February 14th, 2012

Have Your Say: Better Out Than In?

Yeah, it’s probably wise to protect your valuables at this point, Lukas. Images: AFP PHOTO / PATRIK STOLLARZ, REUTERS/Phil Noble.

Are players getting a little big for their attractively coloured boots, Kickettes?

The reason we ask is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the various examples of players asserting themselves at the expense of their clubs lately.

We have Lukas Podolski, who is in trouble with Cologne after claiming during a recent Bild am Sonntag interview that the club “reneged on promises” they made to him. The ongoing saga of Carlos Tevez vs. Manchester City, which yesterday took an interesting turn towards the canine, and of course ‘Handshake-gate’ v3.0.

We’re not saying that if someone willingly paid us hundreds of thousands of pounds a week to do something we’re really good at (which is unlikely, considering we’re only really good at two things, drinking and shouting) we wouldn’t get a bit above ourselves, but still.

Is a responsibility to toe the line implicit in a contract with a football club that represents the people who buy their tickets every week? Is it inherently wrong to use those emotional connections as leverage? Or are players only human, and therefore entitled to use the most accessible platform (namely the press) to voice any perceived unfairness they feel? No matter how ridiculous?

What do you think? Bonus Sergio points will be awarded to all Kickettes who manage to do so without violating our comments policy.

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13 Responses to “Have Your Say: Better Out Than In?”

  1. Gen says:

    sorry battling to focus on the story.. getting stuck on that pic of Podolski.. he he.. but kickette ladies.. Ballack also in trouble with his club… but I don't see a pic of him.

    Tevez is clueless. or at least his agent is, and I think he is too confused to get rid of his agent.. Time he start realizing that football is his job and he needs to do it and shut up

  2. S4Jill says:

    Good Lord but Lukas looks freakin HOT in this pic. YUM!

  3. boston79 says:

    I would be more than happy to protect Lukas's, ahem, goods, for him! ;)

  4. Ninanoir says:

    I think this is a personality issue. There are tons of players who are paid just as much or more, have expensive cars and can basically do anything they want in life, and they still manage to behave well. Can you imagine Xabi giving us headlines like those?

  5. IrishBlue says:

    It should be the same as any job. Act like an idiot, suffer the consequences.

  6. Alone- Brazil says:

    Os jogadores são mimados por seus clubes e empresários , por isso falam esse monte de coisas e fazem esse monte de besteira , se fazem de vitimas mas na verdade o que eles querm é apenas dinheiro , não se importam com seus fãs nem com quem paga um monte de dinheiro em bilhetes para ve los jogar !!
    Assim são as " estrelas do futebol " egoistas e mimados !!

  7. Alone- Brazil says:

    No frio que está fazendo na Alemanha , encolhe tudo fica até mais facil de se proteger !!!

  8. Alone- Brazil says:

    Because my comment was deleted, did not say anything more!

  9. AC_USA says:

    I am a City fan and Tevez needs to get off his high horse ASAP. Blaiming other people for his mistakes will not help him, in fact its gonna make his story that much worse. He should have aploogized like a man in the first place and this saga would be behind us. But nooooo, he decided to play dumb, leave the team, get picky about his new team, blame the issue on everyone else but him self. I don't get how he doesn't realize that this way he is only making his life worse and killing his career. Man. City obviously has replacements but he only has soccer.

    • mata says:

      His behaviour in Germany, his lies about why he went back to Argentina, the things he said about Mancini and the club, that video of him cheering with delight when ManCity got knocked out of the Champions League, I don't think I've ever seen any player act with such contempt towards his club and the club's fans. I don't care if he can score goals in his sleep, nothing would ever make me accept this guy into any club I supported.

    • DebS says:

      Personally, I'd prefer he stayed on his high horse and rode it right back to Argentina for good. City doesn't need him nor his attitude.

  10. Miss XOXO says:

    Love the pic of Lukas protect his property lol…..:-))