June 25th, 2010

Hola! – The 5 Hottest Spanish Players In The World Cup

Xabi Alonso explains the merits of ginger beard wearing to a correctly skeptical Fernando Torres & David Villa (Images:  Reuters, AP Photos and Getty Images via Daylife)

We’ve sort of done this before, y’know. But since the World Cup kicked off (and we’ve seen fit to offer our little insights into our favourite players on various national teams), the dull roar of dissent and disappointment in the comments area has increased to such a volume we’re unable to enjoy torturing the interns with the office vuvuzela anymore.

We’ve brought you Portuguese boys, Italian macho-men, and the English crumpets we love so dearly, but it’s still not enough, really, is it? We can’t sign off on Hot NT lists without leaving you to feast upon the menu of tasty tapas that is the 5 Hottest Spanish NT players playing in the World Cup.

1.Iker Casillas… & the Keepers

No, not some horrifying popular beat combo from hell. (Although we’re thinking it’s kinda snappy.) Ladies, we’re breaking with tradition here to offer our top spot to all three delightful hunks of loveliness that currently keep goal for the Spanish NT. They’re a trifecta of tasty and we make the man-meat sandwiches around here. Rules meant to be broken and all that.

Iker Casillas, Victor Valdes and Pepe Reina (or Valdillna as we’ve decided to baptise this tantalising triumvirate), long may your hands be safe and your nets be empty. Amen.


2. Fernando Torres

Is it possible that this bitch-facing bundle of loveliness could do anything to destroy our love? He cut his hair. We loved it. He had a baby. We loved her. Quite conceivably if the guy announced he was a big fan of bog snorkelling we’d seriously consider taking it up. We would look so hot in flippers.


3. Sergio Ramos

The Ramos is mysterious. The Ramos is mesmerising. The Ramos is man.

Actually, to be honest, The Ramos is a loon bag who wears a hairband (left) that states his name. Speculation that it also states his address and mother’s phone number is as yet unconfirmed.


4. Cesc Fabregas

Unsettled at Arsenal, uncertain in the NT – it’s going to be a long and difficult summer for  Cescy. Wherever he ends up though, you can guarantee we will be following closely to ensure maximum exposure of this.


5. Xabi Alonso

The third of our Spanish boys to feature in the Kickette Finest Five (where would we be without this lot, seriously?!) even Xabi’s ill-advised foray into the world of ginger beards hasn’t been sufficient to dampen our ardour. Xabi? Please stop it.  Our love for you is actually starting to hurt.


Honourable Mentions

David Villa: We suspect that David Villa’s inclusion as an honourable mention only will be one of many points of controversy in this list. However, we have carefully… er… ‘reviewed’ each player thoroughly and have decided we could make a case for practically every single player apart from Carlos Puyol.

He’s here. He’s scoring goals. Get used to it.


Raul Albiol: This wouldn’t be one of our lists without a fancied outsider. Cute, fluffy and already bearing the Kickette seal of approval, we’ve decided we’d like to kiss his face. You?

Do spill the beans on your Top 5, Kickettes!

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265 Responses to “Hola! – The 5 Hottest Spanish Players In The World Cup”

  1. JANESSA says:

    david villa
    iker casillas
    xabi alonso
    raul albiol
    omfg i could die for them soo sexy

  2. gill says:

    mine would me :
    4.Fernando Toores
    5.Torres Fernando

  3. dina says:

    Where the heck is Pique??

  4. naghmeh villa says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 ooohhhhhhh mmmmyyy goooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!just ****DAVID VILLA SANCHEZ**** <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. fran says:

    was everyone blind throughout this world cup? did no one open their eyes to the absolute GOD that is pedro?!?! blatantly the most gorgeous guy in the team, the country… and possibly the world!

  6. @vrock112 says:

    I was browsing your site and found this which i LOVE! Completely agree but i read this and got a little sad…I think he did do something to destroy some fans love for him :(

    2. Fernando Torres

    Is it possible that this bitch-facing bundle of loveliness could do anything to destroy our love? He cut his hair. We loved it. He had a baby. We loved her. Quite conceivably if the guy announced he was a big fan of bog snorkelling we’d seriously consider taking it up. We would look so hot in flippers.

  7. DavidVilla7_Lover says:

    noooo..! the hottest 5 are for sure Villa, Iker, Fabregas, Pique & Torres defently not Ramos..

  8. RealTalk says:

    It's quite impossible to cut down the list to 5 players because the spain nt has SO MANY GOODLOOKING BEAUTIES!
    Iker, Pepe, Victor, Sergio, Gerard, Xabi, Cesc, David, Fernando T, Fernando L.

    Just sayin.

  9. Mrs.Torres-Pique says:

    My perfect list!!!
    1-Fernando Torres
    2-Gerard Pique
    3-Sex Fabregas
    4-Iker Casillas
    5-Xabi Alonso


  10. Spain4eva says:

    What about David Silva?! I love him. Top 5 definetly in my book. And I am sooooo happy he has gone to Man City. That means he will be in the public eye alot more. And that is great. I LOVE DAVID!!!

  11. Kile says:

    NO Pique?! SERIOUSLY?

    • Kile says:

      Oops, I was so in shock, I forgot to leave my list.

      1. Pique

      2. Cesc

      3. Torres

      4. Iker

      5. Pepe

  12. Tara says:

    This list is wonderful!!!

  13. Bella says:

    I really like that you did the hottest 5 players from many of the world cup teams but I think you should try to do all 32 teams. The Mexican team although eliminated has a lot of hotties. 1. Rafa Marquez 2. Javier Hernandez 3. Carlos Vela 4. Giovani Dos Santos 5. Memo Ochoa

  14. elnino says:

    1. Fernando Torres, no explanation needed.
    2. Sergio Ramos, because, yum..
    3. Bojan Krkic. I know he’s not playing right now but he Does play with Spain.
    4. Xabi Alonso, oh so mature!
    5. Pepe Reina, I wuv his baldness. And his daughter.

  15. ElNino9 says:

    Replace the Ramos for Villa and that list is pretty much perfect Kickette ;)

    I would like to say that Pique is growing on me quite a bit though…

  16. senora ramos says:

    well since everyone else is doing a top five, i'll join the party

    1) el gitano, sergio ramos (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) i love you el ramos

    2) dahveed veeyah (senor bitchface indeed)

    3) navarente (jesus navas and fernando llorente b/c the eyes have it)

    4) xavi (there really is just SOMETHING about that man. i cannot explain)

    5) pique. i love you you tall drink of water. sexy!!!

    honorable mention: xabeard, albiol, sex, and iker (with beard)

  17. Amunt Valencia! says:

    1. DAVID VILLA- not just from the spanish NT players..but from the entire futbol history of players besides pablo

    2. CESC FABREGAS..love his accent

    3. IKER CASILLAS..without the beard

    4. TORRES


  18. stephie says:

    1.sergio ramos
    2.xavi hernandez
    3.xabi alonso
    4.iker casillas
    5.jesus navas


  19. zztop says:

    Let's have a kickette wide vote on the whole team. One kickette, one vote. Let's see who ends up on top.

  20. Lisa says:

    Where is Gerard Piqué? He is the hottest!!
    My top 5:
    1- Gerard Pique
    2- Cesc Fabregas
    3- Fernando Llorente
    4- Fernando Torres
    5- Iker Casillas

  21. SunshineD says:

    1.Iker (it’s an honorary number 1 for I’ve been drooling over him since 1999 lol)
    2. Pique, or my curent obsession
    3. Torres
    4. Xabi Alonso
    5. Sergio Ramos

  22. iida says:

    Okay I can't believe this post has become one of the most commented ones EVER in Kickette history. It's edging up on the Crowd Pleasers list in the right-hand column. Not that I'm complaining, keep it up ladies! (And I mean c'mon, we're talking Spanish futbolistas here, how could we NOT comment?)

  23. sye villa says:

    omg……. for me… david villa is so HOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

    HE SCORED A LOT!! THEN, torres or nando! wow… this website is kind of cool………. now i know…. villa luv u!

  24. Kate says:

    Why is David Villa only a runner-up? For me, my top 5 would be:

    1. David Villa
    2. Iker Casillas
    3. Xabi Alonso
    4. Kevin Prince Boateng
    5. Diego Benaglio

    God bless them deelish players :)

  25. nazi says:

    just xaviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  26. kwonzer50 says:

    I love the Spanish Team. This is a cute shot, cute as in the three of them look like they just got of Sunday school or something. Cute! nevertheless…

  27. kelly o'keeffe says:

    hi my order of these 5 hottest players are:
    1.cesc fabregas
    2.david villa
    3.fernado torres
    4.xabi alonso

  28. zztop says:

    1. Xabi / Navas el Duende ( couldn't decide)

    3. San Iker

    4. Villa el Guaje

    5. Sex Fabregas

    Honorable mention: David Silva – pint sized but adorable, Puyol when I'm in a strange mood.

  29. Tashinka says:

    I see we're all quite vocal about this, and it seems that what we can really agree on is that this team is THE HOTTEST.

    I wouldn't kick any of them out of bed, but there wouldn't be much room because the tall drink of water that is Piqué would already be taking up 6' 3 1/2" of it. He's first in my book, even though he's a foot taller and 13 years younger than me!

    (To be fair, I wouldn't kick any of the USMNT out of bed, either. They have pretty consistent hotness across the board.)

    • senora ramos says:

      lol! i agree w/ you, except it’s obvs sergio that would betaking up room in mine…lol

      the only usmnt i’m unsure on, hercules looks a lot like obama and that would be weird. lol!

      • Tashinka says:

        Snort. Okay, I might be able to give you that. :D

        Stewie looks barely legal… so he might have to sit that one out for me.

  30. emma says:

    where's pique!?

  31. 1.Xabi Alonzo (underrated)
    2.Sergio Ramos

    honorable mentions:
    Navas (those eyes), (Cesc would be #5 but I am protesting this new beard)

  32. Andy says:


  33. Sylvia15 says:

    OMG Kickette i hav waited so long for the 5 hottest spanish players!!!

    2. Xabi Alonso
    3. Gerard Pique!!
    4. Iker Casillas
    5. David Villa!!

    Raul is cute but Sergio Ramos? He’s never done it for me..


  34. iida says:

    Oh my, as I watched them play against Chile I noticed Javier Martinez for the first time. He’s tall and handsome and might have to be added as an honourable mention on my list. But he’s only 21, so he certainly has time to invade the scene…

  35. Karen says:

    1. CESC♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Nando:)
    3. Pique
    4. Cesc… agaaainn
    5. Bojan

    honorable mentions:
    Xabi Alonso & Iker.. sorry girls i know they are smoking HOT but i’m BARÇA♥ till death…

  36. loula says:

    where is PIQUÉ????

  37. Mel says:

    How in the world could you not put Gerard Piqué on the list!

    • ali says:

      Agreed! Kickette, you should seriously consider writing a huge Spanish NT post with deets and snark on every member (even Puyol – sure you can find something)… with lots and lots of pretty pictures. There’s a lot of love out there, but always room for more.

  38. carrie says:

    Strangly, my friend fancies the pants of Puyol…thinks he’s a bit of rough, lol! I think she needs stronger glasses, but each to their own, I guess!

  39. cescyspain says:

    1) CESC!!!! marry me! and i’ll keep you away from barca (except pique, we
    can have a threesome). please shave.
    2) Villa – cuz i love his BITCHFACE and HE IS ON FIRE!!

    3) Pique – threesome

    4) Iker – THE PROFILE, im soooo glad he shaved.

    5) xabi – cuz both of us love stevie.

  40. LittleMissJulia says:

    Agree with the ladies Pique is def missing! How can he be left out? That is just so wrong.

    And speaking of king bitchface David Villa: if you look “Señor Bitchface” up on urbandictionary.com a reference to kickette shows up. That is just awesome Whoever posted that is def a kickette! We are taking over the internet!

  41. CescHoney says:

    1. Fabregas
    2. Fabregas <3 .. he's absolutely gorgeous and deserves to be mentioned twice
    3. Villa
    4. Cassillas
    5. Albiol

  42. lil' Red says:


    well, this is my list right here :

    1: Villa!!!

    2: Torres

    3: Fabregas

    4. Piqué

    5. Casillas

  43. cescristeven says:

    1)SEX FABREGAS!!!!





    if cesc ever wanted a career in music he could name his band, the SEX FABREGAS EXPERIENCE. ladies would be flooding arenas for that!!

  44. Ranya says:

    1. David Villa

    2. Iker Casillas

    3. Gerard Pique

    4. Juan Mata

    5. Fernando Torres

    6. Jesus Navas

    7. David Silva

    8. Raul Albiol

    9. Xabi Alonso

    10. Francesc Fabregas

  45. adnone says:


  46. lulu says:

    Has anybody noticed how much Xavi and David Villa look alike???

    On the other hand, I feel guilty for watching this and mildly supporting Spain after Italy left. But it’s soooo goood… guilty pleasures are great :)

    Oh and I can’t function normally after watching the Gerard Piqué ad for the cookies.. That finger, those lips… *faint*

  47. Milena says:

    1) CESC !!

    2) Iker

    3) Raul Albiol

    4) Nando

    5) Villa

  48. julia says:

    1. Nando
    2. Cesc
    3. Ramos
    4. Iker
    5. Pique

    Honourable mentions: Villa, Navas and Albiol.

    • Alisha says:

      You've got it! I'm surprised Kickette never never included Pique!!

      • Barcelista says:

        Pique should definitely be on that list!!! Can't believe they didn't include my Gerard!! He is just soooo freaking f***ing H-O-T!!!!!

        • julia says:

          thanks girls..I also think Pique should be on the list, but hey, it is a hard decision to make this list, specially when it is about the hottest players of all! Can't wait until tuesday SPAIN-PORTUGAL, good football and lots of yummie men to watch ;)

          • lil' Red says:

            oh! so true…that will be one heck of a game :)

            • julia says:

              i know!! just imagine nando and c-ron in a glide tackle, hopefully it might rain aswell so get them a bit wet and ooooh…sorry i’m just dreamin’. just bring on the game!!!

  49. Winnie says:

    LOL i agree with the Puyol thing! yeesh! a face only a gold-digger could “love” aha!
    and playing for Barça doesn’t help him much in my book either lol!
    i also share the disgruntlement of those who are OUTRAGED about Pique’s exclusion.
    i swear that’s not even legal…

    anyways, here’s my list:

    1. El Ramos (hands down–pants down)
    2. Gerard Piqué (mm mm MMM!!)
    3. Sex Fabregas (the name says it all)
    4. San Iker Casillas & the Keepers (minus Reina…not too into the baldies)
    5. Xabi Alonso (honestly the DILF of the century, no?)

    honourable mentions:
    the incredibly adorable Jesus Navas…like seriously. whoever mentioned his sensitivity and his homesickness, completely right.just the cutest guy!…and those eyes…speechless!
    Raul Albiol: because he is just the cute soft-spoken guy who looks like he reads Siddhartha and books about the search for enlightenment on his spare time! awe! :D
    Alvaro Arbeloa: tall and handsome. it’s the perfect formula.

    wouldn’t make the cut:
    Puyol: for obvious reasons…although he seems like a real nice guy.
    David Villa: his attitude bothers me. like, everyone knows your good, no need to be a dick. plus i swear he was mildly attractive before…what happened?
    Iniesta: i actually love him! but i would just…never go there lol
    Pepe Reina: don’t find him hot at all, and the baldness doesn’t help lol
    David Silva: it’s the mole.

    i suppose the others i haven’t mentioned could come along for the ride :P

    • Isabella says:

      Wait, I thought Silva got rid of the mole? He's still cute though!

      • Winnie says:

        he DID?!?!

        …i'll have to google this…

        • Isabella says:

          Well, I think so anyway. I haven't noticed it lately and I probably would have. Plus, on the FIFA website, he doesn't have it.

          • Winnie says:

            i googled it!

            he certainly did, but meh…i'm probably just not into him!

            • Isabella says:

              wait, wait, lmao you pound proof?! for real?! where?!!?!?!?!? lmao omg that's such a relief. who would want to mate with someone with a mole on their face? he's cute, but, like you said, the mole just kills it

    • Amunt Valencia! says:

      yea silvas mole is a gonner…
      and villa is not a dick..idk what your talking
      about..but compared to a lot of other players hes
      innocent…except when he does his lovely bitchface
      and hes still damn good looking

      • Isabella says:

        Wait, can one of you show me the actual thing that says 100% he got rid of the mole? And I have to agree with Winnie. Villa seems like such a dick.

  50. ariela says:

    this is just the hottest team ever! i honestly watch the games alone because i get so loud and i would have a fit if anyone was cheering against me that close to me, they might just get hit with a vuvuzela, jk. then on top of that, im watchin and lookin out for everything, flashes of hot bums, abs, nipple celebrations, mmm hmmmm =) that dvr is so handy lol, its full of the spanish national team

    • ariela says:

      this is totally not related but i saw this clip on you tube the other day, sergio ramos was givin an interview and i think it said something about him cutting his hair if they win the world cup, no =( he cant do that

      • senora ramos says:

        sergio!!! don't do it!!! i love your long locks. DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR! it's almost a reason to cheer for them NOT to win the wc!

        • senora ramos says:

          OMG! i just watched the interview. don't do it sergio. you are trying to make me cry. don't you remember how dreadful it looked last time? your sexy ponytail cannot go!! why are you saying these things :'(

          • Winnie says:


            i feel your pain.

            summer of 2009 was a time of mourning for Sergio fans

            all my friends who could never understand my attraction to him in the first place, just POUNCED on that lol!

            he can't do it! it was just beginning to look acceptable again!!

      • KRISTINA says:

        Ramos without lon hair …impossible :D

  51. wOW says:

    Totally agree the Spanish team are HOT and they know it! The keepers package seals the deal for me. Call me Iker ;)

    Spain to the FINALS!

  52. Deedz says:

    Loved the list…except Cesc was a little too far down my liking. He’s more like NUMBER ONE.

  53. zztop says:

    Navas is mine, ALL MINE you hear that ladies? MINE !!!!!

  54. natalie says:

    NAVAS needs a mention because his eyes are just oh so mesmerizing

    • YasminMarisa says:

      Completely agree. All through the match my cousin and I kept talking about how amazing his eyes are. And he has the best. Name. Ever.

  55. aps says:

    Hottest. Team. Ever.! I just noticed that Torres has Olalla and Nora's name tatted on the back of each forearm. How sweet.

  56. Dylulu says:

    I'm hurt! Where in the world is Piqué?

  57. Ana;) says:

    Omg my hubby Ger’ is not up here ;( then again you’re right kickette most of the Spanish team could be on here minus some exceptions lol cesc looks all grown up!! Yummy as always too

  58. [...] Kickette’s five hottest Spanish players. [Kickette] [...]

  59. MPk! says:

    PIQUE IS NOT IN THE LIST?!!!… no… NOOOO… can’t be!
    HE MUST BE!!!!
    He’s necessary… he’s.. HE’S GOT TO BE ON THE TOP 5… EVEN IN THE TOP 3!!!
    here’s my list:
    1. PIQUE
    2. VALDES
    3. XABI
    4. IKER
    5. CESC

  60. Mel says:


    This is brilliant. Love Valdillna, sooo hillarious!

  61. juventina says:

    Question. WHERE IS PIQUE?!!? :(

    1. Fabregas

    2. Pique

    3. Villa

    4. Albiol

    5. Torres

  62. Mrs Fabregas says:

    OMG girls….u are all absolutely hilarious!! i have been reading all ur comments in the last 10mins n its like iam watching a comedy film!!! luved it!

    iam new here n its the first time iam writing a comment but here is my top 5:

    1. defo CESC….wat can i say…i have been watching him play for arsenal since years n he has grown into one absolutely HOT n SEXY guy!!! n how i love the beard…(i really hope he doesnt leave arsenal! who else am i gonna watch huh? would miss his sexy spanish accent n lips n eyes…ahhhhh EVERYTHING!!!

    2. PIQUE…gotta say i have noticed him in his last year at MANUTD n was kinda sad when he left but omg has he done some BEAUTIFUL changes…woow!

    3. NANDO…u just gotta love fernando! him n his cute freckles lol

    4. SERGIO RAMOS…just one word…SEXY!!! his body, his beautiful hair (could go on and on and on…)

    5. XABI ALONSO…ahhh he is just sooo MANLY with his beard!!!

    but u girls are absolutely right…WORLD CUP 2010 (looks-wise) goes to SPAIN…and 2006 went to the italian team (oh yh and they won the Cup…so we might have another repeat here lol)

    p.s. i dont understand the hype about xavi…arrgghh cant stand that guy (mainly because he is trying to take my man cesc away from me :-( )

    oh yh i double the request for the argentinian NT….(SEXY higuian!)

  63. Chivas says:

    I like seeing the lists – you definitely do your research. How about the Mexican team next? (Or are there not five decent ones?:-)

  64. Ace says:

    1. MaraVILLA

    2. Nando

    3. Piqué

    4. Alonso

    5. Xavi

    LOVE. ღ

  65. EternalDreamer says:

    I like the list, but I'd replace Ramos him with Navas – those gorgeous eyes!

  66. ash says:






  67. Kata says:

    I would place what seems to be the 50th vote for Pique- although this list is good…there is really no ranking them seeing as there is so much sexy on the field when they play I may get pregnant from the other side of the tv!

  68. Molly says:

    Yayyyyyy we are going to be seeing more of these hotties!! They won and topped group H!!!!!!!

  69. Inés says:

    I disagree with Villa not being in the top 5!

    1- Cesc

    2- David Villa

    3- Sergio

    4- Juan Mata

    5- Piqué

    they are all hot indeed!

  70. torres_is_diver says:

    i cant stand torres after he dived and had a player sent off in the match against chile…so he's definitely off my list and is being replaced by PIQUE!! also CESC IS NUMERO UNO!

    • rubyqueen says:

      HEY FERNANDO DID NOT DIVE.!!!he just tripped over.:(( if i had to choose just one of them to spend the night with it would be fernando he is just sooooooooo gorgeous.:) saying that gerard pique would be a close second.heehee.;)xx

      • torres_is_diver says:

        so he tripped and then stayed down for 2-3 minutes…isnt that play acting and called a dive?!! you gys need to see beyond his looks. Im so over torres. he's completely off his game. thank god for villa! villa Maravilla.

    • aps says:

      he did not dive! If you're running at full speed the SLIGHTEST touch will send you FALLING. Do you understand that? Or maybe not. His heel got clipped while he was running at full speed which is why he fell. Plus that guy had deserved a yellow 10 mins before for tripping Iniesta on his way to goal so justice was served. Get over it.

      • torres_is_diver says:

        replays showed he dived. I love spain, but come on, be fair!

      • maria says:

        you should get your eye sight checked. there was virtually no contact between the two. torres dived! get over it!

        • rubyqueen says:

          i agree with you maria.someone need's to go to specsavers because nando DID NOT DIVE.!!!he clipped his ankle.!!! but i do agree that he need's to improve his game.:((i don't know what's wrong.:(

          • rubyqueen says:

            sorry i recind my comment I DON’T AGREE WITH MARIA.!!!i’m slightly tipsy.:) but you need to go to specsavers cos nando DID NOT DIVE..something is wrong with him big time.:((

            • maria says:

              lets assume, he didnt dive (which most of the spanish press are saying that he did) and he tripped himself (which seems to be the only alternative scenario worth considering) why did he stay down for 2-3 minutes?! isnt play acting just as bad? especially since the other player had no contact with him. he really did make a meal out of that one. I’m sorry but if the same thing happened to spain, each and every one of you would be on for the kill…just seems a little unfair. not that the guy didnt deserve to get sent off for the challenge on iniesta (because i am supporting spain) but not for this. Unfortunately, this was torres’ first and last contribution to the game. i know i may seem like a bitch to all of torres’ female fans, sorry! didnt mean to offend anyone except torres. sorry again!

              • cescyspain says:

                i dont think he dived cuz it seems as if he tripped himself. but he really overdid with all the acting there (apologies ruby). so i agree with maria in that its just as bad. i remember busquets’ peek-a-boo despite the contact with motta and everyone was absolutely FURIOUS!! so nando’s waaaayyy down in my book now. but thats not all… NO PIQUE??!! and cesc is FOURTH??! – you’re number one for me cesc. you’re a close second villa.

                • rubyqueen says:

                  it’s alright cescyspin:P i do rather agree with your comment about the play acting.he didn’t need to stay down sooo long.!:( but i don’t like his performance’s.!!is he injured or is something mentally wrong.?you know with his wife or something.??i don’t know.!!:((

                  • cescyspain says:

                    aww…*hugs*. i understand your frustration especially when i see cesc start on the bench…it kills me!!

                    • rubyqueen says:

                      (hugs you back)i'm grateful for your understanding.:) it's hard loving a footballer.:((people never warn you about how passionate you get..

  71. Zizou says:

    How on earth is Gerard piqué NOT on the list? And cesc is a sex beast therefore number one !

  72. c-kyiv says:

    This whole team is too HOT to single them out I mean most of the team can go for a modeling career. CAUSE THEY ARE ALL HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. caitanya says:

    #1, without "& the keepers" sorry, there is only one #1!!!! :-D

    #2, adorable

    #5, classy and sexy

    Honourable mention: albiol–so cute!

  74. Alessandra says:

    ALMOST got MY list right, kickette. only difference is the swap between villa and ramos.;P

  75. simone says:

    tifa you are so right i used to be all about Iker and Sergio Ramos and although they are still in my top 3, I agree that Pique should be number one, i really discovered him this year, and he is frickin hot.

  76. barcagooner says:

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned david silva..or izzit i'm the only one who loves him?

    Here's my list:

    1. Villa

    2. Xabi

    3. Xavi

    4. Silva

    5. Victor Valdes

    Honorable mention : Sex(y) Fabregas! and the rest of the team (except Puyol, I agree with Kickette on this :D )

  77. Kleon says:

    No Navas (and his amazing eyes)?? Awww Kickette too bad =( should pay more attention to him. This could be the last chance!

  78. D.J says:


    1) Sex Fabregas ('nuff said)

    2) Iker

    3) Villa MARAVILLA

    4) Gerard Pique

    5) Xabi

    i dunno, nando looks too much like a girl to be hot. my brother thinks, he's gay. and ramos – kinda looks like a horse. No offence.

    • Maria says:

      THIS would be my list too…completely agree about torres, he's so girly…really disappointed pique and villa arent on the list.

  79. Tash says:

    you had me at Sergio!!!! God, that man is gorgeous!!

    • noelle says:

      he is fine! whenever i see anything about him i just have this permanent stupid grin on my face and i feel all happy and excited inside lol….

  80. Nancy says:

    Lord have mercy!

    I love them all

    I'd take them all

    even Puyol.

    But no list is complete without Pique, That tall pile of hottness is top of my list. It goes like this….

    1- Pique

    2- Villa

    3- Torres

    4- Fabregas

    5- Xavi ( while I don't think he's hot, there is that air of mystery about him that keeps me interested)

    Also, can we do Argentina now please? Pretty please?

  81. julia says:

    oooh this must have been a hard one for u kickette, but I think u did really well here!! but ooooh NANDO, just hope ur ok hun!! Don't want any injuries or whatsoever now.. :| *dead afraid!!*

  82. Sarah says:

    I am very passionate about the spainsh team…where was piqué?!?!??!!!!
    It should be as follows:
    iker(as I lovingly call him)
    this is the way!!!

  83. Tora says:

    The Spain team is so hot that you can't pick only five players! :P However, I like the list. :) But, where is Gerard Pique?!

  84. Kiki says:

    No way ALbiol just gets Honourable Mentions!

    Its like






    Honourable Mentions Torres and Iker


  85. iloveeManUnited says:

    wheres pique?
    i think it should be
    1 villa
    2 ramos
    3 pique
    4= cesc
    4= torres
    5) goalkeepers (reina aint in top 5)
    xabi, albiol, krkic, xavi are also fit (:

  86. Molly says:

    The Spanish NT should put warning labels on their kits saying “Caution the hottness of this team may cause melting and sherking from women across the world”. Hehehehe I know its corny lol but I though it was funny when I thought it :) . They are all so hot and sexy. The sexiest NT ever!

    • senora ramos says:

      lol, i don't think it's corney!

      it only makes sense that the team that plays the most beautiful futbol are the most beautiful team.

      molly, i'm just about as nervous today as i was wed. madness!

      • Thea says:

        Ramos – it will be fine…. as long as Spain win! We are all there for each other, except for Trisha who must be pulling extra shifts!

        • Molly says:

          OMG where is Trisha?! I am worried about her. But isn't she from South Africa? Maybe she is too caught up in all the WC craziness lololol. And I was reading the comment below about your brother going to the WC final…SO JEALOUS!! Is he taking you?? Because I would be made if my brother was going without me lolol.

          • Thea says:

            No – my brother got all the brains out of us both, so he gets to go with his job! Am so bummed, but hey at least he could get to see Spain (or even England) in the final!!!

          • MrsNesta says:

            Molly – Trisha is working security at the games, not sure which ones shes is going to be at, but she got close to the spanish players at the Confed Cup, lucky, lucky girl and Thea I’m well jealous of your brother, he needs to report to us all he sees there lolololol :)

            • Thea says:

              I know life is not always fair, but at least I’ll get a better view on the TV, that’s if I’m not working it!

            • Molly says:

              MrsNesta- Ohh yeah thats right see does work security. She is so likely lol.
              Thea- You need to tell him to take lots of pictures so that you can post them here lol.

              • Molly says:

                OMG I am horrified. I just noticed all my spelling mistakes lol. I meant "Oh yeah SHE does work security. She is so LUCKY". lololol

                • MrsNesta says:

                  haha knew what you meant, thats what watching hot spanish ballers does to you LOLOLOLOL :)

      • Molly says:

        Aww thanks Ramos for not thinking it was corny! I thought it and told my fiance and my brother and they looked at me like I was an moron lol. So I was the only one who was laughing lol :) . But I am super nervous for this game but as I am writing this sexy David Villa scored another goal lolol! GO DAVID!!!!!!! YOU SEXY MAN!!!

        • MrsNesta says:

          You got your wish, what a goal, and no it wasn't corny bless ya' :) But have a thing for Xavi going on bad and screamed at the telly when players were coing out cos the camera was behind them at first, didn't get to see Iker standing there!!!!

      • senora ramos says:


        villa, your goal was magic! iniesta, beautiful!
        and nesta, i have long had a crush on xavi! i don’t know what it is. just sexy!

        • MrsNesta says:

          haha mines just come on big time tonight, I can just imagine him talking me into doing stuff!!!! Vamos Espana!!!!!!

        • senora ramos says:

          aww, boys we need you now more than ever :(

          sad weekend ladies. hope to hell espana can take us all the way

  87. MrsNesta says:

    Ok totally got a thing for Xavi going on………where did that come from? A reaction to Italia going out???

    • Lola says:

      A thing for Xavi is an entirely normal reaction to seeing him. Don't worry about it, him and his pickly hair win everyone over in the end.

  88. Nandia says:


  89. Minnie says:

    Even though i loved everyone that is on the list, Im upset that there’s no Pique or Navas.

  90. Nina says:

    oh those Spaniards … eye candy, eye candy!

  91. Homeskillet17 says:

    oo go nando! his new hair cut is doing wonders for him! :D but i’d take Xabi off and replace him with Pique! that boy can work a beard like it’s nobody’s business. i’m just saying :P and the eyes! you can’t forget the eyes! and the smile….kickette, the more things i list the more i realise how completely mind boggling it is that he’s not on this list! lol

  92. senora ramos says:

    i'm not complaining about the list, but in order to make everyone happy, you could've made it







    • MrsNesta says:

      Lol yeah am watching the game now, actually Navas is starting to look hot to me, must be this heat wave we're having here :)

      Glad they mentioned Albiol, he's one of my husbands LOLOLOL

    • noelle says:

      i absolutely agree lol! u cant just pick 5, but the defense is holding it down =)…(except poor puyol, he seems like a nice guy tho)…. the spanish NT is just hot and talented…. i get feverish hot and bothered watchin them play lol! i have spanish fever

  93. Little Miss Arsenal says:

    WTF Kickette?! No Gerard Pique or Jesus Navas?!?! Seriously?!

  94. Maria says:

    Thank you Kickette on taking such a hard task!!! Not even you could choose only 5… The Keepers are so great and so hot no wonder all the other countries are dead jealous ;)

  95. Goosie says:

    I’d do all of them. In a heartbeat. All together.

  96. Shazza says:

    1. Villa

    2. Pique

    The rest as you see fit, but I'm sorry, Torres is a complete butterface.

  97. Valentinaa says:

    1. PIQUEEEE mmmm

    2. Pique :) )

    3. P I Q U E


    5. fernando torres :D

    and carles puyol isnt that bad. he has a really nice body in this one nike comercial. :D


  98. zztop says:

    I have a serious crush on Navas, so skilled, so sensitive so dark haired blue eyed genius. I may even move to Sevilla. Viva el Duende de los Palacios!

    • senora ramos says:

      he is part of the reason they are my 3rd team!!

      jesus, so gorgeous.

    • cescsababe says:

      So sensitive, YES! I wipe away a little tear every time the commentators talk about his homesickness. :) So touching!

      • Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

        i know! he’s so beautiful inside and out…im seriously watching the game today so i can see his piercing blue eyes…(sigh)

  99. HermosaChica says:

    Ohhh yes thank you Kickette!! I needed this to calm my nerves before the game :’D
    No real problems with the list, but this would be more ideal for my taste:
    1) IKERRRR 2) The Ramos 3) Pique 4) Cesc 5)Valdes!!
    Now please please please PLEASE win today!!

  100. dee says:

    can't we just put all of them in the list?

    i have to agree that spain is the hottest NT in the whole world right now, and have a chance to be the best as well :D

  101. alys says:


  102. Love your list Kickettes! Expect for the Ramos

    1) Torres
    2) Villa
    3) Mata
    4) Casillas
    5) Xavi

  103. Adrianna, Bellucci says:

    Pique? you missed him out

    His Buff

    1. Torres (:

    2. Fabregas

    3. Casillas

    4. Pique

    5. Arbeloa

    if lucky Alonso

    I love the spanish :)

    • Adrianna, Bellucci says:

      im forgetting,



    • Adrianna, Bellucci says:

      im forgetting,

  104. SunnyK says:

    I really think there needs to be an honorable mention for Jesus Navas’ eyes!

    • hodan says:

      omg so it's not just me who can see it

      his eyes hmmmmmm <3 love him

    • hodan says:

      omg so it’s not just me who can see it
      his eyes hmmmmmm <3 love him

      • SunnyK says:

        Oh they are incredible! They pierce right through the TV screen!

        • senora ramos says:

          i <3 jesus!!! eye's soo, sooo cute. and the eyes, my god the eyes.

          he kind of reminds me of joey from new kids on the block (showing my age) with just amazing, amazing eyes.

          jesus, i <3 you love! do us proud!

  105. ladypearl says:

    Oh yes! The Spanish team is eye-candy!
    What about Pique and Navas??

  106. Pique's mi y so says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!! I have been w8ing da whole W.C 4 this n u leave out my reason 4 crushing?! I might have 2 pretend this list never happened! Cex and Geri should hav been combined since they r bffs and 2gether all the time. I m going 2 take da next huff outta here n 4get d@ this whole list ever happened!

  107. portagee girl says:

    like choosing your 5 favorite chocolaty desserts or fruity alcoholic beverages.. no list of 5 could really be bad.. no complaints here, kickette!

  108. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    congrats on this post, kickette. this must have been a seriously hard task, since all the players on this team are sexy as sin.

    btw, don't wanna sound like a broken record, but jesus navas should get an honourable mention, no? :)

  109. Lollobrigida says:

    OMG.The 5 Hottest Spanish Players WITHOUT GERARD PIQUE!I don't like you anymore kickette,Pique is No. 1!










  110. iida says:

    1. Nando
    2. Iker
    3. Cesc
    4. Cesc (He deserves to be here twice since Nando and Iker have bumped him down to third place!)
    5. Xabi

    And seriously, this team is Spain’s gift to the world. This is why football is called ‘the beautiful game’.

    Now they just need to beat Chile and I’ll love them till eternity. (Like I wouldn’t love them till eternity anyway. But still. Beat Chile. ¡Vamos!)

  111. Sara says:

    It's an impossible task to name just 5…. i'm sure they're ball boy is just as steamy and sexy as the rest of them!

  112. kel says:

    I always feel bad that David Silva is never in these things. He’s adorable and his shirts so very tight.

  113. pandoracat says:

    1-5 iker ^^ cos I’m that biased
    the rest : Villa (i dont know what attracts me to him ^^ he’s not that handsome, but i cant help falling for him kkkk), Torres, Cesc, Pique :) still love the whole NT though kkkk i hope they make it to the final..or semi final…or close to that..
    beat Chile!!

  114. lila says:

    Omg, no, no ,no !!! Where the hell are Piqué, Llorente and Jesus Navas?????

  115. Linda (Gooner till I die) says:

    1. Cesc
    2. Cesc
    3. Cesc
    4. Cesc
    5. Iker & Xabi

    • Linda (Gooner till I says:

      oh, but Fabregas should really stop waxing his eyebrows. He looks so gay… I want my "old" Cesc back… those Barca boys have very bad infulence on him.

  116. Belle says:

    1. Xabi
    2. Iker
    3. Nando
    4. Albiol
    5. Llorente

    I’ve never understood the attraction to Pique and Villa. Sorry, girls.

  117. senora ramos says:

    ladies, i love you (esp since el ramos made the list). no matter who you would’ve put on the list, they would’ve deserved it. let’s face it, the spain nt is the HOTTEST team on the face of the earth in the history of the world and i would not say no to any of them. thanks for hm raul. he’s so cute! and doesn’t get enough publicity.

    i really hope that this sends good vibes their way. vamos espana!

    please, please, please, please beat chile. (though i want them to go through with us)

    • Thea says:

      Me too Ramos, glad that we are on the same side for once!!! They should go through, as long as they keep Pastaface behind the barriers again!

      • senora ramos says:

        LOL! do you get to watch live? i'm dvring but will be keeping up with the match at work. i'm so freaking nervous right now.

        hopefully we get to stay on the same side a few more weeks :D

        • Thea says:

          Try and get to see them, but am working more hours that orginally contracted so it's hard, plus not all games are no the TV out here, so have to do rely on webstreaming and finding a sports bar where I'm not recognised!

          • senora ramos says:

            :( tell those people to back off. lol! i feel so bad for you :( when are you done?

            also, crossing fingers yoann comes and sees you on an off day :D

            • Thea says:

              No sign of my beloved yet!! Am here till mid-August at least. My brother has managed to get corporate tickets to the WC final, so he stopping over here on his way out to SA to keep me company/ make me jelous!!

              • senora ramos says:

                is it ok that i hate your brother? lol!

                aug -ugh! hang in their hun! you can do it!!

                • Thea says:

                  It’s okay ramos – I hate for it too! Am hanging in there, I’m lucky to score a gig like this in the middle of a recession!

  118. Black Rose says:

    Please… Where the f- is Pique? Are you serious? Vuvuzela for you.

    • LittleMissJulia says:

      Agree with the ladies Pique is def missing! How can he be left out? That is just so wrong.

      And speaking of king bitchface David Villa: if you look "Señor Bitchface" up on urbandictionary.com a reference to kickette shows up. That is just awesome :D Whoever posted that is def a kickette! We are taking over the internet! ;)

  119. Frances says:

    I'm actually NOT okay with Xabi Alonso beating David Villa for the top 5 – first, he shouldn't have beat Marco Borriello for the Finest 5 (sorry, but after that GQ Italia spread — I'm sure everyone is slitting their wrists over that mistake); second, Villa has a smolderingly sexy tormented face (see after he missed that penalty in the Honduras match) – COME ON!!

    Otherwise, I have no qualms with the list – the Spanish nt in general and as a collective unit can make any girl's knickers turn to dust…

  120. VeNia says:

    mmm i liked the list but i think some chand=ges would be good…




    4)Xavi(i don't know why really)


  121. Sophie says:

    Ladies, where are Llorente, Navas, Xavi & Arbeloa?

    Godamnit, this team is HOT!

    You can make a top 23 of them, damnnnnn <3

  122. tammyv says:

    Co-signing every Where the hell is Pique comment… Seriously, where the hell is Pique?

    I vote Gerard for Nando

  123. Rosey says:

    No Pique!!!!! WTF!!!!????? Pretty Eyes has to be on here!! This is madness!!!!

  124. lorena $Yoyo Gaga$ says:

    Kickette it was about time!!! :-D I was so scared thinking that you forgot top 5 of the hottest NT in history of hot NT’s!!! So THANK YOU!!!

    I think that non of us would mind if you put Spain NT in TOP 10!!! There is just to many hotties,beards,bitch_faces,man_bags to be squeezed in 5 places! And you missed Pigue + plus the legend Raul + the future hottie Bojan Krkic!!!

  125. Little Miss Arsenal says:

    *gasp*!! No Gerard Pique?!?!??!?! What the fudge?! And no Navas either?! Come on, Kickette…what's going on?!

  126. Anastasia says:

    "everyone apart from Puyol."

    Poor Puyi.

  127. PepaCandela says:

    It is impossible that this list exist without so much as an honorable mention for Pique!

    really, you should have just expanded to 10 for this edition ;)

  128. Eliza says:

    NO GERARD PIQUE? LOL, this list is almost invalid.

  129. Amanda says:

    what? Xabi came in 5th???? This is all wrong, you guys!

  130. dcubetcha says:


    other than that, agreed. arbeloa is also a cutie under the right circumstances.

  131. KRISTINA says:

    1. NANDO <3

    2. NANDO

    3. NANDO

    4. NANDO


    Villa, Ramos = OK too

    Pique ? mhm, not bad but ….thats all

  132. elnino says:

    Yes. Finally. Thank you soooo much! I love Nando. And you put Sergio Ramos on it, yay. "Valdillna" you guys crack me up!

  133. mahn says:

    this should have been a top 10 list. a lot of Spanish hotties are left out.

  134. Didi says:

    1. Xabi

    2. Iker

    3. Alvaro

    4. Albiol

    5. the rest and RAUL

  135. Katie says:

    Pique would DEFINITELY be on my list!

    And while on the topic of NT hotties, why not do a USA list? They ARE becoming more popular and let's face it, where would we be without Carlos, Benny and Stuart???

  136. Lulu says:

    I agree this is a very difficult task.. I mea they are ALL hot:)

    but still I think piqué should have been on the list.. if not for his looks at least for the hits he took for the team;) love him;)

    • noelle says:

      oh i kno, he was gettin hit in the face and everything! i was so upset…. im going to school for nursing and i wouldnt hesitate to tend to that mans wounds =)

  137. Lauren says:

    1. Cesc

    2. Iker

    3. Albiol

    4. Villa

    5. Xabi

  138. Lola says:

    Personally I think you can make a case for Puyol, but, yeah… I'm a bit obessessed with the SNT. Choosing a mere 5 spaniards in an impossible task; respect for trying, you are are braver women than me.

    • JaneSpotting says:

      Oh yes, this team wins hands down for being the finest national team.

      I've even heard that if one wants to play for Spain, besides sending in a bio with stats, an 8 x 10 glossy is required. Oh la la…viva Espana!

    • senora ramos says:

      lola, i agree. it’s the upper body. very nice. something about those manly shoulders. yum!

      yes, i have a furia roja addiction!

  139. yelena pique says:

    urgh, why is myGerard™ not here?? seriously??

    Piquelicious™ should be here.. seriously….

  140. pawla says:

    Cesc and Iker :)

  141. pandora says:

    They are the most beautiful team in this World Cup :) My favourite is Pique :D I can´t wait the match tonight :D

  142. Liz says:

    Yayyyyyy Albiol!

    Mine would be…

    1. Ramos

    2. Albiol

    3. Fabregas

    4. Pique

    5. Villa

    If M. Torres he would be number 1.

    I don't see the attraction in Nando or Xabi. Or maybe I am still bitter towards Alonso for taking Marco Borriello's spot in the Finest 5!

  143. Lola says:

    1. Xabi

    2. Iker

    3. Cesc

    4. Alvaro

    5. The rest of them.

  144. tifa says:

    are you kidding me????!!!!!!!!

    gerard pique must be number 1

  145. liesjuhh says:

    I think you can't make a list of 5 hot players of the spanish NT.

    There are too many hot men walking around there.

  146. Ofeily9 says:

    Where is Navas ? And Fernando Llorente in place of Ramos. Arbeloa looks better than Albiol, I think.