August 26th, 2009

Headbands on Footballers: Hot or Not?

Niko Kranjcar

Logistically, players with long hair need to keep their hair out of their eyes.

We recognize that. But we rarely deal in reality. We’re here to judge. And when it comes to head bands on boys, you’re either a fan or you’re not.

Mini case study: Dimitar Berbatov (Man Utd).

Dimitar Berbatov - Image via GettyAs you know, we love this man. But his headband usage offends us. It doesn’t appear to actually hold any hair back since the hair in question is rather gelled into place. Said headband sits in an unflattering position on his head. It reminds us that he may be experiencing a situation that requires the HairMax comb.

We also feel Dimi may spend more than 5 minutes adjusting and re-arranging his band in order to get the exact, perfect position. This makes us sad.

However, on a player like Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Barcelona), or Torsten Frings (Werder Bremen) we think it works.

Torsten Frings - image via AFPIn Torsten’s case, we feel like the headband is being used for its proper purpose.  Not that he cares what anyone thinks about what he does with his damn hair.

It could be made from grass and sticks woven together, it could be an old elastic band found in the tunnel, it could be a shoelace.

It’s functional and low maintenance, and it’s good.

Over to you, Kickettes – hair accessories on footballers – hot or not?

Didier DrogbaZlatan IbrahimovicThe Ramos - AP Photo

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65 Responses to “Headbands on Footballers: Hot or Not?”

  1. laser brush says:

    clued-up post! Your accepted wisdom is great. Thanks for keep me notify. For more information I will be in touch.

  2. Jane says:

    As long as it matches the colour if their bra and panties.

  3. Matt Phillips says:


  4. devil says:

    do know where to buy it? i from malaysia

  5. Tari says:


  6. Winnie says:

    Head bands on ballers = yes (Sergio Ramos, hullo).
    On the Continental however…i’m not completely sold.

  7. autumnmaple101 says:

    Depends on the baller in question. Nando and Dimi should get rid of theirs though.

  8. mertz says:

    not hot. people are letting their love blind their good judgement. i think kickette used some good examples and i agree but it doesn't go for everyone. this is not cool or functional. cut/trim your hair.

  9. sue. says:

    nevermind about handband, coz Zlatan is so hott <3. I love him <33.

  10. fatimaa says:


  11. Arryme says:


    Say no to the headband!!!!!!!!!

  12. Saskia says:

    Well…Depend of the player…If he was Argentine could be good but if he was other nationality he is just copying an Argentine player! kkkk………….I say that because this “look” was invented by the argentine’s player year ago!!
    And…girls? Don’t lost your time trying say me bad words or something like that because I am saying that your loved European players copy the Argentine’s players because the probability I enter here more times is null! kkkkkkkkkk……………I hate people that lost time with idols, or famous people! I hate fanaticism! Find a basket of laundry to wash that will be better! kkkkkkkkkkkkkk………….
    bye…See you nevermore!!!

  13. VR2BW-KASH says:


    NOT everyone can pull this off e.g. berba, cesc, alexis, higuain

    the people who CAN pull this off torres, ramos, torres, guti, torres, zlatan, torres. ok forget torres cuz i'm clearly biased, but he does look good in it :P especially when the ruffled look starts to kick in

  14. Becca (Mrs Lampard) says:

    not not not.

    ballers with long hair dont really do it for me.

  15. mrs jt ;) says:

    tbh, i think they look better withoutt x

  16. lauren says:

    ahhhh, the headband looks amazing on niko and niko onlyy!!! x

  17. Liz (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Oh Niko. I ♥ him and the hairband is hot on him.

    It completely depends when the others wear them, some (like Berba) are completely unattractive and it wouldn't matter if they were wearing the band or not, some would look better without it and some look AMAZING with it.

  18. Boo says:

    Nico looks good with anything!

    there are times when Torsten doesn't wear his band and it's just not the same, his hair misses it. it also looks good on Drogba and on Becks (the last months with Manchester if you remember).

  19. Naomi says:

    Headband look HOT on TORRES and TORRES ONLY!!!! He's sooo mint

  20. ashley says:

    hot hot hot hot hot!

  21. I'm divided. I love it on Nando and Ibra. Not so much on the others.

    The worst of the lot though is Berbatov.

  22. Caroline says:

    After seeing Nandos scarey bleached fringe and mullet lately the hairband is a must have for him!

  23. Avenath says:

    It only looks good on Torres…

  24. Rusty (Frau Clemens says:

    I think it depends on the baller, and even what the specific baller's hair looks like on any given day.

    However, I'm biased because I've got a hairband collection.

  25. Sarah says:

    Everyone who knows me knows I'm not such a fan of long hair. So I'd prefer shorter hair and no headbands. But some guys look hot with anything.

    Mmmmm Niko, run away with me.

  26. LoveLamps says:

    I don't care about headbands. Wear them or not. Just don't stand there adjusting them. That freaks me out.

  27. Anon says:

    Berba needs the headband, his hair is actually pretty long and it looks hilar when it's lot sufficiently gelled and restrained.

    Zlatan looks even more like a caveman when he's got the long hair + headband.

    Ramos wouldn't be Ramos without the silliness that is his hair. But I don't think he's hot anyway, so I supposed my opinion is irrelevant.

  28. Elise says:

    Wow, that's a weird, weird feeling! There is another Elise on here now apparently and she's obviously a big Ramos fan. That is NOT me, the 'original'- heehee- Elise, who worships at the John Terry shrine. Such an odd feeling that was to see my name there! LOL

  29. Fer_Lahm says:

    Only torsten looks hot with it

  30. Negra cabreada says:

    I think they look kinda sexy…BTW, what's happened with the feeds, Kickette? I haven't had updates for like three days, I nearly missed on my beloved Metze's upcoming paternity LoL

  31. Maristela says:

    Hot on Torsten and Zlatan

    Horrendous on that Ramos/Torres/whatever guys.

  32. torres4ever says:

    It really depends on who it is.It looks hot on Torres and the Ramos but I'm not sure about others…

  33. Alisha says:

    It really does depend on who it's on…..I think it works on Berbs and it definately works on people like Torres and Ramos but when Cesc went through that phase when he had long hair he really didn't suit it!

  34. Sara says:

    It's OK… only works/looks good on a few players like Fernando Torres and Sergio Ramos, etc…………

  35. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    I think it depends on the baller. Torsten? Yes. Dimitar? no.

  36. Merel says:


    It's ugly and ridiculous.

  37. Alli says:


    It's ugly.

  38. HiL says:

    Hot! it works for Torsten, Mario Gomez, even Ujfalusi. I love it.

  39. Kate says:

    Not – on all above, maybe except Zlatan and Sergio, HOT only on Fernando's blonde hair ;)

  40. Kile says:

    NOT. Ugh, no.

    Those a girl headbands. What these guys need are a guy headband a la Roger Federer. It serves a purpose and doesn't look like something I would wear.…

  41. Lala says:

    I really don't mind the hairbands. Whatever Berbatov does is fine by me!

  42. My love for Dimi actually breaks my rule of drooling over anyone with long locks. I'm so not a fan of long hair on men, however, Dimi's isn't really that long so I can deal. Not a fan of the band but the man can do no wrong in my books so I don't even really think much about it to be honest.

  43. Ciz says:

    Berba's hairband isn't really the problem when it comes to his hair, it's the gel he puts in it. It looks so gorgeous without it, I don't understand why he needs it and the hairband. Just the band would be fine.

  44. shay says:

    I think that like anything else it looks good on some of them and some it doesn't. If's not a practical need then it's affected and ridiculous. (Berbatov this means you). But really Nando can rock a headband, a woolly jumper he got for Christmas and mom jeans and still be hot as the sun.

  45. Ella says:


  46. Amy says:

    i think it looks hot on some likee berbatov & ramos :P x

  47. Venice says:

    Niko! My love :-D

    As stated already, it really depends on the person, it looks horrible on some guys and acceptable on others. I like it best when it's as unnoticeable as possible.

    It's just like long hair actually, some men look ridiculously hot and some just can't pull it off.

    Of course, Niko's mane is perfect :-D and it suits his romantic personality.

  48. Venice says:

    Niko! <3 oh my love!

    Headbands really depend on the person, it looks horrible on some people and acceptable on others. It's just like long hair actually, some guys look amazing and some just can't pull it off. Of course, Niko's mane is perfect :-D leozinho. And it suits his romantic personality.

  49. Adri says:

    I love guys who look good with long hair (there are some that don't, *ahem*Torres). Hate the headband, but agree…it's a necessity, so I put up with it. I just don't find it attractive. At all. :S

  50. carly says:

    The hairband is not the problem, it's usually the way they use it or the hair itself.

    Berbatov is a freak of nature – how can a man that is so amazingly hot be so Meh in the pitch? I never understood, but it has to do with the hairband, definitely.

    Zlatan rocks the hairband and Niko looks …like Niko whatever he uses :)

  51. imhereforthenando says:

    As far as I'm concerned, Fernando Torres can do anything he wants.

  52. Baby Freya says:

    Hot, of course its hot! If it's good enough for Nando, it's good enough for me!

  53. Anna(Frau Manuel Neu says:

    Torsten, Hildebrand, Ujfalusi.. Shevchenko should be wearing one, considering how horrible his hair has been these days. I like it.

  54. Lolinha says:

    Never hot, but acceptable if:

    1) Your hair is long enough for you to actually need one (in my opinion Dimi´s isn't because he´s played without it, and also I've seen him adjusting it. That's a major no-no.) 2) the hair isn't long enough for a ponytail.

    I like the thick ones Buffon wears. That stuff looks sporty.

    Headbands aren't really a distraction for me. The f-cked up dye jobs and cuts are real buzz kills. Especially when coordinated.

    • aristeia says:

      That's b/c Gigi can wear anything and still be made of win. B/c he's Gigi. He also wears barrettes in his hair and makes it look good. <3 Gigi.

  55. mariap says:

    Face it, almost anything these guys do/wear/say is sexy, therefore, headbands are sexy. I for one, will miss Philippe Mexes' headband, since it is no longer needed…………

  56. MissEstonia says:

    I think it looks ridiculous, but for its sole purpose, it IS necessary that footballers wear it, so…ehh. I don't like, it though. It's an ugly accessory and very uncomfortable, cos I, being a moderately long-haired female, have experienced the annoyance that is the headband. It's required in high school sports as well, which is irritating cos it falls off, slides out of place, squeezes your skull, etc, etc.

  57. Suzann says:

    I dressed as Sergio Ramos for Halloween (quite hilarious) and can personally testify that the headband physically hurts my head after awhile and left a rather harsh red line across my forehead – which is not flattering. I don't know how anyone can stand the damn thing.

  58. Elise says:

    Everything works for The Ramos!

  59. aristeia says:

    First, I couldn't focus b/c all I saw was NIKO. Then I saw HQ Zlatan and I no longer am aware of what I'm supposed to be doing.

    I agree that it depends on the baller, I think mostly depending on hair sitch… but part of it has to do w/ them individually, maybe where they're from. Ie. Italians– well, it's Headbands R Us over there. They make it work though. If Stevie G threw one on… haha, well… no.

    If they have long hair, they need it. My sister plays w/ one to keep her bangs off her face.

  60. Blair says:

    Oh hell no… That is like the WORST look EVER.

  61. Boston Red says:

    Not for me. I don't like long hair on men in any situation.

  62. Madame Rudy says:

    It really depends on the footballer. Niko, Ujfalusi, Torsten, etc…it looks amazing.