May 9th, 2012

Honorary Kickette: Fernanda Maia, Botafogo

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This girl right here is a big shot. She makes all kinds of important things happen with important people.

Don’t believe us?

Botafogo’s Renan Dos Santos. Does he do requests? Image via

Fernanda Maia was acting as ball girl for Botafogo in the Brazilian Campeonato Carioca Final last week, when the ball was belted into touch by a Vasco de Gama player. Unbelievably, she wasn’t doing her nails, sneaking a nip from a hip flask or being distracted by an awkward phone convo with her credit card company, so she was able to sling it straight back to one of the guys. The ball then travelled from his hands to Sebastian Abreu’s foot, for a cross into Maicosuel, who scored Botafogo’s third.

Low and behold, Fernanda is being credited with the assist but claims she was just doing her job.

Girl, please! Now is not the time for humility. You’re awesome and the least you deserve is a parade. We’ll throw one for ya. And please, feel free to bring your boys.

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8 Responses to “Honorary Kickette: Fernanda Maia, Botafogo”

  1. average weather spain february says:

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  2. Guillermo says:

    Major correction: Maicossuel received the ball from the girl and of course the scorer was Loco Abreu. If you don't know who is Loco Abreu, you don't follow football.

  3. Roberta says:

    Please, just correct: it's Botafogo, not Botafoga :)

  4. Kat says:

    Not to take credit away from her, but how is that an assist? There were two other players who touched the ball before the scorer. It's rare enough that the 2nd player before the scorer is given the assist.

    • Lily says:

      Seriously, how the heck can that be an assist!?
      So I guess we need to change the history books, every ball boy or girl who's ever touched the ball before a goal was made needs their assist credit…

  5. Football Purist says:

    Minor correction: Sebastian Abreu scored the goal! :)

  6. Jayy says:

    Shes pretty!

  7. FootyCookie says:

    guuuuuurl, own it!

    ps. love how there is so much footage of her. just doing your job, eh cameraman?