June 20th, 2011

Hook Ups: Cesc Fabregas & A Random Brunette

Arsenal ace captain dating off the market

Now Kickettes, you know we adore us some Cesc. We are hot for his form and lukewarm for his corny hair styles. We nub him, ya hear?

But c’monnn already with the confusion, babycakes! We can hardly keep up with your shirt stains let alone the girls going through your revolving dating door, so we’re taking today’s juice with an extra helping of preposterous pulp, ladies and gents.

Over the weekend, the Arsenal club captain was papped holidaying with a rando brunette (thought to be named Daniela) in Nice, France.  The two – plus a boy who is old enough to know when to take his next dose of Flintstone vitamins – were seen topping off their tans, perfecting their pool entry forms and jet-skiing in the Mediterranean. The brunette with ample assets was identified as ‘Cesc’s girlfriend, Carla Cutie’, but any semi-conscious Cesc fan can clearly see that she is not the Carla Dona Garcia that we once grew to love.

We can imagine what you lot have to say about the matter, but what about our staffers’ sentiments? We rounded up our Kickette troops to hear which doughnut recipes are best for staving off Cescy’s man-ho tendencies, and here’s what they had to say:

I do not approve of this woman…just sayin’. — Kickette’s HBIC

‘If the DM were remotely capable of irony, I would say there were lashings of it on that image where they describe her swimsuit as ‘flattering’.  But they’re not’. –K1

‘Hmmmmm that nude colored bikini is the same River Island bikini that Coleen just wore in Barbados. Homegirl has been in the UK then.’Kickette Style Files’ Melissa

‘For me, Cesc looks terminally befuddled. I suspect his split with Carla has confused him so much he’s lost the plot and started dating the first person who looked remotely like her in a nightclub after 26  flaming sambucas. She now thinks he’s desperately in love with her and he’s too polite to tell her the truth. Bless.’ – K2

‘I would like to expand my take on not accepting her. I feel like Cesc is doing this to make me jealous. He is clearly sending me a message‘. — Kickette’s HBIC after further contemplation

In conclusion, we can’t cook and only 1/4 of us can bake blueberry muffins without burning her flat down, so with a wide margin of error as wiggle room, we’re going to say with 0-10% certainty that Cesc is not dating this woman (who may or may not by 1 part parent to the mysterious little boy she’s hiding her Cesc crack-smelling habits from).

Because in all honesty, if he were, that would make him much less attractive to us. And that just wouldn’t be acceptable.

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164 Responses to “Hook Ups: Cesc Fabregas & A Random Brunette”

  1. [...] news: according to Cesc himself as reported by El Mundo Deportivo, he and his girlfriend of a year and a half are expecting their first child together  (a little girl, the player revealed). Furthermore, [...]

  2. wesley says:

    Daniella Semaan?????? blrrrrg what a golddigger!!!!!!! No thats not cesc his new girlfriend!!!

  3. Xavi says:

    well Cesc is not so sure at the moment.
    I saw him in Ibiza with a beautifull brunette,i heard she came from holland.
    So girls don,t give hope up,because that Daniella Semaan is realy horible!!!!
    What a body and her caracter is more worst then a snake.
    So Cesc go for the beautifull brunette we saw you with in Ibiza

  4. dania says:

    seriously how can anyone confuse her with Carla !!!!! carla is so ugly eeeeeooooooooo!!! this Daniella look so beautiful! so natural , i m sure for cesc to love her , she must be something else !

  5. cendra says:

    so that was the reason for cesc big smile , she look so cute , i wish i can have her body after i get 2 kids , AMAZING!

  6. ronald says:

    seriously , cesc left carla 8 month ago , becos he is an honest guy , he is free to be with whoever he wants , and to be honest i like this women , she look so natural , and for cesc to be with her , he must really love her ! lets be happy for them

    • cate says:

      LOL! Really Stupid! If cesc left carla 8 months ago then why would cesc tweet pictures of him and carla at the shakira concert in jan together?? this girl clearly knows what she is talking about. Oh and BTW a girl "i mean" old woman who wear's full make up to a pool side is not a natural beauty!! and all of her own twitter pic are sooooo airbrushed, i mean look at the NOTW pic in the restaurant with cesc she looks old enough to be his mom! And to be honest i don't think he is dating her, i think she wants to be dating him but he's probably just fucking her and now can't find a nice way to say "fuck off. There is alot of thing's from people on the net about her that all basically says that she would use anybody inc her own kids just to met her own ends. What a Golddiggin Whore!

  7. Guesttttt says:

    Riiight, of course they don't even know we are talking about them. That's why Daniella and her friends are going around on internet sites (this one included) like this leaving numerous comments under random names, right???

    I don't understand the backlash against those bashing her. It happens to every other WAG out there, she is not and will not be the exception. Yet unlike other WAGS, she just can't seem to ignore her critics. Daniella, don't let negative people bug you. You're in the press now, might as well get used to it. Sorry but that's what all of the other WAGS have to do. They don't have time to wage an all-out internet war. Just live your life because that's all you can do.

  8. victoria says:

    so what if there is a little kid ?????? every kid dreams to play with fabregas , what wrong are they doing ?
    u guys are pathethic , u just put assumptions in ur little dirty mind and u have no base for ur comment!!!!

  9. camelia says:

    u said it , u want cesc happy , and we can see he is so happy , HAPPY HAPPY !
    i think cesc doesnt wwant anyone to bitvh about a girl he loves ! lets be happy for him he deserves it ! for cesc to love her , she must be something else , i trust him and i know although he was with a girl for 6 years , this guy saw a lot of girls , to stop here with this one , he must know , no ?

    • Adrianna says:

      Hi Daniella… whoops did that slip out I meant to say camelia

      LOL seriously, if you're going to defend yourself so much on the internet by pretending to be different people, you have to make it believable honey.

  10. SCOOBY DON'T says:

    damm!! I knew i gave up on being a wicken to soon. This woman has clearly done some kind of voodoo on cesc ! Ive got a BAD BAD BAD feeling about this her! BAD BAD FEELING!

  11. Angelina says:

    I don't like her either .. because she does look like an opportunist .. & for Cesc sake I hope she proves me wrong … & i'm sorry about your father … but you don't have to be "fat" to die of a heart attack … look at those athletes that die on the field … They weren't fat …

    & to me she doesn't look fat … she looks normal … she might not be "tone" or in an "athletic shape" but that something different… besides give the chick credit .. cause if she is 38 with 2 kids … I'm shock that she has that type of body …

  12. ciotog says:

    I'm sorry about your father but it doesn't give you an excuse to bash other women.For it to cause a heart attack your father must have had an unhealthy BMI which she clearly does not. To use it to excuse yourself is crass.
    She may be "ugly and fat" but you have a picture of Cesc on your twitter and she's rubbing sun lotion onto the real thing. Jealousy is not a good look.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      I'm not jealous!
      I prefer to be as I am and not having Cesc, than being like her and have him. I don't need a good-looking boy to have selfsteem. i like myself as I am.

  13. @AgnesWonka says:

    I don't to compare this lady with Shakira, but I seriously don't know what Cesc is thinking about!
    yes, she has less waist than a box! lol

  14. elle says:

    The more i hear about this woman Daniella the more worried i get for cesc "i know. I don't even know him" but like most woman who are independent, work hard and could survive financially without my husband. I F***ING HATE golddiggers. I have looked on her twitter page firstladyd4 "say's it all really" and granted i'm no Sigmund Freud but it reeks of a self important, self-indulgent narcissus Who should frankly write under her profile pic "My name is Dangolddiga and i think i'm more intresting than i actully am". Its clear that she likes to steal other people's original thoughts and then pass them off as her own because when you read other tweet her grasp at writing the english lauguage and grammer isn't the the same as "her" other pearls of wisdom. E.g using the word sincerely when it should have been seriously , dosn't quite sync up! con…

  15. Juliana says:

    it's more than weird, that kid is apparently her son!!!

  16. Juliana says:

    "she looks like she might be plotting something or mentally counting Cesc's money" OMG LOL yeah, she really looks like doing it, she's just… weird, I don't know, I just don't want her so close to Cesc!

  17. Juliana says:

    You know when you get that feeling that something is not ok?

    It happened with me before we knew Nando was about to leave LFC. When King Kenny came back to be LFC’s manager again, every time I looked at Nando I knew something was not right and I felt this tightness in my heart. But I didn’t know what bad thing was about to happen. I just felt that. Now it’s with Cesc; I just look at him and see there’s something wrong going on! All this new girlfriend rumors and her “dark past” (and maybe the possibility of him leaving Arsenal to go back to Barça) are really worrying me! I don’t know, I just got this terrible feeling! (Why does it always happen with my favorite footballers?)

    I mean, he can go to wherever he wants to, he can date whoever he wants to, but I just don’t want him to get in any kind of trouble, in anything that can jeopardize his image and career – either by changing teams and being hated by fans or going in a romantic scandal with some irreversible consequences (like having an unwanted child). And Cesc is such a sweet person who loves doughnuts, he’s only 24, he has so much more ahead of him! Imagine screwing everything up!

    This new chick looks too suspected for me to like her. But in the end she can be just a nice girl who got to know him and that's all. But regardless everything, I continue with this horrible feeling torturing me!

    Please, baby, be ok and don’t do anything stupid, I love you so much! :( ((

  18. Tak-Took says:

    Ok people, lay off her! she’s only 38 and Cesc is 24 … she only has 2 kids and Cesc has none … she’s only from north lebanon and Cesc is from somewhere in spain … she only goes after money … and Cesc has a lot of it … She only sees Cesc as “her brother” and he needs to have good shag every now and then .. so please LAY OFF!!

    • tiggy says:

      Where did she that she thinks as Cesc as her brother? By the looks of the pictures there is no sexual chemistry between them. But hey I’m hoping for a Kate and William type of reunion for Carla and Cesc.

  19. tiggy says:

    In an interview with an indonesian program, cesc says he’s single. As for the tattoo, iF he was with Carla for 8 years why didn’t he get HER name on him? I can’t see him getting someone else’s name he just sleeping with. Which is what they’re probably are- sex buddies

  20. ella says:

    I never thought I will say this….carla was beautiful!

  21. Leilani says:

    good for them i guess. still bummed he's not with carla, she was soo perfect! but if their happy i guess, then let them be. But just saying, she does have a husband.

  22. Winnie Mata says:

    this woman in her thirties?
    well DAMN! she looks MY age!
    good for her!

  23. louise says:

    Lets just say it's hard to watch a friend being publicly humiliated and then not being able to retort without sounding bitter !

  24. R says:

    Daniella is stupid. If it weren’t for her husband she would b NOONE and have NOTHING. They have 2 beautiful kids and fabregas jus proved that he is a kid and nothing else. He will b remembered by the kids as the person that destroyed their family. A 24 immature kid. As for daniella. I only hope I live to c what she will do when fabregas goes back to his ex

  25. louise says:

    Even if this woman was the hottest woman on the planet, i suspect some people would still have a problem with her! But that said. This daniella is the reason for cesc and carla's breakup not to mention the speculation of his new tottoo which has the letter D in it. This woman is 34 with two kids and has clearly been round the block and at her age "not that she is old" you are not looking to be having a fling. i would not be surprised if she gets pregnant very soon just to trap him. "I know for a fact" she was well aware the paps were going to be there hence the full makeup and choice of bikinis. It's carla i feel incredibly sorry for. She always preferred to stay off the the radar to protect her relationship with cesc and then she has to see pictures of this.

    • Lilly says:

      If those things are true, then I 've lost all respect for Cesc. Carla is better off without him – I wish her all the best…

      • Rubi says:

        lol 38 is worse than 34, so I don't see why you act like people saying that she's 34 is some major insult or something.

        I think something is off/shady about her, but she is pretty. And she most definitely doesn't look 38. At least in these pics she look much younger.

        • james says:

          she is 34 m from lebanon , i know of her , she is one of the classiest girl , so down to earth , and no wonder cesc is in love with her , becos i hear she is something else ! i m happy for him , and happy for lebanon cos i m from there !

          • Tiree says:

            LOL Talk sh** "James, aka Daniella!!! First of all she is not 34 or 36 she is "37". 2. Classy woman don't Cheat on their spouse's, divorce them. Then "abandon" their two children to be with their lover in another country! and lastly if, like you say "you Know her" why would you say "i HEAR she is something else" in the same comment?? Lol. Don't you see how you have just undermined your own argument, Stupid" Personally i hope she goes back to that Backward, subterranean Lebanese Sh** hole she Gold gug her way out of. Whore! Not only is she a bad person. She is mostly a "bad mother!!"

      • flo says:

        excuse me ????????????????? carla was never meant to be with cesc , he was so unhappy and now that we see hie is relaxed and happy , we want to kill him !!! why are u guys so jealous . just be happy for people around , plus this woman look way more sexier prettier than carla , check her pictures on google and let me know ! i trust cesc he knows what he is doing !!

  26. Homeskillet07 says:

    I don’t like her cuz she’s not Carla but that’s not why I’m commenting.
    Now, I’m not particularly skinny by any stretch of the imagination however I would like to point out that women don’t have to be ‘curvy’ or whatever in order to be considered ‘real’. It just gets on my nerves that every comment relating to ‘real women’ seems to classify them as ‘not skinny’. Models are skinny and what not but women who are naturally skinny can also be real. I don’t know if I’m making any sense but mm…I just needed to get that out.

  27. Zahara says:

    i just want mi amor cesc to be happy!
    and though i would really like for him to be happy with carla, (if not me) its really upto him.

    hey, at least we know where he is! nice, france, here i come! lol

  28. Donna C says:

    This is what gets on my back is how much women bitch about wanting a footballer to be with a normal girl and they are sick of seeing the skinny ones but the minute a normal girl with the body type that most women have comes along it's "she needs to lose weight" the funny thing is that's the body type most healthy women have, she may not be a size 0 but who cares she's not obese and it's not affecting her health in any way, as long as she's eating healthy and taking care of herself and her kids. Here I am a bit of a chubby girl and i'd kill to have her body and i'd sure hate to hear what people would have to say about me! Not everyone can look like Abby Clancy in a bikini after giving birth.

    • Donna C says:

      The only reason people view her as fat is because they're so used to seeing skinny wags that they forgot what a regular person looks like. Although I loved Carla she was one of my favs I think maybe they need time away from each other, they've been together throughout their youth and it's time too experience other people maybe they will realize that they are really meant for each other after dating others or maybe they won't butthey are both young and shouldn't have to feel tied down.

  29. BarcelonaFan says:

    hahahaha! What you have to understand is, at the end of the day, the kickette readers are just people. They will love, hate, respect or bitch about whomever and whatever they want. Again, as i said, kickette has always been very transparent about their opinions, what kind of site this is, and how they are very open to their readers expressing themselves. So if you start feeling angry or pissed off at the comments you read, best to just walk away. No point getting all that wrinkles, right? Yes, it's juvenile. Yes, it's judgmental. Yes, it's completely unfair. But hey, whoever said life was fair? And whoever chained you to your computer and forced you to read all these nasty comments? Just walk away, be angst & wrinkle-free, sweetie.

    • wow... says:

      "hahahaha!"? I'm sorry sweetie, I don't see what's so f*cking hilarious.

      • wow... says:

        To me what's funny is that there are two types of defending going on this page
        1) Those defending a woman from ungrounded, jealous, and catty comments
        2) Thos defending the ungrounded, jealous, and catty comments.

        I'm done with Kickette. I have nothing else to say.

        • Winnie Mata says:

          there's also the ones who don't give a damn! just saying :)

        • BarcelonaFan says:

          jesus, honey. go buy yourself a sense of humor. where's all the angst coming from? are you the chick with cesc?

  30. NNN says:

    I like carla but I must admit this lady is much prettier

  31. NNN says:

    its all jealousy…..I find her so pretty

  32. NNN says:

    I agree!!!!!! that's so sad what they are writing_ people are crucial

  33. but of course says:

    so what should be we doing about those pictures? Quoting Gilles Deleuze?

  34. BlackRose says:

    yeah, Piqué is a blonde-ish. Don't they look ever so cute and adorable together?

    But since I also love dark-haired people (both boys and girls) I can understand Cesc. Although this might only be a case of dating a person that reminds you of a dear ex-girlfriend, until you're able to let go of your feelings for her or something.

  35. BlackRose says:

    I don't dislike her body type at all (but then I like NORMAL PEOPLE, not absurdly, boringly ideal models), but her choice of swimsuit fashion is so-so at best. Not suitable for her IMO.

  36. Amandinha says:

    I feel you… but we all have to admit this woman is very brave. I mean, she's messing with an entire army!! She could've avoided the trouble by going out with, i don't know, Ashley Cole, maybe? But Cescy???? She chose Cescy???? That's not acceptable AT ALL!

  37. BlackRose says:

    It did happen. I'm so sure. But hey, seriously, I'm so glad that our Sex can find your average woman attractive enough to date her that I can't say or see ANYTHING remotely negative about this particular lucky lady!

  38. BlackRose says:

    omg this girl makes me think I could be dating him too!!! I'm SO excited!!! SEXY, hold on, I'm coming!!!

  39. FootyFanUSA says:

    I that going on for me and I can belly dance, but I have curly hair. I wonder if likes girls with curly, I guess I will have to ask him tonight in my dreams.

  40. Wow says:

    Agnes, I'am sure you get this alot, but what the hell is wrong with you? That girl is not fat sweetheart get some help! If she needs to go to the gym so much as you say than you certainly need to go to therapy! and yet calling another Humanbeing gross for the secondtime on this forum too much!

  41. Rory says:

    What I really want to know is who is that little boy and WHY is he there with them? It seems a little in appropriate. Also, after just getting out of such a long and serious relationship with Carla, it would be best for Cesc to date around and have fun, he's still so young afterall, so for that reason, I hope this woman isn't his girlfriend. He should play the field for a while!

  42. @linvinnaar says:

    On second thought… there is only so much the heart can take.

    Think about it. Arsenal were contending for 4 trophies but they ended up 4th in the league. Injuries sidelined him for most of the campaign and just when things couldn't get any worse, BAM! Out popped Shakira who steals his man love that is Gerard Pique. While his Moc Moc buddies have their Liga and European medals, Cesc only has an empty jar of Nutella to console his poor soul for when it gets lonely at night.

    Forget the random brunette, ladies. Our heartbroken Cesc needs some attention and love. Stat!

  43. @AgnesWonka says:

    are you latina? coz that taking earrings off is a very typical of latinas.
    I'm latina, I've done it many times! hehe

  44. @AgnesWonka says:

    I agree with you, as cesc is brunnette he'd look good with a blonde.
    blonde + brunnette….always a good couple. like brangelina :)

  45. @AgnesWonka says:

    most of us agree with you :) you can be happy in that matter

  46. Tish says:

    Some people are saying that that woman is married and has 2 kids..:/. Maybe he's trying to copy off Pique by hooking up with a woman 10 yrs his senior. But this is worse than Pique cause this woman already has a family of her own. If I was her I wouldnt let my kid hang around infront of my lover like she's doing.

  47. louise says:

    Daniella is her name and her twitter page is firstladyd4

  48. mochara says:

    I love Cesc but I'm not liking his lady pal…. I can't believe I'm saying this but I want Carla back!

  49. Laura says:

    Well this has to be the classiest article I've ever read.

  50. Winnie Mata says:

    all i have to say is that she has a slammin bod.
    as for all the outrage in this thread,
    well there never was a better place to vent!

  51. 9Annika says:

    This is really an unnecessary and catty article. The woman looks just fine, and it's not your place to approve or disapprove of her. Get a grip!

  52. sabrihanna says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Sara (Iker's girlfriend) in that pic, where she's in the purple bikini??

  53. suzie says:

    Sorry I wasn't having a go at you, I was replying to the original comment but I know it looks like it was yours.

  54. Braexah says:

    Ah yes, the ever practical expensive high heels at an over-chlorinated swimming pool.

  55. merr says:

    What catty, hateful commentary. How sad for you that you feel the need to tear down a woman about whom you know next to nothing.

    • Laura says:

      Exactly. Some of the stuff on this site recently is really nasty. I hope I never get that bitter.

    • FootyFanUSA says:

      Ummm get with the programm that what we do when some bish hella comes in and puts the moves on our cescy. I mean kickette nation totally had dibs on him first.

  56. Wow says:

    cesc, Cesc, I should've known the moment that photo of you wearing that sneakers and that jeans to a perfume event that some unusual things was happening in your life! I'am hoping that your just playing the field and when your done go back to where you belong please and thank you!!!!!!!!

  57. suzie says:

    She looks cute and he looks happy but I'm not a fan of the bikinis.

  58. footballandme says:

    I find it hilarous that girls are posting comments like "She is too fat" or "She needs to lose weight" when I can bet all the money I own that their is something about their body that they wish they could change but they still go to the beach and be happy.

    What has this girl done that is so wrong to warrant comments of "Skank" and "Bitch" All she's done is show him some affection and everyone is busting a gut. God I'd hate to see the day that Cesc gets married, the abuse the poor bride will recieve.

    No ones thinking of the one thing that is staring me blankly in the face. Perhaps Cesc and Carla got bored of each other. 8 years together, probably the only person that Cesc or Carla have been with sexually, and her future career and his career. Isn't it easier this way so no one is getting hurt and everyone is able to move on and be happy.

    Just look in the mirror everyone making pathetic comments.

    • Rosa says:

      Ive always wondered if any of the girls here had a son who became a footballer and he started dating all these bimbos and model wannabes, what would you do? I think I'd kill any bish that came close to my rich son. I'd interrogate her and make sure what her motives are. I can smell a gold digger from miles away.

      • ciotog says:

        Maybe you would be better off teaching your son to look beyond appearances and to value personality. Ballers can have any girl they want (mostly) and if they are dating bimbo's and models then its because that's who they've chosen to date. That's not the fault of these women and I'd imagine not all of the men in question are exactly geniuses themselves.

        • Juliana says:

          yeah, but Daniela is clearly not some innocent girl. you can tell that by her past, she has two sons from her marriage with a super rich guy – and I've heard that she's still married to him! so don't be ingenuous to think she's clear from all faults. of course all those pieces of information can be just rumors, but we should catch an eye on that chick. she's too suspected to be ignored.

      • Lotte says:

        I have two sons and there is nothing in the world that I wish more for them than to find someone to love them for who they are. But they have to make their own journey and their own mistakes. As much as it hurts I know that there will come a time when they don't want to marry their mummy ;) , and a time when I will not have a say in the matter.

      • eve says:

        this woman can buy you and buy 10 like fabregas ! just get some information before u judge blindly mister

    • @DebStimson says:

      "I find it hilarous that girls are posting comments like "She is too fat" or "She needs to lose weight" when I can bet all the money I own that their is something about their body that they wish they could change but they still go to the beach and be happy. "

      very true! I only WISH I looked as "fat" as she is. She's a pretty woman and if she makes Cesc happy than so be it. I liked Carla but then we don't really know what their private lives were like. Just be happy, Cesc. That's all that matters. :)

    • ToysForBots says:

      She has a body type that's actually incredibly similar to mine, so it hurts my feelings seeing people write things like "She is so fat". Not everyone has the time, money, and genetics to look as svelte as someone like Sylvie van der Vaart. Besides, Cesc doesn't seem to mind, and I'm pretty sure that his opinion about her body is the one that matters.

      Granted, I'm pretty weird about him dating someone so soon out of a long relationship, so I'm guessing that this is probably a rebound thing, and won't likely last long. Or maybe I'm wrong. It doesn't matter; I don't know anything about this woman, and so while I'm jealous that she's dating Cesc, I don't think there's any reason to hurl petty insults at her. Gossip is fine, but petty insults about someone's weight (especially when she looks fine by normal, non-model standards) are just rude.

    • Lotte says:

      You are so right! It's low to make comments like that. Of course you can find someone less attractive, it goes for both men and women, but there is no need to shout it out loud like that. And it's scary that people find her fat. She's not skinny, but she looks fine. I'm very thin and I can honestly tell you that I would'nt mind looking more like her. As you said, we all have something that we do not like about ourselves.

      And I also agree with you that there is nothing strange about wanting to move on when you have been with each other for such a long time at such a young age. I don't think I know anyone that is still with his or hers "first" love. That's life.

  59. Green 4 says:

    Not happy, Not happy at all.!! Cesc, What are you up to? You are 24yrs old. Now your a step dad.!!! Not looking good guys,!!!!!!!

  60. Rosa says:

    I dont think she looks that bad. But she could lose a few pounds IMO.

  61. footballandme says:

    Well I hope for your sake that you look like you just stepped off the pages of Victoria Secret otherwise your comment is down right catty and distasteful.

    You should be ashamed.

  62. Hailey says:

    Why does it matter who Cesc goes out with??? And judging her when you don't know her? Get a grip!

  63. SmallfryK says:

    Just goin' by instinct here; I do not like this lady! But then I'm kind of biased against anyone who wears a cake face of makeup to the pool. That's just weird… Come on Cesc, where's Carla!?

    • Winnie Mata says:

      LOL okay–that made me laugh!

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      I agree! but I think Carla may be fine, maybe she's dating another boy already, I dunno….

    • lara says:

      where is the make up , i can t see it ??????? can u look well and just becareful of what u say , cesc doesnt need people talking bad about his girl , the girl that obviously makes him happy ! so just relax if u have something nice , say it , if not is better u keep quiet .

      • Guest says:

        This is a public comments section and she is now in the press… like it or not, people are going to say bad things about her. Good things too, but there will be bad things. That's just the way it works. So don't get all upset when you read horrible comments, if people have the right to praise her then they also have the right to criticize her.

  64. Stefania says:

    What? Cescs NO!!! You need to get back together with Carla because nobody makes a cuter couple than you two and someother girl will simple not work!

  65. PM. says:

    Sorry to say, but I've lost all my respect for Kickette after this post.
    So she's dating Cesc Fabregas, and she isn't as skinny as most of the other WAGs – is that a reason to publicly bash her?

    • Lilly says:

      I don't think Kickette is "bashing" her tbh. It's just that the whole thing is kinda weird (I mean, fooling around with your new boyfriend while your kid is watching? dont you think that's a bit insensitive?)
      Plus, I don't see anything in the post that implies that she doesn't have a great body. She clearly does.

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      it's not her body imo, the issue here is that she looks a bit unclassy, at least from far away.

  66. YellowishWoman says:

    i first read the story on DM..and they said it was Carla, I was utterly shocked and obviously needed some bona fide clarifications about the origins of Cesc's lady friend and it seems she's just their so he gets over the mourning period. Ofcourse he split with Carla, but he knows like the rest of us that he's made a bloody big mistake…they're meant to be together that girl Cesc just split with was a class apart.
    It's really hard to get the female fan approval when it comes to a WAG of such a dashing footie man, Carla had that approval she needs to be brought back Cesc!

  67. Jisu Lee says:

    oh…WAIT A MINUTE .. WHO IS THAT CHILD??? cesc's son?(no way) her son? or her brother?

  68. linvinnaar says:

    There is only so much the heart can take.

    Think about it guys. Arsenal were contending for 4 trophies but they ended up 4th in the league. Injuries sidelined him for most of the campaign and just when things couldn’t get any worse, BAM! Out popped Shakira who hooks up with his man love, Gerard Pique. While his Moc Moc buddies have their League and European medals, Cesc only has an empty jar of Nutella for consolation.

    Forget the random brunette, ladies. Let’s shower Cescy with the love we are so capable of!

  69. Georgia says:

    Apparently she is 10 years older and has two children… (hope not).

  70. CharlieGooner says:

    I agree completely with K2 and then would like to say to Kickette’s HBIC- that’s totally my line… Passing phase, not happy but I think I’ll live…

  71. sp.madrid says:

    what was going through her head when she bought that yellow bathing suit? obviously not much….

  72. BarcelonaFan says:

    If you're looking for an unbiased site that reports only plain footie facts, then Kickette might not be the right place for you. See, people come here cause they not only want to be entertained, they want to read and express their opinions about anything footie related as well. I believe Kickette has been very transparent about having some strong opinions regarding certain issues from day one so catty posts such as this one should not come as a surprise for you. Also, people here won't judge you for having a different opinion (in fact, that what's makes the discussions more interesting), but if what you read here offends or pisses you off, then you might want to get your footie fix elsewhere. Possibly ESPN, where they keep everything clean and factual.

    • nufnBUTthetruth says:

      Agree with you a 100% that's exactly what I feel. This is a forum about football for god's sake!
      Not, ESPN Sports Center

      • wow... says:


        No, ESPN Sports Center is a forum about football. Kickette is a forum about footballer's private lives.

    • EEF says:

      I also appreciate that Kickette is a place where people can express their opinions. However, it frustrates me that while I used to see a lot of comments like, "Iker is looking good" or "Dirk Kuyt has the cutest kids" (And don't get me wrong, Kickette still has predominantly nice comments like these) there are now a lot of comments on pages like this one, where a girl that we do not know and have never met, is getting torn apart for simply is wearing a clothing garment that we dislike or in a relationship with a man we happen to fancy, and who was previously with happened to like better. Comments that are calling her "filthy" "fat" comparing her to a "skank" –I really just wish that people would grow up and not jump on a girl for wearing the wrong clothes and being "not right" for Cesc. (How do we know that the two of them arn't right for each other? We only have some pictures of them to go by)

    • naylovee says:

      you said it sista, PREACH!

  73. footballandme says:

    I read that she has 2 children

    • Céline says:

      cesc is kinds confused and this was the first thing to come up his path?? :S

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Oh my Cesc! Dating women with 2 kids, is it me only but the idea of having your kid around while you are with your new BF or dating whatever ( I think he is new right!) is not the best idea. Unless, he is not new at all, the kid looks used to him, yeah?

      Just guessing!

  74. Leya_S says:

    I was totally on board with this comment………..
    ………until you mentioned him dating a blonde so you'd like her. What does her hair color have to do with anything?

  75. ivanka says:

    cesc single was ok :( why the need to be with a girl that looks so tacky ?

  76. footieflu says:

    i gotta agree with K2……
    Cesc can do way better….. but then again who am I to judge this beautiful Spanish soul….
    I for one…. am just another Cesc lover who just cant seem to get enough of him *pout*

  77. IrishBlue says:

    That yellow thing she's wearing is criminal. Apart from that, I'm not going to start bitching about her as I think it's a bit unnecessary to subject the girl to a tirade of insults for nothing. And lets face it, I'm pretty sure Cesc's back smells nummy :)

    • mintmocha says:

      Seriously, that yellow atrocity cuts her off on all the most unfortunate places. That's about the only thing I'm going to bitch about. Girl, call me if you need a shopping buddy.

      • roland says:

        i really find it so nice and different this yellow swimsuit and she look so hot in it ! relax guys , if the guy likes her we don thave to kill her !

    • Juliana says:

      guys, I don't see what's so horrible on her yellow bikini! I mean, we can only see the top and the behind of it! and honestly, I find the nude one way worse! and even worse, Cesc's yellow shorts! lol

  78. Céline says:

    Wait.. Carla and Cesc Broke upp??? :O WHYYYY I liked herrrr just as much as I liked Eva with Iker :(

  79. FootyCookie says:

    I really doubt Cescy is dating this woman. But if he really is…….. can anyone say "down-grade"?


    • BarcelonaFan says:

      Total down-grade. If this is really Cesc's type, then I'd have to commend Carla for getting out while she can.

  80. Sophie says:

    Nooooo, I seen these pic's this morning and have to admit was gutted, even though I would love Cesc for myself, Carla is my all time favourite WAG and I really hoped they would work things out. I think I'm right in saying this is the girl Daniella who he was linked with when his break-up was confirmed last month and appartently has 2 kids.

    I just hope Cesc didn't do anything while with Carla because that would be the straw that kills my faith in footballers for good. Oh and final though please Cesc fo the love of god get a haircut.

  81. I <3 Ramos says:

    don't like her for cesc… 'nuff said!

  82. Sophie says:

    He couldn't wait 3 damn months for me to get to London. SMH.

    • FootyFanUSA says:

      Girl a single footballer lasts as as about a pint of ice cream in my fridge…..not very long.

    • arsenalluvah says:

      Honey that is exactly how I feel. Leaving for Barcelona in 9 days, and then heading for London. This vacation has absolutely nothing to do with stalking my favorite footballers btw (wink wink xD). Guess I'm just a bit late for Cescy. Damn. :(

    • mochara says:

      I'm going to London in a week, all my hopes and dreams have just been wiped away…

  83. Suzy says:

    what an unnecessarily catty blog post….

  84. Kat says:

    Aaaaaaack! That yellow "monokini" (?!) is all sorts of horrible! I think that's basis enough to dislike her already. And then I clicked on the picture where she was smelling/kissing Cesc's lower back. Aaaaaack!! WTH?!? That is just weird and creepy, even more so when you do it in the presence of a child who may or may not be your own. Uggggh.

    Oh, can't Cescy and Carla just get back together? She was low-key and seemed nice and definitely wouldn't be pulling antics like this in public.

    • naylovee says:

      YES! that is so trashy. I actually miss Carla right now :(

      • marwan says:

        last thing you can say about this woman is trashy , u have absuletly no idea who she is , she is lebanese and one of the mos t beautfiul girls there , her ex husband died when she left him , according to rumours , he was a jealous pshycho !
        i m not surprised that cesc is blown by her , so many others are , she chose him , good for him !

    • YoungChelsea says:

      I totally agree, that yellow thing looked AWFUL!!
      What possessed her to wear it!!
      And maybe we should make it our mission to get Cesc and Carla back together :)

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      Monokini!! *applauses* does that word really exist? if you invented it, congratulations!!!….very creative XD

  85. Sara says:

    What "revolving dating door" exactly? You say that and then link to the story where he split with Carla. What's up with that?

    And this is a needlessly bitchy piece. Cesc has a new girlfriend, what has she done to any of you to deserve this treatment? I thought this place was more mature.

    • Cymraeg_Ddraig says:

      I agree, its a bit of fun! Nothing said has been down right nasty or out of line.