January 5th, 2011

High Street Stroll: Wesley & Yolanthe Sneijder In Milan

We’ve no idea why one of the top 3 WAG hair goddesses like Yolanthe would choose this flat, black colour for her killer locks instead of her usual gorge honey-glazed brown. We’re taking it personal. Why would she do this to US?

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39 Responses to “High Street Stroll: Wesley & Yolanthe Sneijder In Milan”

  1. beccie says:

    if you live in holland you would be tottaly fed up with them as i am. SMH

  2. xoWinnie says:

    she looks hot…albeit, kind of evil now lol

  3. flower says:

    These two are such a arrogant couple in holland they are very hated this girl only loves his money.
    She does annything for attention she goes shopping with high heels and a lot of make up common they only want to be photographed by the paparazzi

  4. Ash Menon says:

    Are you kidding me? The black is gorge. I wish the boots were a tiny bit higher, it’s a bit iffy where it is. But other than that, I heart her look.

  5. rubyqueen says:

    i love the hair and she is a gorgeous girl too.:) (reaches fir the black dye)

  6. Tephy says:

    Kickette girls are so fickle. Srsly.
    I think her hair is totally gorge. Black hair works best when paired with bright colored clothes, so maybe she was prepping for summer?

  7. Pam says:

    I like her hair the way she has it. Whats wrong with black? Thats her natural hair color..

  8. ieuw i hate those 2

  9. Lulu says:

    I think black hair makes her look more like a Queen B… i love it!!

  10. senora ramos says:

    i like the black. shrugs. but she has such amazing hair anyways.

  11. Liz says:

    When I first saw her I thought she was pretty gorgeous but lately IMO she hasn't been looking that way. She is still very pretty but that picture above doesn't do her any good.

  12. Footbal says:

    her face looks PLASTIC

  13. anna says:

    I find that finger poking into his stomach very disturbing..
    not even talking about if it
    is his.. is it hers…

  14. Lily Montella says:

    She is gorgeous!!!

    • Lily Montella says:

      and I think they look great! I am happy for him since he had such bad luck with his ex wife

  15. marloes says:

    her face is diiferent because she done a lot of plastic surgery botox her lips also she wants too look like megan fox so sad

  16. Wow says:

    She's trying a new hair colour, but i agree kickette the honey-glazed brown is the better of the two colours for Yo! considering her skin tone!!

  17. Negra Cabreada says:

    She's still pretty, but her face looks slightly different now…

  18. Lynz says:

    God she's gorgeous…
    Now I'm gonna go look at pictures of Xabi topless so I feel straight again :S

  19. Anjali says:

    Bad jeans or not, they definitely make a handsome couple, buuut I do hate her jacket. It looks like a sack of crows..

  20. Love_is_in_the_air says:

    omg!! she's gorgeous!

  21. Elle says:

    Good lord, if you all think this is "bad" "dull" hair you must have been raised in a Vidal Sassoon salon, possibly by stylist hating black hair. I'm a bit scared to meet any of the kickette crew in real life. Your retinas would probably detach if you had to look at me or you'd chase me down the street with torches. She looks fabu! (note: I refer only to the hair up).

  22. Poppy says:

    I love her hair!! If i want to have it like this I would need 20 hairdresser :)
    But her jeans is horrible the hair don´t need highlights the jeans needs them soo much more!
    I have to admit she is beautiful but i think she needs some colour maybe another jacket.
    The outfit would be better than;)

  23. mamaly says:


  24. LaB says:

    I wonder how some people on here dress like LOL I do not like the jacket but if she does, she should wear it. The woman is not dressing for everyone's approval….*looks confused* she does look great with black hair as well. Beauty can't be destroyed.

  25. @livlivinha says:

    My goodness! You girls complain about everything! o.O For one: the jeans are ok. They're millionaires, that does not mean they have to wear top clothes all the time. Helloooo, they're human beings, not slaves to fashion. And Yoyo's locks are outstanding, for God's sake! What's wrong with being brunette? I think she looks pretty great in both brown and black hair. Highlights. Everybody wears highlights… that's so cheesy! If the hair is naturally dark and it is dyed yellow it looks low-class, following like sheeps.

    • sab says:

      I don't think they mean blond highlights, they just mean something to give her hair dimension. Like this it looks like bad dye out of a box, not natural. Natural hair has lights and darks, highlights and lowlights.

    • Alessandra says:

      MTE!! she's beautiful and that's not the ugliest outfit in the universe or whatever. besides, i like it when i see wags "dressing down like this."

  26. Violets says:

    She could use a few highlights, but her hair is so amazing that it's hard to think that it looks bad. Those jeggings and his horrible baggy jeans, on the other hand? You're in MILAN, people. Don't tell me that you could find something better.

  27. shay says:

    Both of them are wearing truly horrible jeans. All that money and they buy jeans that look like their mother made them at home. Wierd.

  28. Don't really like the shoes, or the gorilla-style coat, but otherwise, I think she looks kinda cool. She's pretty :)

  29. Merel says:

    Ugh, the brown was so much better. She looks much harsher with the black.