October 1st, 2012

Harper Beckham: Footy Facade

harper david daughter vicky b

The Beckhams’ youngest was spotted banishing inanimate objects from her presence this past weekend and everyone is talking about it. Because, well, no one has anything better to do, obviously. Image: FameFlynet.

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9 Responses to “Harper Beckham: Footy Facade”

  1. Ebube says:

    She’s soooo chubby!!!………One of those cute kids you want to squeeze and kiss the F out of….Nice one Becks and V

  2. Martinrhein. says:

    She is cute,jst like any other child in the world.

  3. Miss_F says:

    How cute is she?! Looks more and more like David :)

  4. tammyv says:

    She is darling and growing up as girl in LA, she will be expected to play as well. Soccer is not a boy's sport here.

    What I find WAY more interesting though is the boys are wearing Nike boots… Dad is still the exceptionally expensive face of Adidas. Someone is going to get a talking to or lose A LOT of money

    • Footballandme says:

      It's not a boys sport here either, it's just not televised like the mens game.

      And it doesn't matter what his children wear, it won't affect his sponsorship deal with Adidas. Whats he supposed to do when they ask for a new pair of Nike's? Say no you'll have to have Adidas because I'm sponsored by them so you can't have the trainers you won't. Obviously he'll give them the ones they want and Adidas know that. His children's branding are not apart of the deal with Adidas, they are their own people and are children!

      • tammyv says:

        I promise you that the way girls are treated as players in SoCal is unlike anywhere else in the world. I know 18 month old little girls who are signed-up/playing for teams. It is not even like this in the rest of America.

        As for the boots, that is true except that in the real world of multi-million dollar deals, it is not like that. Ask Ronaldinho who's team is sponsored by Pepsi and left a can on the press-table dais, costing him his deal with Coke. The Adidas people will have a chat with David about this kids wearing Nike at minimum. The kids cannot have contracts because they are too young but they will have a talk with dad.

  5. Imagine if Harper becomes kinda of a tomboy like Angelina Jolie ´s girl LOL she is so precious!

  6. AC_USA says:

    OMG Harper is beyond words adorable!!! She is so cute you just wanna squeeze her :) )