September 16th, 2011

Harper Beckham: Cries Like A Cat

We hear Victoria and Harper did some credit card damage during a shopping trip to the Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant stores in SoHo, New York, 15.09.2011.

Another New York Fashion Week has come and gone for Victoria Beckham and her impressive range of clothing collections, which means the time is now safe for us to share a little story with our fellow Kickette Army soldier boys and girls.

You needn’t bother to get up for a afternoon martini refill as this will be a quickie.

Per a credible source who was perfectly placed at Victoria’s pre-show preparation last weekend, Beckham and her talented team were naturally very busy finalising the hair and makeup looks for her first formal showing (as opposed to the grid iron locked, small scale presentations in a loft of seasons past). Of those in the room, our source says there was a subtly odd sound that no one could confidently pin its identity or origin on.¬†After what we presume to be a plethora of awkward glances and gestures, someone finally asked, “is there a cat in here?” to which Victoria replied, “Oh, that’s my baby”.

Yes, folks, Harper Seven Beckham purrs like the cuddly kitten that she is. Although, did you really expect anything less from one of David and Victoria’s four idyllic offspring?

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15 Responses to “Harper Beckham: Cries Like A Cat”

  1. anonimuuus says:

    she's yawning not crying:))))))

  2. marysaid says:

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  3. Yas says:

    Hope the boys aren't feeling neglected…

  4. bartra says:

    wow that is one cute baby! and im a guy…

  5. linvinnaar says:

    Bless that child. The Becks make some extremely good babies.

  6. lone says:

    ohohohohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! Beautiful wonderful linda linda linda e fofa fofa fofa !!Kisses Harper !!
    i love baby Harper !!!

  7. bella says:

    absolutley ADORABLE! i love baby Harper ! :)

  8. Lila says:

    very smart ! marketing her cloths while shopping at other designers and being photographed by the paps!

  9. zinatasreen says:

    This pic just caused an ovary explosion! How cute is Harper???

  10. alessandra says:

    awwwwwww!!! she reminds me of/looks more like romeo.

  11. Arday says:

    oh my God that cute little nose! Oh dear that is such a cute picture

  12. earidurt says:

    CUTE!! omg……toooo cute! no doubt the jewel of mummy's eye.

  13. littlegreenpea says:

    that baby is really cute… :)

  14. Miss Lampard says:

    Awwwwww she is so cute!! Can't stop smiling sweetly when I see this pic!!