June 26th, 2012

Hook Ups: Yoann Gourcuff & Karine Ferri

From this week’s issue of Closer magazine: Lashes has a new steady named Karine Ferri. The mag’s got exclusive pics of the pair on holiday in Mandelieu along with sources saying neither left the other’s side for three days straight.

ligue 1 WAG lashes gourcuffThat last part we find hard to believe. Mainly because…well, what about loo breaks?

Anywho, Karine seems to be well known in France as the former partner of the winner of “Star Academy” 4, Gregory Lemarchal. And while we love us some YoGo just as much as the next Kickette soldier girl or boy, our interest in researching his latest hook up stopped there (although one of our readers has shared additional KF deets here).

We are, however, always very interested in looking at his hot bod-ay, so let’s be thankful for small mercies.

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44 Responses to “Hook Ups: Yoann Gourcuff & Karine Ferri”

  1. Victoria says:

    This guy can do so much better than this whoreface. She is just looking for more fame. She become more popular in france because of gregory lemarchal. Poor guy got sick since childhood and did not get a chance to experience great love with proper girl. Karine is one disgusting whore.

  2. Isidora says:

    Girls! In every bad thing there's always something positive – in this case we can be happy coz now that he has a gf, that means he's not gay…

  3. Rainbow says:

    So NOW he is suing the mag that posted the pictures. He stated that they are private property. Mmm was this staged?

    • OhDear says:

      Yeah, something's…off. I don't see this situation (the publicity) ending well for him.

  4. Girl says:

    YES!! When I saw this picture I sighed with relief….I always feared that he was a closet gay

  5. Loninha - Brasil says:

    I always thought that Yoyo had more class, it is frankly a mess for him!

  6. sighyoann says:

    KICKETTE! Where is that picture of him in Paris? Did he send that letter to you guys too??!?!?!?!?!?!

  7. Boo says:

    I don't buy it. And I liked him better with Marouane.

  8. Rainbow says:

    The article is about how they met and where they have been spotted. Apparently she was at the Coupe de France final(april28) in a VIP box watching him and then she made her move(luckybiat*h). They have been spotted at the Cannes festival andalso kissing around in the streets of Paris.

    Ummm this pictures are interesting…It looks like his sucking on a limon in one and the other one its like, GIRLLL are you putting your hands under HIS underwear? Its sickening….and yet I cant look away!
    Oh Ronaldo didnt kick a penalty,Spain sucks,Italy is going to get demolished,Ahhhhhh the insanity! Must see Hummels face, Gomez Body and Neuer's lips/as*….Oh thank goodness for the German team!

    If you can bare it, here are some new pics.


    • Rainbow says:

      AND then, Im going to be working for tomorrows Italy vs Germany game ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more insanity…someone give me a break! or a drink hehe..

    • drea says:

      I sense some famewhoring here. When did Yo get all public like that? It's just bizarre.

  9. MissU Paolo says:

    Isn't he kind of shy, the private type? It seems a little out of character that he's seen with the gf and her hand on his ass (green with envy!) knowing it'll be shot for all to see?
    Just a bit disappointed with who he's with but hey I'm not his mom and he's single so….

  10. marion says:

    this women is actually a fame whore she was a contestant on the bachelor and gained fame by dating a singer who eventually died many said she loved the fact that she got all the attention which is horrible thing she has a show on a tacky channel which got cancelled the girl out for fame nothing more yoann needs a girl out of the spotlight and focus on football i want mysterious yoann please dont let him change his character cause he had to date a reality star

  11. Ami says:

    I am French. Sorry but Karine Ferri has never been the girlfriend of Adil Rami. And her boyfriend, Gregory Lemarchal, died 5 years ago at the age of 23 (he suffered from cystic fibrosis).

  12. Ami says:

    I am French. Sorry but she has never been the girlfriend of Adil Rami. And her boyfriend, Gregory Lemarchal, died 5 years ago at the age of 23 (he suffered from cystic fibrosis).

  13. EsiN says:

    I'm gonna cryyyyyyyyyyyy :( ((

  14. Gabss says:

    Totally agree Kickette I don't want to know more.One of the worst things about this year's Euro was that he wasn't there and now seeing him just hurts too much.

  15. Stella says:

    I thought deep down he was gay so this news make me a little bit happy.

  16. Shafa says:

    What a strange trand is it?Why all players date with olds?What is going on?

  17. elylovesfootball says:

    Omg see?!! See what happens to leave Yoann home?? I blame Laurent Blanc for what we're seeing.

  18. Paola says:

    Also my thought about this was that he had his brain wash or that she drug him but there's also another theory about this thing! Some girl Nikawonder or something like that wrote on tumblr so many posts about it! She's claiming that this is just a huge show arranged from his PR team to clear all the rumors about his supposed homosexuality and show to the public that he's happy and not depressed after all that happened to him for past 2 years! She also said that his ex girlfriend, his huge love of 8 years broke his heart and hurt him deeply so that he decided to revenge her and make her jealous! I really hope that there's a little bit true in her sayings because if that's the reason for his catastrophic behavior, I could understand that, if he's really heartbroken and being controlled by his anger doesn't know what he's doing, completely lost his mind! Because otherwise, I will completely loose my respect and admiration for him, 'cause he fell for someone who is the worst that he could find in France!

  19. xoWinnie says:

    he had to be getting some somewhere ladies…although it surprises me that Lashes would end up with that type…he seems a tad on the anti-social side

  20. Paola says:

    I have to say that since I have been visiting this site for the last few years, this news surprised me the most in whole negative way! I must admit that when I first saw these pics I was in a huge shock, gently speaking! Then I thought that I'm not seeing very well or that pics are photoshopped (because "Closer" is known for such a things) or maybe this is his doubler and the real one had been kidnapped by the aliens! Maybe we don't know the real Gourcuff 'cause he tricked us all by selling to us the image of the perfect guy without flaws, we all idealized him so much and on the other side he fell for this kind of woman? Clearly, my mind doesn't comprehend this!

  21. Catty Women says:

    Kickette how many women are in the hospital today because of this news?

    • EstoniaGirl says:

      I'm in the hospital lol! Mental hospital, that is, for getting upset over a footballer I'll never meet dating some catty looking bi-aaaa.

  22. LizzyHS90 says:

    She dated Adil Rami before he transferred to Valencia. Another serial WAG? Wonder how that convo went down in the locker room between Rami and Lashes.

    I like my Lashes in the ocean, wet and alone.

    • Rainbow says:

      You couldnt haver said it better! "I like my Lashes in the ocean, wet and alone" Best Summer Quote! LoL

  23. Thea says:

    Ladies – lets look at this way – everyone gets horny and desparate and at least he's getting some action, what else was he gonna do in his down time? NOT THE END OF THE WORLD – and I give it till xmas as the very outside!
    And it put pays to the other rumour about him that's circulated for years!

  24. mata says:

    I'm sort of disappointed, I pictured him with someone kind, elegant and intelligent, this girl is absolute trash if even half of what I've heard is true. And it is so unlike him to party at Cannes, make a public spectacle of himself in front of the paps, can you go through a mid-life crisis at age 25?

    • Thea says:

      Well he does not seem to gel with his team mates especially when it came to his national team – the persception is that he's a bit square. May have been a contributory reason why he was cut from the team this tiem around…………..so maybe he's just trying it out for size? Bit odd tho!

      • mata says:

        Yes, and an Adil Rami cast-off on top of everything, very odd, but some guys go through that amour de la boue phase, I hope it really is just a phase, he strikes me as the sort of guy who needs a soulmate in order to blossom, and I'd love to see him get back to his old form.

  25. Blake says:

    He's hot. She's hot. Good for them

  26. GaiaBale says:

    I didn’t see this coming honestly… It’s true that Karine has been a bit of a “tv bimbo” in the last few years but her career started as a radio speaker and there is where she met star academy 4 winner Gregory Lemarchal whom she began dating soon after. Gregory was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a young age and tragically died in 2007 after his condition got worse before he could receive a transplant. Karine stood by his side during all those times and got understanably shocked by his death. She’s still in contact with his family and still promotes the charity entitled to Gregory, which raises awareness on people affected by cystic fibrosis. I think that’s a better way to define her. Plus i think She and Gourcuff look fine together!

  27. Jayy says:

    Gotta thank Kickette rainbow for the heads up earlier! Which is why I am kind of prepared for this (not really but I'm still gonna pretend).

    • Rainbow says:

      Oh you are Welcome Jayy. I heard about it 2weeks ago,but it was just a rumour then….Then I saw the pics and I added Monday Morning drinker to my qualities haha, just that one time.

      Which brings up the question, How do you digest(isthereabetterword?) the news of your fav. player dating a bi**ch,Fame wh**e,getting a new haircut(Sergiofans),transfering,ect? Please feel free to elaborate and add phases!

  28. Taz says:

    *Cue all hell breaking loose on kickette island* I'm taking cover immediately!

    (Although this isnt worse then The Ramos getting hooked)

    • Rainbow says:

      I heard Lara is pregnant…they say its a rumour…Yoanns thing was just a rumour too, so was Messi's baby and Pique's baby too..So who knows…Either way it blows.

      • Taz says:

        Aah too many rumours! not good this early in the morning!
        Lara's one of the good ones atleast- well i hope (she looks like a kickette soldier girl type, no?) so we can be sure Sergio's manly mane is taken care of.