September 14th, 2010

High Street Shop: Steven Gerrard Out In Manchester

Where would we be on a slow news day without Flannels marketing team and the paparazzi alerted to ‘ballers in retail mode? Nowhere, dear readers. Nowhere. On an aside, doesn’t Stevie’s wallet look like it needs us to relieve it? Stuffed to capacity, that is.

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53 Responses to “High Street Shop: Steven Gerrard Out In Manchester”

  1. Lsexy45 says:

    ow please i fancy the f****k out of steven but he does not look stylish in this picture what a shirt a jumper and a pair of jeans and that man bag needs to go although he suits dark colours i love him so much and i got a hug of that sexy bastard well my dreams of marrying didnt come true but touching that fit ass body did plus i am a fashion designer and if he were my man i would give you women something to drewl over mind you i always like the pants he wears shows you he has a lot to give up front if you no what i mean.

    Ow and alex haters its pointeless if it werent her it would be somebody else i dont think she is all that great looking but i would die to have a pair of legs like hers.

  2. Solida says:

    god! who send that god looking gentle down to the earth! never seen anyone as handsome as him at all.
    love you, Steven.

  3. cass says:

    not a liverpool fan but he looks good

  4. Steven Gerrard- The Premier League’s best dressed footballer. Well for me, anyway

  5. Zahara (Spain NT, Ba says:


    stevie g!

    how is it those people around are not jumping you??how??

  6. Lisa says:

    look at that face… it is on the lookout for Gary Neville.

  7. tsidi says:

    Whoa! Stevie. He looks very dapper…;o) He should have been a merchant banker but then he is good as a baller anyhowz. Love you Stevie!!

  8. VeNia says:

    Lookin’ good there Stevie!!I hope you look stunning with Man United too!!

  9. Maria says:

    Am I the only one concerned that he’s walking around Manchester virtually unprotected?? I can see a few ManU fans kidnapping our captain ahead of this weekend’s derby!!!

  10. Malenka says:

    he's looking good without making an effort. unlike his wife, i have to say

  11. Elsebeth says:

    Good looking guy, a shame about the wife. Just read her column, and she is right. She is sooo boring well and shallow but she doesn’t say that herself. Mindless drivel. Maybe she should do a triathlon so she can feel she actually achieved something in life. Boring airhead.. ah great to get that off my chest :-)

    • Scarlet says:

      So true…. :-)

      You know the beautiful house I’m currently living in has two doors, the doormat in front of the frontdoor is called Coleen, the doormat in front of the backdoor is called Alex…

  12. rubyqueen says:

    looking very nice stevie baby.:)he looks like a preppy college guy. why the animosity toward’s alex.??i thik they look cute together.:)not quite a married couple i don’t know why i just don’t see them like that.??but their still cuties.:)

  13. Mrs. Torres says:

    mmmm…stevie is looking good per usual. What is it about those Liverpool boys??

  14. WagInTraining says:

    haha, my friend got offered a job at flannels by her auntie, but she turned it down, because she thought it was a place where they sold towels and flannels!

    • DebS says:

      OMG! hmmm…maybe she wants to put a call into dear Auntie now and see if there's still an opening?! :p

      • WagInTraining says:

        ahaha I think she should! I'd love a job there, if customers like steven gerrard and gerard pique shop there! :P

  15. daisy says:

    Thank god Alex is no where to be seen, she’d have only ruined the photo :)

  16. ljcm says:

    Stevie G always looks so fly. Gorgeous.

  17. CrazyforNando says:

    Such a gorgeous man!

  18. Erin says:

    Oh Captain, my Captain! *swoon*

  19. gin_in_teacups says:

    Damn that is a good looking man. I say this about very few footballers, but I think he looks even better in street clothes than in his kit. You wear those jeans Stevie!

    • He is wearing the shit out of those jeans. Jesus Christ I love this man.

      He always changes it up with the fantasies-yesterday it was wounded soldier in need of someone to nurse him back to health, today it's sexy schoolboy. I love them all.

  20. Scarlet says:

    Looking good:-), I would say he has far more class and style than his wife (calls herself an orange fashionista).But still I think the sporty-elegant-casual style looks better on Stevie, as he is just not a University or College Student (and never has been either…). May the bag would be available in a more elegant shape. I personally love men bags made from leather, but with no label showing. Just very discret and elegant…

    By the way good luck to Lexie, her first days in school must have been exhausting for her. Alex wrote in her column the world-shattering news, that Lexie is always very tired after coming back from school. No surprise with these gens… I have never expected her to be very talented and intelligent in school…

    • Scarlet says:

      Don't want to address too much critisism, as I personally like Steven G., but still I'm picky and have very high standards concerning men (including footie players).

      That just don't impress me much if one earns 100'000 pounds a week for doing not much more than running after the ball. Real values like intelligence, open minded views on life, a proper education, stylish cloths without stylist, a character don't have much worth in the media world today…. Sadly, as these are the lasting values making a men irresistible… May Steven has these values and is lovely, but not a college shirt, jeans or a style are revealing them….

      • DebS says:

        'for doing not much more than running after the ball.'

        Really?! Then you have no idea how much hard work and sacrifice these guys have put in for practically their whole life to make it to where they can earn '100’000 pounds a week'.

        I agree that a man's values are what make a man attractive other than looks or how much money they make. However, you are minimizing the "values"/qualities that a man (or woman) learns by participating in team sports, such as team work, loyalty to the team, dedication, determination, time management, etc.

        AND I can guarantee you that intelligence is not determined by what type of degree you have. There are many genuises and other highly intelligent people in the world who don't have a college degree and some even a high school degree.

        I, also, come from a family of athletes and coaches who participate or have participated at the high school, college and even professional levels. So please do not minimize the effort, skill, etc. that it takes to be a successful athlete. :

        • I agree with you, DebS. Just because they 'run after a ball' doesn't mean they aren't intelligent, open-minded and all the rest. Some might not be, but it'd be rather unfair to stereotype them all.

          And what they do is incredibly hard and to get where they are, they do sacrifice a lot. I remember reading a recent interview of The Ramos where he spoke of feeling jealous of his friends at 15. We get to see only the glamorous side of things, not all the hard work that goes on before their turn in the spotlight.

          • Scarlet says:

            I agree with you both in some points, but even if they have to train a lot and may don’t have the time to hang around with let’s say 15 years old, the amount of money they get each week is in no relation. May you allow me to compare a footie player to a heart surgeon. The surgeon surly never gets the same amount of money as a footie player, although I doubt that the footie players life is harder. Don’t forget the surgeons time they have to invest to get the degree and then the experience… Footie players are overpaid. Besides they mostly didn’t enjoy a proper education and struggle to cope with fame and way too much money.

            But still if you love to get on with praising and treating the players as heroes without even knowing their personalities, that works for me. But I just don’t go with this flow…

  21. mel says:

    he looks so classy!!!! just lovely!!! :)

  22. Nando and Stevie&#03 says:

    Stevie is so hot and classy on and off the pitch. This is an amazing pic of him out doing some shopping. Nice to see him out without Alex.

  23. Rider says:

    Does anyone know what that insignia is on Gerrard's sweater? Is that some sort of private club crest/badge? Or a designer's logo?

  24. Kylie says:

    Love his casual style, always very classy.

  25. ninjess says:

    Ugh…could he GET any more gorgeous?

    No. I didn't think so. *sigh*

    I'm volunteering to be his personal shopper. Otherwise known as, "gee, luv, those trousers don't seem to fit quite right. Perhaps you should try this pair. No, no. Go ahead and change in front of me – I'm a professional."

    • elylovesfootball says:

      LOL at the last phrase :D

      oh my.. *drools on keyboard while thinks of stevie changing in front of me*

  26. Hannah (Mrs Gerrard- says:

    No matter where steven is he always looks HAWT!!! ;)

    Glad Alex isn't in this photo. 'cause whenever she is it makes me upset to think that there is never a chance :( ( but other than that ^^ this is one of many perfect pictures of him :)

  27. Tasty Torres #9 says:

    Ladies I don't think that's his wallet….if you know what i mean

  28. aristeia says:

    Lord have mercy. As usual, Stevie looks absolutely delicious and very manly. Class.

  29. elylovesfootball says:

    Wow Stevie.. just wow

    he looks gorgeous as usual :)

  30. Is it just me or does 'Flannels' sound anything BUT a luxury brand? Every time I see that name it makes me think of wash clothes or cozy, stuffed toys!

  31. Red_Girl says:

    Oh I wish that man weren’t so delish-gorge-able. BTW fellow reds, is that Gratty aging badly in the background?

  32. aps says:

    Looking good as usual.