October 22nd, 2009

Hold Me: Frank Lampard and Salomon Kalou


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28 Responses to “Hold Me: Frank Lampard and Salomon Kalou”

  1. mrs jt ;) (sarah) says:

    oh dear. john will not be happy about this one, frank better buy him some flowers + chocolates and hope it wins him round. :)

  2. Begum says:

    ok i have proof that kalou aint got nothing on terry….we all know who lampsy wants…=D

  3. oooh says:

    Like everyone else im jealous of kalou! Someday..

  4. BibaBoo says:

    I’m so envious of Kalou righ now.

  5. Julia says:

    It doesn't look right when Lamps cuddles anyone besides JT.

  6. Lana says:

    Sweet. Lucky Kalou!

  7. Avenath says:

    Wow!…a bit too much love going on there…

  8. Elise says:

    Completely adorable! And not to worry- Frank got some John love, too, when he scored his goal! And it was even more adorable! *sigh*

  9. NinyaC says:

    Maan, I'm wishing I'm Kalou right now….

  10. Kate says:

    “Quick, I need to hold someone, where’s John? Kalou? ok, come here! oh, it feels great” :D

  11. carly says:

    It seems to me that Frank is relieved that Kalou finally scored after missing a hundred sitters. ;P

  12. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    Frank's expression makes me want to go join this hug, but the rest of the photo tells me to keep away. I'm getting mixed messages here… and I like it. A lot.

  13. Riya says:

    Oooh I bet JT was just burning up with jealousy. Kalou's response: "You get some from Lampsy all the time John, give me a turn!"

    Lamps' expression = pure gold.

  14. Fer_Lahm says:

    JT is jealous, and me too.

  15. Boston Red says:

    Wow. Frank is really into that.

  16. Yasi says:

    Frank,you are cutest thing ever…

    Love you dahling,dahhhling:*

  17. Lorelei says:


  18. Ines del Sol says:

    *sighs* I love this pic, Frank's face….

  19. Ella says:

    Wow, that is some embrace! I need to go be by myself now.

  20. LoveLamps says:

    Oh to be there!

  21. tammyv says:

    Did Lamps just come out?

  22. Lolinha says:

    That looks really intense. I feel like I'm intruding on a private moment.

  23. Lamps' babe says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Frank….I'm waiting for you to wrap your arms around me just like that…..

  24. Jess Gourcuff says:

    i wanna a hug like that!!