October 3rd, 2012

Handbags: Fernando Llorente & Marcelo Bielsa

When news broke on Monday about Fernando Llorente’s training ground scuffle with Athletic Bilbao’s manager, we left our shopping bags with a well-behaved toddler and ran for the nearest wifi signal.

athletic bilbao manager walks off during practice fight argument words exchanged arsenalApparently Bielsa halted play to criticise what he had seen. After exchanging different POVs, Llorente walked off the pitch alone while the session played on without him. The Spanish international later left Bilbao’s training facilities, dodging questions from reporters on his way out.

Much of the web/twitter chatter has been about who would be the winner if Llorente leaves the club in January, and Juventus seem like the odds on favourites (for now).

Big boys. Big egos. Big fat pay cheques. Put them in a ring together, throw some melted Nutella/olive oil up in the mix and you’ve got the biggest Pay Per View event in history just waiting to happen. And as we all know, in a situation like that, there are no losers.

Where do you want to see the Spanish lion king do work, Kickettes? Is there still an outside chance for both parties to agree on a happy-making solution before the next transfer window?

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2 Responses to “Handbags: Fernando Llorente & Marcelo Bielsa”

  1. Gladys says:

    I know I'm a late responder on this, but I really think this is such a shame. Everyone believes Llorente is leaving for the money but Bielsa (who is amazing in his own right) has a managerial style that is extremely draining. He himself admits this. So naturally, it's going to drive away those who can leave. That said, I'm rooting for Athletic to do well and hate to see FL go. He's unlikely to stay in La Liga so I guess I'm fine with him going to Juve. Maybe it will get me to watch Serie A.