe (above, left): 39

- Shoe size for Teddy Mezague (above, right): 46

Another bit of gossip since we’re on a roll: Montpellier has an employee at the club whose sole responsibility is washing the players’ dirty clothes. Meaning, he touches their underwear. All. The. Time.

This inside info was brought to you by a well placed, severely attractive source from the club. Flirting. It gets us everywhere.

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3 Responses to “Gregory Lacombe & Teddy Mezague: If The Shoe Fits…”

  1. no one can confirm this unless your a girl who slept with different guys every night.. just kiddin!

  2. S4Jill says:

    i can speak from experience and say NO! the shoe size thing has no direct correlation, to my absolute horror!!!

  3. Sweety says:

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