February 8th, 2012

Harper Beckham: Projectile Runway

Image via ParentDish.co.uk.

Little Harper Beckham did the unthinkable at JFK airport this afternoon on her mum (who handled the well-timed paparazzi invasion like the seasoned pro that she is).

Out of all the cute kids in this familial clique, Harper’s the one to watch, Kickettes.

Sometimes we have to sit back and think: we’re changing the world with our intellectually challenging, life changing reportage on key events happening around the globe.

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15 Responses to “Harper Beckham: Projectile Runway”

  1. Sharon Ryan says:

    Such a sweetie pants. Lovely little girl hope she gets to live the life of a proper girl & not be forced to grow up too soon x

  2. Her baby's so cute. If you're a mother, things like this, baby "spitting" won't bother you.

  3. Alone- Brazil says:

    She is a baby has every right to gorfar! Too cute!

  4. [...] THIS IS BECKHAM VOMIT, PEOPLE. IT HAS MAGICAL HEALING PROPERTIES AND MAKES YOU UNFAIRLY GOOD LOOKING. The youngest Becks can’t quite keep down her lunch. // Kickette [...]

  5. Coco says:

    She's probably sick from being carried around on 9 inch heels. They never have this kid in a stroller! WTF it's not like they can't afford it.

    • FiFi says:

      To be fair, if she was never in a stroller, it would be "They never carry this kid. WTF!" That said, she's adorable!!

    • Nonna9 says:

      for someone constantly bum rushed by paparazzi and strangers wherever she goes, I dont think a stroller is the safest option.

    • aali says:

      who cares if this kid isnt in a stroller, it doesn't look like she's suffering from it. God forbid a mother wants to hold her child…

      that being said harper is too cute.

    • Caitlyn says:

      I think you should be complaining if the baby is always in a stroller. Babies would rather be carried by their mothers than stay in a stroller….better bonding between mother and baby…besides carrying a baby is no big deal…they are supposed to be carried!

  6. xbabyshakesx says:

    asides fromt the flying milk, SHE IS SOO CUTE!!!!!

  7. bri_saldana says:

    she's precious!

  8. Rory says:

    Love it! It just made them seem more "real"! :)

  9. DebS says:

    lol Harper's already telling the paps what she thinks of them! Well done Harper :p

  10. Lucy says:

    awww poor girl! but that´s very common among babies! I wonder if Victoria had something in hands to clean it!