November 24th, 2008

Hottie or Nottie: Michael Mancienne



We think Fabio Capello may be onto something with baby Chelsea player Michael Mancienne (currently on loan to Wolverhampton Wanderers.) 

Here’s some bg: Michael’s 20-years-old and six-foot-tall, he got his first England callup last week, and John Terry is said to be a big fan. 

No word on how Lampsy is dealing with that.

We’re not completely sold on the plaits – we reckon Michael would look hella cute with a buzz cut or with his hair picked out in a big ol’ fro, but the chocolate eyes and the right bone structure work in MM’s favour, no?  We have long been fans of those two qualities, regardless of the hair trauma inflicted by the owners – looking at you Didier and Cisse.

Your thoughts, Kickettes? Hottie or Nottie?

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25 Responses to “Hottie or Nottie: Michael Mancienne”

  1. Pau de Silva (aka Sambu) says:

    I need more evidence. Lamps dear, I wouldnt never EVER change you!

  2. The Fourth Official says:


  3. annarosetorres says:

    nottie nottie nottie.

  4. Sandy says:

    nottie!!! I really hate the hair.

  5. Brandy says:

    He looks like a girl… I actually thought it was a girl who got signed on to play for the team… ICK!

  6. QB says:

    He is cute.

  7. Pau de Silva (aka Sa says:

    I need more evidence. Lamps dear, I wouldnt never EVER change you!

  8. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Cute but…. cornrows only look good on Royston Drenthe. Totally joking.

  9. lose that girl says:

    He's kinda like a mini-Anderson. Hmmmm…nah, sorry. Prefer Ando, thanks!lose that girl blog

  10. amerie says:

    Hottie…i think hes gorgeous! it doesnt matter if he looks young now he is and will b hottt as he gets a lil older…have u not seen him play?? HOTT

  11. Taylorr x says:

    He Is A Hottie!
    In My Top 10 , Probz 1 or 2
    His Hair Is Jus Bangin!
    & Love His Baby Face ..
    Does He Have A Girlfriend?, Jus Curious

    Tayyy x

  12. sch says:

    He’s kinda cute, like his style.

  13. JenFica says:

    HOTTIE!  Oh yeah, he’s cute!  I’m not fond of the hair, but I’m not that bothered either.
    Say, why didn’t you mention Glen Johnson?  That man has got it going on!!!  Mmmm-mm.

  14. LizB says:

    Nottie. Most definitely nottie. Give him a few years and perhaps he might lose that 14-year-old look…

  15. SofieC. says:

    Nottie, he looks like a young girl.

  16. Moonie says:

    Total cutie – ive been discreetly admiring him in the U21s for a while but feel I can do so more legitimately now he's made the senior squad!

  17. Dreamgirl says:

    I think he has a beautiful face and he seems to be a good prospect for the NT. That's good ebough for me for now. But outright hottie? No, there's a long cue in front of him.

  18. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    Nottie…. a bit female for my liking.

  19. aristeia says:

    Not ugly at all… but he really doesn't do anything for me. I don't know… maybe the hair would change things.

  20. Becca says:

    hmm, im going to have to say nottie for now, but if he takes on the hair advice, you never know. And dont worry frankie, im always here for you! :(

  21. Kat says:

    Cute, but a bit too young for my tastes (even though he's two years younger than me). I don't mind the 'dreds and cornows, but the length just won't do with his face.

  22. Venice says:

    Cutie, but not for me really.He looks about 12 too. Actually, make that 10.

  23. Erin says:

    Hate the hair. He's got a cute baby face. But I wouldn't call him hot.

  24. FirstTeamCoach says:

    He is a hottie, but as Dreamie says there are a few in the queue ahead of him. I like the braids.

  25. Mrs. Podolski says:

    He is kinda cute.