May 14th, 2012

Hope Solo: Golden Goalkeeper Graces Vogue

Fun fact: the USWNT goalkeeper beat Victoria Beckham to the American Vogue cover punch by featuring on the June issue’s front page (as well as in between the pages) alongside¬†swimmer Ryan Lochte and tennis superstar, Serena Williams.

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19 Responses to “Hope Solo: Golden Goalkeeper Graces Vogue”

  1. [...] Hope Solo, along with some other people we don’t care about, made the cover of American Vogue. Hooray! // Kickette [...]

  2. thelovehater says:

    It's good to see them on the cover. Also, Ryan Lochte *sigh* Already looking forward to the opening ceremony – can it top Beijing?! We can only hope. Really excited to see the games.

  3. gigi says:

    The extreme Photoshopping bothers me. We all know both women don't really look like this…. they're a heck of a lot more fit and more muscled.

    Hope and Serena are professional athletes–their bodies are in peak physical condition and the way they really look is pretty much the way they're ideally supposed to look. Their bodies, although not model perfect in the eyes of Vogue, look the way they do for a purpose–Hope has a different body contour and muscle definition in some of the strangest places because she's a goalie, and Serena has more mass because that's just the way her body builds the kind of muscle she needs for her style of tennis.

    I think that to Photoshop Hope and Serena to look like typical models sends the message that for women, strength and skill will always play second fiddle to beauty. But well, it's Vogue.

  4. xoWinnie says:

    they photoshopped the hell out of both women! like, no offense but Serena is not that thin and Hope is not that curvy

    • con2e says:

      You know what Winnie? Offense was made when you made your comment. Nobody cares if they are photoshopped, they look healthy, they look beautiful! Keep your snark to yourself, por favor.

      • Rossanera says:

        She's not snarking. She's pointing out that their naturally healthy, beautiful bodies have been digitally altered unnecessarily.

      • Carvivlie says:

        They may look beautiful but I think they would be more beautiful if they were represented as their true selves. We have all seen Hope Solo's Body edition. The girl is built like a tank–and so is Serena. By diminishing their physiques they are diminishing the work they do. Further, Vogue has lightened Serena's skin color. As women, we should be taking offense to this cover. There is not one ideal look of beauty but Vogue is trying to tell us there is.

      • xoWinnie says:

        you know, usually i'd apologize for offending someone unintentionally, however, considering the amount of "snark" you bring to this site on a constant basis, i'll pass on that one. if you like idealized, unrealistic representations of people in magazines and condone unnecessary photoshop then have a blast with this spread.

    • Blackwood says:

      that was exactly what I was thinking! I thought either Hope had a (modest and natural-looking) boob job, which I found very unlikely to be true or they went overboard with photoshop (or maybe the bathing suit was padded?). Her figure is not shaped like an hourglass in real life, they shrank her beautiful and athletic shoulders, which in fact are wider than her hips. what's the point of featuring athletes on the cover of a magazine if they're just going to make them look like a random model?

  5. Xan says:

    oh my GOD ryan lochte.

  6. Doles says:

    Hope Solo is GORGEOUS!!!
    Hope S and Serena W reminds me of a picture with the phrase: "Skinny is not sexy, health is"

  7. Carolina says:

    I think they all look great!!

  8. anna says:

    Hate the suit Serena Williams is wearing, but Hope looks great!

    Speaking of footballers gracing magazine covers, have you seen this (you'll have to scroll down for scans from inside the magazine)?…

  9. Ali says:

    Good for Hope! I personally think it's great that Vogue is willing to show an athletic, healthy body on the cover.

    And while the cover might not be as glamorous as Vogue, the pictures for the article are absolutely stunning.

  10. FootballandMe says:

    I know this is a football blog but I’ve got to point out the obvious (in my eyes atleast).

    I love Serena Williams and I think she is gorgeous. But why have Vogue airbrushed her to within an inch of her life? She has a naturally curvy body with muscles to make mens mouths drop. Yet when a healthy, toned and muscled woman like Serena Williams appears on their magazine then make her look like a bobblehead?

    Serena is renouned for her large hips/bum ratio yet on this picture they’ve made her appear more up and down and made her hips in proportion to her boobs.

    Why aren’t they proud of a healthy and fit woman to appear natural on their magazine?

    Its infuriating!

    (Sorry for the rant)

  11. Jayy says:

    Alex Morgan should be on here instead! Shes so hot <3