June 27th, 2010

Heart-Breakers: England & USA Out Of The World Cup

Image via Reuters, AP Photo.

Oh, Kickettes, free nail varnish for a year wouldn’t remotely help us overcome the agony of defeat shared by both sides of the pond.

Michael Bradley, Carlos Bocanegra, Landon Donovan, Robbie Findley, Jozy Altidore, Maurice A World Cup without England is like a bowl of ice cream without a spoon – we just can’t bear to be near it without taking part in the action. Simply gutted. We don’t even have the heart to blame whatsherface.

And as we said yesterday, seeing a broken hearted Benny tugged at our heart strings which are normally be reserved for WAG weddings and baby ‘baller births.

Kudos to Ghana and Germany for their hard-fought wins and advancement in the tournament!

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99 Responses to “Heart-Breakers: England & USA Out Of The World Cup”

  1. Susiecue says:

    The Germans have a name for a disallowed goal: It’s called a “Wembley-Tor”. Which is, of course, named after our disallowed goal in ’66 final versus England.

    So, no one feels really badly about this one. We just see it as payback after 44 years. And cutie-patootie, Manuel Neuer, sold the hell out of it. The boy deserves an Oscar!

    It’s a shame about the state of English football. And where do you start to fix it? I expected a much closer match— hoping for penalties, actually. ;)

    On paper, England should have beaten Germany. But, once again, they did not play as a team. The defense had no idea what the midfield was doing, which, in turn, were clueless as to the forwards actions. I know they’re all pretty, but they’re not pretty together. They played well for about 10 minutes in the first half. And the first 15 of the second. That was it. And last time I checked, a football match is 90 minutes long.

    The thing the Germans do very well is play as a team. “Teamgeist” is the word. They’re all in it, collectively. And I have to say, “teamgeist” is really suiting our attacking style of play.

    Auf geht’s Deutschland!

  2. EternalDreamer says:

    ! This is a crazy thread. Must start off by saying that I’m very proud of my team. It is painful when they lose, even more so to see the looks on their faces and the words of disappointment they express afterward. It seems pointless to go over the what-ifs now, although, of course I am. I’m still crushed about the loss as probably most are who were cheering for teams that are now out. I was hoping to come on here and commiserate with/offer mutual support to some usually lovely and understanding ladies as I know very few people who even pay attention to the sport, much less actually care about the team’s loss. WTF happened here?

  3. Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

    Did no one else see the England collapse coming from miles away? I usually like them but I vacated my spot on their bandwagon before the last round of the group stage. I knew it was time to go when I realized that my favorite player on the team was Jamie Carragher, and I’m a Chelsea fan!

    Keep your heads held high, England fans, and write to the FA with your ideas to get the team up to international standards ;)

  4. Homeskillet17 says:

    I'm suuuper excited Ghana went through! Africa represent! but i'm bummed for USA! they showed tremendous spirit and passion in their other games! i'm happy that Germany went through instead of England because i just don't like the England team and Germany were the better team with or without England's disallowed goal. i honestly don't think it would have made a difference. anyway, i'm gonna focus on Spain and Ghana for as long as they're in the tournament :)

    • anon says:

      have to disagree with you. please read my comments below to realize how such things are so very important, because england were clawing their way back. i really dont have the energy to re-write them. hope it'll clear a few things up.

  5. Jo says:

    The weekend matches were tough to watch. First, the plucky South Koreans go then USA, England, and Mexico. In short, every team that I was cheering for. [sobs] That's what I get for supporting the underdogs (except for the US match – I'd say it was even). Going to crawl under my rock and follow the rest by textfeed.

  6. neo says:

    Pity about that goal, would’ve definitely blown the game wide open if it counted (as it should have). But surely the England players have had enough experience to emotionally/mentally handle these kinds of situations. To paraphrase Stevie G., the ref’s decision was clearly wrong, but to blame their loss on that would be a lie. I feel sorriest for Lampard, he had a great game that night. If I was an England supporter I would’ve been very disappointed with Rooney. Terry too. :-( Frustrations aside, Lampsy’s little chat with Herr Schweinsteiger was precious!

  7. poco says:

    Bad luck to the USA. I’ve been impressed with their fighting spirit and thought they’d go further in Sth Africa. Not fussed about England, sorry. Germany was sizzling – and they’re such a young team! Their game against Argentina is going to be like a final before the final. Can’t wait.

  8. eatmyboost says:

    At least Spain :) are still in it …

  9. D.J says:

    guys can we please stop insulting everyone and go back to our snarky loving selves cause this post is depressing me. England (sad! love you lamps and stevie) and USA are out. germany and ghana are through. congratulations to them…lets move on…

  10. senora ramos says:

    i'm going to keep this brief b/c i have a couple of english ladies that i love on this site, but some of you need to learn the difference b/t snark and bish.

    looking down your nose at someone to make yourself feel better is a sad thing. and says bitter, table of 1. getting your butt handed to you by a team that outclassed you 75%+ of the match (i am being generous here) and getting robbed out of a goal does not make you any better than a team that lost in extra time 2-1. and before you say it's to an inferior opponent, look at the score of the ghana/germany match. also, if it helps you feel better about yourselves, you did just as well as a 10 man australia. congrats.

    sorry, that wasn't brief. i feel bad for england, but this tourney y'all did not play as well as y'all could've. not by a long shot. we both lost. moving on. sorry nesta, thea, and molly. some of your countrymen were just out of line with their suggestions.

    vamos espana!

    • Thea says:

      You go girl!!!!

    • senora ramos says:

      sorry for being a bish, but it really hurts to read some of the comments here. you'd think we'd all be united in grief, not attacking each other.

      thanks thea! it just started getting out of hand here.

      • Thea says:

        Thanks for having our backs Ramos – think some people on here just take things a little to extrems sometimes! If you can take the stuff I dish out over RM (and Vice versa with Barca) then surely the others should get thicker skins!

        • poco says:

          Well said. Ghana may not have the same footballing history but Group D was arguably the toughest WC group of all. They beat Serbia, drew with Australia, almost beat Germany and then beat the USA. On that evidence they're actually a stronger team than England. Why are people so patronising about non-Euro teams?

          • Thea says:

            Well put… I think it’s nothing short of amazing that a developing nation in every sense is able to represent in SA. Bafana, Bafana.

      • MUfcYanksGirl says:

        Thank you so much for saying all that. I've been coming on this website for years because it's nice to know that there are other ladies out there who are just as passionate as I am about the beautiful game. But most of all I like to come here because it makes me laugh. That being said, there were so many comments on this post that I thought were unnecessarily hurtful and offensive, which is definitely a first-time experience for me on Kickette. I understand that there is still bitterness on both sides of the pond and that people are devastated with this weekend's results, and they should be. But it seems pointless to jump down other people's throats to make ourselves feel better about the losses. Both countries had goals stolen from them, and both had to deal with huge upsets and stupid mistakes during their tournament. Although my loyalties will clearly always lie with the US, I have lived in both America & England, and I honestly feel terrible for both countries. No matter how the teams played and who they lost to, are we ever going to stop loving them? No. We will forever be loyal to our respective teams, despite anything that will happen on or off the field. I think we all need to just be respectful and understand that it's an emotional time for everyone. Damn you FIFA for making my life so stressful!!

        When it comes down to it, only one country can win. Let's get through the rest of this World Cup and then set our sights on 2014!

        • D.J says:

          Thank you soo much. i think you best described the feeling in both camps in the most diplomatic way possible. i just dont understand the english hating going on…we're out…its sad! we'll do better in 2014. i think that the Engish media tends to build up expectations soooo much, that you expect the team to reach the finals, with tags like Golden Generation etc. Im down too since i really wanted stevie to hold the world cup. LOVE YOU STEVIE G. YOU MADE US PROUD!

          • senora ramos says:

            i agree with you. that was the best way to put it.

            imo, a lot of english hating is going on b/c of the english media. it's a vicious cycle. and then some, i reiterate, SOME english fans treat the usmnt like a redheaded stepchild, someone so far below england that it's laughable to even have them in the same group. hearing it over and over, shoved down our throats, well, it's enough to get anyone "overheated."

            and really ladies. that what it comes down to. we are all so emotionally invested in our teams, that in the heat of the moment we say hurtful things. i love this site and hope that this awfulness doesn't happen again.

            • D.J says:

              thats true and i humbly;D apologize on the behalf of all english fans who looked down upon the US team. unfortunately it went both ways, because a few US fans here also constantly pointed out that England were shamed and compared to that they played with so much passion. so that does tend to get on a few people’s nerves.

    • shay says:

      Well said!

    • anon says:

      1) agree with you. germany out played england. not by such a huge margin but they exploited their weakness well. jogi said that they targeted terry specifically.
      2) kinda confused here. CIP – if spain lost to switzerland 0-1, then the swiss were better than spain. but then swiss lost to chile 0-1, so chile are better than swiss and hence spain. but thats not the case since spain beat chile 2-1…see where im going with this…in the case of germany…germans beat australia 4-0, so germany > australia. germany lost to serbia 0-1, so serbia > germany, but then australia beat serbia 2-1. doesnt mean that australia are better. just that they had a good game that day. in the same way, just because germany beat ghana 0-1 doesnt mean that the germans didnt outclass ghana because they constantly created chances.

      • senora ramos says:

        lol! i didn’t honestly mean that they did just as well as australia. england just didn’t have a good tourney all together. they have too many players that do the exact same thing. and capello’s lineups were about as good as bradley’s. i mean, hello! joe cole?! crouch?! heskey????!!!!

        i was just annoyed about all the comments that were like, ghana? hahahaha. really ghana?
        when will the world learn that history doesn’t mean anything. that is one of the most annoying things at wc time. spain always choke so of course that trend will continue forever. ghana have no history. well, hello? all history has to start somewhere.

        • anon says:

          and i agree with you. i think someone here (cescristeven?) mentioned that england arent a very balanced team. they have have a few big name players like terry, rooney, lampard and gerrard but then there are positions where they have nobody, like the goal keeper (Calamity James, Rob Green anyone), holding midfielder. so many players are being played out of position. gerrard and lampard play completely different roles for their club. rooney had a horrible world cup. and many of them are suffering from injuries – rio, rooney, barry.

          but certain teams got it easier than others. had the ivory coast been in another group, they would've passed into the round of 16. ghana while they had no history were an easier opponent than germany. thats a fact. im not saying this is because im somehow down playing non-European teams because so far South America has had the best world cup…but history does count…why are brazil always considered such a threat? Opponents matter. portugal are a good team but will they beat spain? probably not. would they have beaten ghana or the US? probably. doesnt mean that Portugal are the same level as South korea, or USA, or England.

          mind set matters – argentina against mexico…mexico were doing well till the first goal which was completely offside and the referee got it wrong eventhough everyone else knew it was offside. did you see the way the players deflated after that? they started making mistakes (higuain goal), and they rushed into challenges they wouldnt have made otherwise and argentina was able to exploit that. the same thing happened with england. everyone else could see it was a goal…but one refereeing mistake can change everything. still congratulations germany.

          • senora ramos says:

            you make very good points. but i also think brasil is always a threat not just b/c of their history, but b/c of the amazing players they always have coming out of there.

            so if history matters, then england will never beat the us in the world cup? ::tounge in cheeck:: lol!

  11. Blackwood says:

    I felt bad for England, I thought they actually played better than Germany, but their defense was a little naive when trying to avoid German players to go enter the area.

    And yes, that goal was completely valid. I don't know how they (people watching the line) could have missed it, since even the goalkeeper put his hands on his head when he saw the ball next to him, which means he clearly saw it go inside the line.

    Which is curious, because back in 1966, England left Germany out of the World Cup because the German had score a goal just like Lampard's and it was dismissed as well. I guess it was historical revenge? Either way it sucked.

    Also, I wanted England to win because I didn't want Argentina to play against Germany again… I'm afraid it would be just like last World Cup, although in that occassion I believe Argentina was robbed of winning that game.

  12. Carolina says:

    Must. See. Benny Feilhaber. It broke my heart seeing him soooo sad after the match. It made me even more depressed than I already was that the U.S. lost when I saw him like that.

  13. :'( ENGLAND says:

    So gutted over English loss! :( Nearly threw something at the telly when the idiot linesman claimed it never went in. I’m not going to disagree that the English defense looked like they were taking a nap back there, but Lampard’s goal could’ve made a huuugggee difference. Completely agree with those who say that England playing Germany and the US versus Ghana are incomparable- but many congrats to Ghana and Germany, they played well.
    I can’t stand hearing people say that the English team didn’t try or that they didn’t want to be there. Who doesn’t want to be at the World Cup? Not sure whether it was the immense amount of pressure or just a collectively bad tournament for the boys, but they definitely didn’t deliver.
    On another note….STEVEN GERRARD I LOVE YOU. In my opinion, best English player during the World Cup. Scored the first goal for the lads and never stopped. Great captain, I hope he’s around for the next one. 34′s not thaaat old… :S

    * Fifa needs to drag it’s ass out of the middle ages and use technology. These mistakes take away from the game.

  14. ash says:

    it was a great game to watch i do feel sorry for england especially wanye rooney he really didnt have a good world cup but germany were the better team so well done to them.but once again it shows we need video technology in football so someone needs to tell sepp blater to stop living in the stone age and start using it would cause less problems.

  15. senora ramos says:

    gutted for my boys. just dead. 2nd match in my life i actually cried over. in a bar no less.

    sucks for frank’s goal being not counted. could’ve changed everything, but german did look better. sorry to my english ladies:(

    vamos espana!!

    • Thea says:

      Ramos – hope your over the shock! England deserved to go out, and the disallowed goal is Karma for 1966 – and Fifa's stupidity over technology.

      Argentina look mighty tasty to me – and I really think the best is yet to come with Messi…and Spain are still a little shakey.

      • enough is enough says:

        could you plese stop your hating for england…this is like the 4th anti-ENglish comment. we get it! you dont like england.

        • Thea says:

          I do not hate England (I am a UK resident and tax payer) and that was only my second comment on the subject. I am merely expressing my digust that the country that has arguably the best league has the most under performing team! Stop busting my b%$ls – you hater!!!

          • enough is enough says:

            oh yeah…im the hater…nice comeback there

            • Thea says:

              Is one a tad bitter about the England being knocked out? If it's any consolation to you – the whole weekend will ignite the debate of the use of technology in the game – and who knows maybe a new manager will take the helm of the national team.

      • senora ramos says:

        i know thea. i think messi’s just warming up. but i’m afraid when argentina plays a more offensive team they are going to be in trouble. can’t wait for the germany v argentina match. that is going to be AWESOME!

        i think espana will work themselves out. i have questions about the lineups they are bringing out. and esp about there subs. hmm, this sounds familiar to me :) i love bob, but what was he thinking in his lineups and subs against ghana?!

        • Thea says:

          There's no guarentee that Spain will beat Portugal hun… it far form a done deal. Ronaldo could well prove to be difference!

          • senora ramos says:

            as an objective madridista (yes we are out there), look at how he plays when he takes everything on himself. not too well. i have been very proud of his setting up his teammates to score though.

            still, vamos espana!

  16. That’s tournament football: shit happens. Germany was a better team. Clearly most of the England squad are past their sell by date, (and I don’t blame Capello.) And a Wayne Rooney operating at 50% – for whatever reason – was a serious blow. Emile Heskey coming off the bench says it all really.

    The post mortem for England will continue in the weeks and months to come. I’m not looking forward to the inquest. If it were up to me, England would not field another senior team in an international competition for 10-15 years, and would concentrate instead on developing youth and training coaches. (I think I read somewhere that Germany has one qualified coach for every 17 players; in England it is one qualified coach for every 200+ players.)

    But I’m not disheartened. Look at the England U17s! A fantastic team full of promise.

    I have to say that I was impressed with Steven Gerrard’s performance through the tournament. (And as a United supporter, that’s not an easy confession!) It would not have been easy for him to take on the captaincy under the circumstances he did, but he impressed me with his demeanour and was probably our best player on average. That’s not saying a great deal, but it’s something.

    Still love England and will always support them. :) Looking forward to a Connor Wickham and Wayne Rooney strike partnership in 2014. :)

    PS: To imply that “heart” and “courage” and “passion” are somehow traits only possessed by Americans is silly, patronising and jingoistic.

    • PROUD TO BE ENGLISH!! says:

      i completely agree with you…England were up against germany, who were serious world cup contenders. USA were up against Ghana…Same league? Not really. Winners of three world cups vs a team which reached the quarterfinals for the first time…No comparison. i would never have brought this up, but after reading the constant comments of how england were shamed and USA were so passionate, just makes me mad.
      Have to agree with you about steven gerrard…he was our most consistent player along with ashley cole. I just dont think rooney recovered from his knock against bayern…he really disappointed me this time since he was supposed to be our talisman. And the defence?! it was terrible. Barry hadnt recovered either. Capello made some horrible decisions to be honest. the quality is there though.

  17. locota says:

    this might be wrong to say but sad and teary eyed benny is so cute and sexy.

  18. tResa says:

    Truth be told, I am, too, very sad that the US boys are out. They fought so hard and seeing them all defeated about broke my heart, on top of my heart rate being way up there cause of the game itself. Very sad. Plus, the USMNT had some serious eyecandyness going for them – mighty fine. *drooling just a little*
    At least my precious Germans are still in. :) They did well tonight, though I’m sorry for England and all the english Kickettes out there…
    so, GO GERMANY!!

  19. Anonymous to You says:

    Yes, GHANA!!! The only African team still in it and I hope they take it real far!

    I already had a fair idea of who would win the Germany vs England game but I was still saddened that it was ruined by referee mistakes. At least Germany deserved it. Mueller, Ozil, Klose, and Podolski…amazing players.

    Also, another referee mistake in the recent Argentina vs Mexico match…this is really pissing me off…

  20. imhereforthenando says:

    I feel completely gutted. My dreams are tossed and blown.

    What is so frustrating about it is that if the goal had counted, Germany may not have had those two counter-attack goals, because England would not have been pushing up so far to try to score another. I think that the game could have been different. That being said, Germany probably was better, but the score in no way represents what really went on on the pitch.

    Stevie was amazing. I am so proud to call him my captain in club and country.

  21. simone says:

    Too bad the wags didn’t get to show their selves of. The Germans were just better, but i don’t think it,s gonna be that easy for Germany against Argentina, which i am now watching. The important thing is hotness himself gonzalo Higuain has scored.

  22. Christina says:

    Our German Boys were so good!!!
    And the much too old boys from England could only loose.
    Best Man: Thomas Müller – great!!!

    • Violets says:

      England's team is older, but far from being old. I think that anyone who's seen those players in the EPL can say that they're far better footballers than they showed today. If they'd played their best, they certainly would have had a good chance at beating Germany. Unfortunately, they didn't, which is the reason why they lost.

      • Christina says:

        Oh, I don’t think, it’s the age of the english team, that really mattered.
        but it’s obvious, that the “old” teams are far away from playing good in this championship.
        and needless to say: the Teamgeist of our german NT is soo good.
        (Arne Friedich said so, during an interview, that the current NT is one of the best teams he played with. And he played in a lot of NT-games ;-) )
        btw: yeah, in the EPL they are good, but not together in the NT – characteristic for english football –>jepp, I’m German and hit on the clichees *lol*

  23. SheilaLampsy says:

    Go Germany!

  24. Dutch89 says:

    England were woeful i mean i would have thought they would UP THEIR GAME, but i must say GERMANY well done they played amazing and Ozil is a fab player, and i know am late but wooooow Podolski is gorgeous :)

    England need to get it together, what i don’t get is they have some of the best players in the world and yet they dont look it when they are on the pitch shameful, i feel sorry for the english fans though .

  25. Ana;) says:

    It was awful to watch it really was apart from the two goals. Yes two it was so in!! Such a shame.. but we must not forget the horrid performance. England were all over the place-rubbish defending germany played soo well. I even found myself actually congratulating them! Im such a hypocrite I know! But I have a soft spot for podolski. Well deserved win

  26. Violets says:

    That USA game was painful for me to watch. So many sad, adorable players who we won't be seeing as much now that they're out of the WC. The USMNT left a lot on that field, though. They might not have won, but they played hard and didn't give up until the very end. Seeing Tim Howard run down the field to try to help out with the last corner made me so sad–sort of like a last desperate, all-or-nothing chance to stay in it. I'm so proud of them.

    Now both of my favorite teams are out (ouch, England–I hope they're not too hard on you back home), so I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do.

    I guess on the bright side, I'll be able to actually enjoy the games since I don't actually care about anyone, instead of sitting on the edge of the seat and chewing off my nails for all 90+ minutes like I did for all of the USA's games (you certainly don't make things easy for your fans, boys).

    • Lex says:

      Very well said. I'm heartbroken for our guys, but they sure did make things stressful for everyone involved! I'm not afraid to say I shed a tear or two for them as they hung their heads in defeat yesterday. I'm so proud of their accomplishments, and i miss them already.

      I also think some of the refereeing at this tournament has been atrocious. So many missed or blown calls! I truly believe that if Dempsey's NOT-offside goal hadn't been called back and we didn't have to push SO hard for the game winning goal against Algeria, we wouldn't have looked so drained against Ghana. And Lampard's goal not standing against Germany obviously had a negative effect on the team. Disgraceful.

      • Violets says:

        The refereeing at the WC has been absolutely despicable. It seems like the focal point of half of the matches so far has been the errors that the refs have made.

        I completely agree with you about Dempsey’s goal against Algeria. They put basically everything that had into that game, and the fact that they only had two days to recover before they had to face Ghana certainly did not help matters. Had they gotten the early lead, they probably would have played more conservatively and saved up some of that energy.

  27. Thea says:

    England were TERRIBLE and a complete waste of time and money, really sad that once again they let themselves down. Disallowed goal or not, they simply were not world class.

  28. PK says:

    Maybe it’s time for most of your ENT stars to seriously consider a future in MLS? Toronto?!

    • Tashinka says:

      Zing! Although, I don't think that would be a bad thing for either England or the MLS.

      We sorely need to class it up a bit – when the Cup is over and I go back to watching our national league, it feels a bit like switching from Varsity to JV. It's getting better… but it has a bit to go before it's as exciting as Premier League or La Liga or Bundesliga.

      And the English players could do better to have some of the clutch that Landy's got…

  29. VPodd says:

    I believe the only consolation for the USMNT (and for me) is that Bocanegra or Benny gets into the F5 or HOF. :)

    Seriously, that was so depressing seeing the boys hang their heads in defeat. I sincerely hope they get the warm, deserving welcome back that they should when they arrive home.

  30. cescsababe says:

    i think bocanegra is saying "Bill?? Are we still on for brewskis? Please?" (reference http://www.kickette.com/budweiser-besties-bill-cl… )

  31. simone says:

    I do agree that it might have been different if the goal was allowed.

  32. batso says:

    germany's win not so hard against a "pub team"/. :(

  33. Ella says:

    I am so bummed about BOTH my teams going out this weekend. The USA had come so far, they just didn't have anything left in the tank against Ghana. They had some glimpses of hope, but overall they didn't deserve to win that game, it doesn't make it any harder to swallow right now. I am SO, SO proud of our team!!

    Poor England, I do think it must be very hard to play with all the expectations and pressure of being 'England'. For whatever reason they couldn't pull out much for the game against Germany and instead of bashing them, I am just disappointed b/c I KNOW they're way better than that. I hope my USMNT and the English lads can regroup and know that their fans still love them. And also, that WAS a goal that England was robbed of and I truly believe it could have changed the course of the game if it had counted. Moral is huge in these games and both teams would've come out even after the half and who knows….FIFA needs to get their shit together and join the 21st century.

  34. Courtnii25 says:

    To be fair, I am SO sad for England.

    I love England, they're my team, and I think the history of our country and our prolific repuatation was NOT lived up to, Sure – We didn't play as well as other teams have so far, but who cares about that? The rep of England compared to everyone else is second to none, although this is being tainted by high expectations and players that believe they can actually play football *cough*Heskey*cough*.

    But, I believe Germany deserved the win, and Ghana. They are both brilliant teams and such, and USA were outclassed. So were we.

    Can we all just relax now in hindsight – Look on the bright side Englanders – You could be French!

    • Linda (Gooner till I die) says:

      Well… at least French have an excuse – they were disjointed and practically shouldn’t have even been at the tournament.
      What’s England’s excuse?

  35. Kleon says:

    Hugs for England fans

    This was the best match so far Germany plays awsome!!! Go Germany

    • cescristeven says:

      uhh…i'm severely disappointed that so many people here are rubbing the salt in england's wounds…have a bit more sympathy guys.

      • Blackwood says:

        maybe they're German? While you may feel sad by people leaving the tournament, doesn't mean you shouldn't be happy for your own team.

        • cescristeven says:

          oops…sorry. that comment wasnt meant for this. i was writing two simultaneously. sorry kleon. that comment really did make me sound like a bitch. anyways, germany played well and they deserved their victory. gutted for england though. really wanted to see stevie g. hold the world cup. oh well.

  36. TristaJade says:

    I wanted to crawl in a hole yesterday and cry after seeing how gutted my USMNT boys were. But damn, did they play with all they had and then 100 percent more. They made me so freakin' proud to be a US soccer fan. I absolutely love them to death.

    I really feel for all the English fans. That disallowed goal could have turned that game around, I really believe it could have.

    • Janey says:

      Dont be silly. This is the problem with English fans, yes, be proud and back the team, but dont let it turn your brain into an arrogant mush. The disallowed goal wouldnt have made an ounce of difference. England only scored when given a free kick, and they played crap for the rest of the game.

      • suzie says:

        Woah your comment was harsh and unecessary. The truth is that if that goal would have counted England would not have had to push so hard to get back in the game, exposing themselves to counterattacks, that Germany exploited so well. Is it the ONLY reason we lost….NO, but it was a contributing factor. Having said that the germans played VERY well and deserved there victory.

        • suzie says:

          Congrats to Germany who deserved their victory. Our defense played poorly, but the officals performed even worse.

      • Ella says:

        First, your comment was plain rude. Second, Goals.Change.Games. They change player mentality, confidence, pace, morale, etc. No one is saying if Lampard's goal had counted England would have won. Germany played a really great game, but the game would have been played differently and the final score may have been different as well. We'll never know.

        • tammyv says:

          Gerrard and Lampard have both said it would not have changed the game.

          • Ella says:

            They have to say that or they would sound like whiners who are making excuses. The USMNT also didn't make a big deal out of the goals we were robbed of. To reiterate, I'm not saying England would have won, maybe the final score would have just been 4-2, I'm just saying that I think they would have been energized by tying the game before halftime and scoring 2 goals back to back would probably have boosted their confidence. So much in sports can be mental.

            Either way, I'm done arguing the point, England is out of the WC and now I just hope FIFA start using technology to prevent further errors.

            • caitanya says:

              in reaction to that, i honestly don't see the point in adding technology to the match–cameras on every player and having to stop the match every three minutes, since things are constantly happening on the pitch.

              I do wonder, however, if referees ever look back at the replays and think "woops"? lol

              • Violets says:

                I don’t think that adding technology means having a camera on every player–that’d be impractical. However, giving officials access to instant replay that they could use to judge whether a goal is good or not would be helpful–and would have possibly eliminated many of the refereeing errors that we’ve seen in this tournament.

                • Ella says:

                  Ditto. Instant replays of goals and questionable offsides calls affecting goals would be beneficial. 2 perfect examples just today: Lamps’ goal, and Tevez’s first goal which was offsides.

                  Also, a short while ago, Capello, Terry and James all said Lamp’s goal being nullified did make a difference for them. Their words, not mine. :)

            • PROUD TO BE ENGLISH! says:

              MTE! a team's mentality affects every aspect of the game they play.

          • Violets says:

            There's no actual way to prove that, though. Anyone who watches soccer can attest to the fact that a goal can definitely light a fire under a flagging team.

      • MrsNesta says:

        England fans? you're being very general Janey, And I appreciate TristaJades support, who is a USMNT supporter. USA gave their all, especially with Tim Howard at the end! England is a whole other loss, the disallowed goal might have made a difference but I don't think enough to change the outcome.

        I blame Mick Jagger, he was at both matches #mickjaggercurse

        • EternalDreamer says:

          LOL @ Jagger curse! He could become a secret weapon if his power is harnessed.

      • cescristeven says:

        did you ever see the AC Milan v Liverpool Champions League Final? liverpool were three goals down at half time and then staged one of the greatest comebacks in history when they eventually went on to win it…almost everything depends upon a player's mentality. and england could've won if that goal was given. SO ZIP IT!!

  37. SoccerDuckie says:

    Jaja, Deutschland hat England sehr gut geschlagen!!! And yes, it should've been 4-2; high time for video ref-ing. Those German boys showed their young squad's enthusiasm!!!

    I agree, a very sad Benny Hothaber was just hard to see…I had to hug my dogs coz I couldn't hug him.

  38. tammyv says:

    Comparing and constrasting the US's performance yesterday with England's today makes me even more proud to be an American.

    My boys left everything they had on that pitch. They played with heart, passion, played for each other and for their country. They played as hard as they were physically/mentally able to play for 120 minutes.

    Ironically, they left their hearts on the pitch and picked-up the hearts of America. Well done boys, we are all proud of you.

    I feel for my England fan friends who cannot say the same about their team

    • TristaJade says:

      I completely agree!!! I hate it for all my English footie friends, but just comparing that game to our boys makes me feel so proud. They gave their all and then some. Love them to death.

    • Goosie says:

      That was amazingly said tammyv! I know the USMNT has my heart for sure (esp Carlos and Benny).

      Sorry to England fans. Germany played WONDERFULLY. Loved it (and Podolski)

    • Tashinka says:

      Me too, great visual. I was proud of our guys (more so at the end of the game than at the beginning – Jozy, why were you walking?) and am even prouder of them today. I always knew we'd be knocked out – it was just a question of when. And we made it further than a lot of people thought we would, making a few new fans along the way.

      I feel for the English supporters… I am thankful that my second team is still in it and my third team has yet to play… I can soothe my DempseyBocaDonavan heartache with a little Podolski and Piqué.

    • cescristeven says:

      not to be disrespectful but USA played ghana…and england played germany…there's a big difference in quality here. germany were one of the contenders for the world cup, ghana…not really. plus england was victim to some awful refereeing (i'm sure you can relate to that). US ENGLISH FANS ARE PROUD OF OUR TEAM TOO

      • neo says:

        I don’t think Ghana were considered the underdogs during that game, and Germany weren’t ever considered clear favourites also, especially with Ballack out and the squad being so young. (Now that I think about it, Ghana’s a young squad as well. Average age of about 24 if I recall right. Go young ‘uns!)

        Majority of the time it was a fairly even game, until Germany made it 3-1 or 4-1. Good football was had so I’m pleased. Proud of both teams, but Germany winning made me so happy. :-) It’s sad to think this might be the last WC for Gerrard, Terry, and Lampard though…

        • cescristeven says:

          imm not doubting the quality of the germany squad, they played really well and deserved their victory. im just saying that the score line would've been different had that goal stood.

          but ghana really were the underdogs, and im happy to see them progress (not at the expense of the US ofcourse but because its good to see one african team go through). everyone expected the US team to reach the quarter finals, even the semi finals.

          i think the problem with England was that the team wasnt balanced. sure you had big name stars like gerrard, lampard, terry and rooney, but there were so many areas where they had no one…like the goal keeper or the holding midfielder, cause gareth barry was awful yesterday. germany may not have such stars but they were a very balanced team. im a fan of ozil (who really is a star of the future) and schweinsteiger (i find him really hot! dont know why).

          • neo says:

            Definitely a different scoreline, but if it could've influenced the outcome, we'll never know. :-( (Linesman, no words for you, only these: @#*&*@!!!) Ghana winning their match-up with the US back in WC2006 left an impression on some people. :-) I don't live in the US/UK, perhaps there's a difference in expectation? Aw, despite trying to maintain neutrality in the US-Ghana game, seeing Benny Feilhaber cry and 'Dolo's sadface totally broke my heart.

            ÖZIL!!! Warms my heart to hear good things about him, he deserves it sfm! He and Müller are such badass BBs. Haha there is something about Bastian no? Must be the swagger. With a smart hint of peroxide on top. :-D

  39. Linda (Gooner till I says:

    Well deserved. Germans were absolutely brilliant. A mix of pace, technique and power. This is how football should be played. Congrats !!!

    I feel for England fans though.

    • Alessandra says:

      I concur. My father (who came into the match neutral) was completely stunned by Germany today.:D He kept gasping, "That is how football should be played."

  40. taniaalonso says:

    what a awful game england played like they didnt want to be there and rooney im sure hes harbouring a secret injury ……. well at least my second team spain are still in :(