April 3rd, 2012

Hair Raising News: Fernando Torres Tops Up His Butter Blond Manlights, Adds Bangs?

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Image: Leo Bancroft Twitter. Cheers for the spot, Mumtaaz!

Few moments in our history are as big as this. Cristiano becoming a baby daddy. The Iker beard-shaving incident. Victoria Beckham wearing flat shoes.

Deep breaths.

So, let’s just state the obvious: our beloved bottle blond, Fernando Torres, has touched up his manlights. Leo Bancroft, the man who we assume is responsible for this, debuted the fresh dye job (plus bangs?!) via Twitter earlier today – and let’s just say we’re numbing the pain with cake/mainlining margaritas.

While Fernando appears to be pleased with his new ‘do, we want to know what you think: Is FT looking more fabulous or fug than ever, Kickettes?

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100 Responses to “Hair Raising News: Fernando Torres Tops Up His Butter Blond Manlights, Adds Bangs?”

  1. Sophie :) says:

    I really like his blonde hair. Glad that he coloured it again! :)

  2. lainiej says:

    I'l always adore Nando but this haircut/colour makes him look like he should be wearing a Roman or Greek toga!

  3. Anna says:

    We need to kidnap this Leo Bancroft and talk some sense into him. BROWN DYE NEXT TIME PLEASE. (If there is a way to turn Fernando into a brunette and a goalscorer at the same time.)

  4. Jenny says:

    I once read somewhere that Nando said he always cuts his hair short whenever he's playing bad. I'm not sure if he really said that himself or if some blogger wrote it but that explains why he cut his hair before the world cup, doesn't it? By the way, he is so lucky that he looks hot no matter if his hair is short, long, blonde or brown.

  5. stapiiid says:


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  7. jen says:

    April Fool's Day is over, Nando. You know my love for you is both unconditional and eternal but this isn't funny.

  8. Ronda says:

    Nothing more sexual then a lady boy

  9. Kat89 says:

    OMG!!! He looks like a meercat!! NOOOOOOOOOO!

  10. emma says:

    get out

  11. Kristina says:

    Please tell me that is Photoshop! Please, please!…..No seriously, please!

  12. Irene says:

    He is gorgeous as always but the hair nnnnoooooo to light :(

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  15. didi says:

    and if you can't stand anymore fuck off. you talk too much about his fucking hair

  16. didi says:

    you know what ? Most of Chelsea fans love his blond hair and Its time to stop complaining about his hair. I can't believe It's The fans who talk him down.

    • April says:

      Err.. because it's hair? I am a Chelsea fan and a Torres fan, and just because I think this hair color is bullpooh doesn't mean I think he or the team are. Okay? Okay. Glad we cleared that up.

  17. sarah says:

    I have to say: That hair looks HORRIBLE! I liked it better the way it was before.
    But I have to admit: He looks good with both, blonde hair and brown hair! I really like both haircolors equally on him. He's simply gorgeous and nothing can ruin his beauty :D
    But with this hairstyle he looks a little bit like Bruno (you know that movie "Bruno" by Sacha Baron Cohen)
    But I'm ok with this hair because on the pitch he wears a hairband and that makes it look way better. And I have to admit: I always liked Nando with blonde hair a little bit more than with brown hair. But he looks good with both.

  18. indianmuggle says:

    I loved him the first time I saw him in WC 2010. He was extremely cute back then. Tello reminds me a bit of what I thought Nando looked like. I have never been a big fan of Nando, but that clip of him that I saw is stuck in my mind forever. I hope he goes back to his natural hair.

  19. Vivienne says:

    I think it's tactical; the Benfica goalkeeper and defenders will be so blinded by the luminosity (read: ridiculousness) of his hair that Torres will be scoring all night long.

  20. footballa says:

    I actually think he look better with shorter brown hair. When I saw him in the WC, I was like "who is that handsome man I never did see?!" Then I realized it was the Fernando I knew and loved.

  21. S4Jill says:

    OMG, that's tragic. I was kinda hoping that this was an old pic but hey, we all have bad hair days.

  22. zoraida says:

    my mother says ''never trust a male hairdresser who's not bald. they're too narcissistic to pay attention to your hair properly''. and she's right.
    i really liked nando's hair during september 2010. not summer 2010 in the world cup because it was too short, but during his pre-season in liverpool after the tournament he looked amazing

  23. I HeartSpain says:

    I really liked the cut he got last month in Spain. This needs a couple of weeks' growth. And he needs a new hairstylist in London.

  24. Naomi says:

    Nando could have a rainbow fro as big as David Luiz's and he'd still be beautiful. But please, someone get him to the hair ER right away, he needs some time in the Intensive Hair Care Unit.

  25. AiM says:

    what the hell, Nando? How could you let that guy apply a hair product called 'Blissfully Bouncy' on your head?? and the fringe…why does it make me want to climb up a mountain and sing 'The Sound of Music'?

  26. sarah says:

    He Looks like a blonde barbie. He looks adorable as usual. Perhaps he decided to keep his hair blonde because his natural colour was too hot for others to handle.

  27. numero_nueve says:

    look, he can color his armpit hair blonde and he will still be volcano magma hot.

    however, to help you recover: http://hairwegoproducts.com/wp-content/uploads/20…

  28. Doug in SF says:

    If it makes him score goals, I will consider it beautiful.

  29. IrishBlue says:

    He's lucky he's got such a gorgeous face…

  30. Catie2838 says:

    Oh Nando, so cute not matter what. But next time, don't let that man touch your hair.

  31. Doug in SF says:

    If it makes him score more, I will consider it beautiful.

  32. jean says:

    This Leo person always makes him look like a cheap barbie. I found these pics that I'm guessing were taken after his makeover and the hair looks much better when he combs it himself and with the headband:

    And I still can see some dark roots there so it's all good, he looks lovely. But he really must cut all his ties with that stylist lol.

  33. JA7 says:

    Nando, go back to your WC 2010 hair PLEASE. That was so hot.

  34. Gladys says:

    Can't one of you London-based Kickettes just show up at Stamford Bridge and toss some rich brown foam dye on him, like one of those cream-pie activists that assaults people at political events. Then he'd be perfect.

    • Jayy says:

      One of my best friends works at Stamford Bridge in the VIP dining area – you want me to have a word with her? Organise a hair intervention :P

  35. Jayy says:

    Awwww he's even got a fringe!

  36. HiL says:

    Fugly Fail.

  37. mimi says:

    His face is gorgeous as always. His hair… No comment. ;)

  38. lola says:


    LOL, that's a good one, kickettes!


  39. DrStrangelove says:

    He looks like Rocky from RHPS. Quite prepared to be his Dr. Frank-N-Furter though!

  40. Doles says:

    I love Nano no matter what… but stop torturing your own hair darling…. please
    Well I hope it look better with his Chelsea uniform and soccer boots.

  41. con2e says:

    He looks ridiculous, well his hair at least. He will always be a handsome man, but his hair is just WTF.

  42. Vivi says:

    OMG!!! FAIL

  43. kel says:

    It looks like a 60's boyband wig

    • chay says:

      I totally agree with you, with a mix of Little Lord Fauntleroy. I don't know why he agreed to this hairstyle. I agree with several of those on here that mention how great he looked with his short brown hair. He looks good au naturelle.

  44. anon says:

    It looks like a wig. Awful colour/cut. Smh Nando!

  45. didi says:

    He is lovely. Stop Complaining -.-

  46. Carolina says:

    My love for Nando is unconditional. However, I think I just need time to process. Wouldn't mind seeing a few more photos though :) .

  47. Kat22 says:

    OH MY GOD. First time on here in a week and this is what I see?! o_O

    What are you doing to yourself Nando??

    I'm sorry, but I think Leo Bancroft should be charged with assault for that haircut, awful isn't the word!

    And Fernando, please please please go back to your natural colour. You are gorgeous just as you are hun.

  48. Natalie says:

    He always looks like a kid no matter what he does with his hair!!

  49. NinaNoir says:

    Bad photography, not bad hair? Or am I just hoping?

  50. April says:

    It's a terrible color. I'd take the highlights because his roots were a given. This requires constant upkeep and makes him look like his next step is to put blue contacts in. It's so unnatural it is just weird. The cut is pretty similar to what he already had the last few months or so- no shocker there. The styling is strange, too, but he seems to favor it.

    If I could get him back to brown hair, I'd give myself an award for that. At least he didn't touch up the eyebrows a second time… and his face is still pretty. Makes me happy that the only real time I see it is on the pitch, pulled back in a hairband. Never loved a hairband so much!

  51. Mumtaz says:

    Kickette got this news from me! Wohooooo welcome back auburn-haired hotness!!

  52. IM07 says:

    Lets face it, it looks better than a lot of the stuff he had been doing to his hair in the past few months… he is almost back to normal…