January 1st, 2007

happy hot year

Oof. Anyone else experiencing a mammoth hangover/Xmas pudding overload that’s seriously interferring with your ability to sit in front of a computer and get motivated to write anything decent and can only summon up the strength to nap on the sofa?

Curse you holiday season full of champagne goodness.

We are slowly getting back on track and have kicked the relatives, elves and other such hangers-on’s out of the house and we’re ready to trawl the internet/email/mags for dirt, gossip and hotness.

But please, dear readers, do not expect much until the shops open and we can get a extra large bottle of Advil and possibly a manicure.

A quick warm welcome to 2007 – we can’t wait to see what you bring to the footy pitch this year.

We’re personally hanging out to find out David will be doing in this new year… Real Madrid? LA Galaxy? A return to the English Premiership? We’re hearing that Victoria wants a house in LA and David wants to get back to Blighty as soon as poss. We need closure on this situation.

What are our fellow Kickette’s out there hoping and anticipating for the coming year? Do share if you’re so inclined.

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One Response to “happy hot year”

  1. LoveLamps says:

    Happy New Year and let’s hope Becks makes the move to LA.  The American game needs serious help!