September 14th, 2011

How To Come Out: Jonathan De Falco

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All gay people have stories about how they came out, but whether they’re heartwarming, hideously embarrassing or just awful, we’re pretty sure that few will be as spectacular as Jonathan De Falco’s.

De Falco recently retired from Belgian side Racing Mechelen due to injury, and having spent his entire career in the closet, the logical choice for his next vocation was, of course, gay porn star! Yay!

And before you ask – his porn star name is Stany Falcone, yes his work is available online and no, we will not be providing links. Just a warning though, you probably shouldn’t surf this from work. We’ve heard things get a little er… frisky.

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13 Responses to “How To Come Out: Jonathan De Falco”

  1. [...] Retired Belgian footballer now a gay pornstar. [Kickette] [...]

  2. Rainbowlollipop says:

    I thought it was one of your dream fantasy post…..then I read it again and thought it was a joke and then I read it again and decided to see the evidence hehehe.

    Oh Kickette now you opened the huge question of "Who could be in the closet"

  3. Ash Menon says:

    The Ramos, here's looking at you next.

  4. lalalalalaaa says:

    I taught this is a joke…than I googled

  5. Annie says:

    That's a huge waste cause he's incredibly Handsome..So my type!!!

  6. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    Talk about beeing out! Amen to you baby!!
    I really apreciate him been honest about his feelings because not everybody has the corage of saying something that big in the small world of Soccer! I wonder what other players that feel like him can now take the corage they need to come out and stop living in a lie…. Because I think that is hard to live in.
    Protect yourself, please no matter what!

    But still thoose abbs are faboulos! Amen to all of thoose who are going to have a taste of them, lucky them! :D

  7. xoWinnie says:

    Kickette…i hope you're joking about coming out by doing porn as being "a good way to come out".
    i tend not to be judgemental about stuff like this, but why should someone have
    to do something so extreme in order to just live their life?

    anyways, congrats to Jonathan for having the courage to finally be himself.
    hope he takes precautions to protect himself in that industry though.

  8. chay says:

    oh wow. But it’s not surprising and somewhat fitting–i bet most footballers could get away with being porn stars.

    He will have lots of fun!

  9. blitzenTO says:

    Good for him! We all know gay footballers are out there. I just wish it was more accepted for them to live open lives while they are still playing.

    And he may be gay, but that won't stop me from drooling over his abs. Yum!

  10. April says:

    Wish we would have known… he could have done some undercover work in the dressing room. Glad he feels comfortable coming out now, and in such a big way! Agree with Hot4Spurs… "don't be silly… " and you know the rest.

  11. Hot4Spurs says:

    Talk about coming out in a big way!! I wonder how many Kickettes will google one of his porno scenes?! LOL! But seriously though, I just hope he's being careful.

    • Allison says:

      Hahahahaha I am in fact one of the Kickettes you mention… but then again, who WOULDN'T google his scenes?!