February 8th, 2010

Iker Casillas: The Exit Needs Work

Well, what do we have here?

Spanish gossips are reporting a potentially uncomfortable morning-after walk-o’-shame situation involving our favourite goal-keeper, Iker Casillas. While the whole, factual truth of this rendezvous –  including the chica’s identity -  is not available for public consumption, Iker’s sheepish look of guilt has us in a tizzy speculating the endless possibilities of this early afternoon gathering.

Is she his lead PR rep? A beard-groomer? The local Avon lady pushing the company’s newest shimmer-kiss lip balm?

Regardless, we think Iker needs a little coaching in avoiding detection by the press/friends/family/current lovers thing. Here’s a few pointers, luv:

1. No peeking. There’s no reason to double check if the coast is clear. This is a school boy error and a sure fire way to blow your cover. (Obviously Iker’s immature handling of this whole scenario makes him that much more lovable to us.)

2. Create a diversion. Doesn’t the hired help have some trash to dispose of? This will eliminate the need for peeking (see above), streamline logistics for your separate exits and help to time departures so the measly 10 minute delay in between doesn’t make people (like us) suspicious.

3. Arrange for a car service. Preferably a chauffeured Rolls Royce. At least then your lady friend will avoid the obvious embarrassment of standing outside your gated home furiously BBM-ing her friends for a ride home. And wearing what looks like last night’s outfit.

4. Plan an escape route. When you finally are able to exit, do it from a different door than the mystery blonde  just came out of. 

5. Act Natural. Manbags are only acceptable for those that regularly wear them.

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27 Responses to “Iker Casillas: The Exit Needs Work”

  1. IkerimCasillasım says:

    this woman who .. We do not know =DD

    maybe was a cousin .. or mother (((:

    ohh ıker ohhhh !!

  2. ^^K^^ says:

    Hahaaaa I cracked up at number 5 :D DAMN RIGHT!

  3. HJ says:

    her hair is terrible n’ even the biggest idiot knows u gotta have the hair right if you’re meeting a footballer so I’m guessing they did something that messed up her hair. now, let’s not jump to conclusions.. they could’ve been going over bills…oooh!maybe she’s his housekeeper!!lol
    whoever she might be, he obviously doesn’t care about her enough to give her a ride home and shield her from the paps.that’s good, right??

  4. Mom says:

    Here in America, there isn’t a woman that beautiful who would stoop so low as to work for a car dealership… i’m just sayin’… she ain’t sellin’ cars… and i agree, she does need a root touch, but the shoes are to die for, and those legs are so long you have to stop at the knees to ask for directions… The genes appear to be well distributed, so if Iker is asking, I approve… he probably doesn’t need to ask directions, does he?

  5. I'd say that's Vanessa Romero (a Spanish model and wannabe actress) but I hope I'm wrong because I really hate the girl. She wrecked my favourite TV show, I will never forgive her for that…(she bedded the producer, who dumped his girlfriend, who starred in the show, and who eventually left)

  6. Trisha ( Mrs Casilla says:

    It seems Iker likes his woman with long hair and long legs…. there is definitly a trend…. Eva, Ana, and this blondie. All with long legs.

    Doesnt give much hope, to us petite ones! Probably likes them legs wrapped all the way around him….. LOL!!!

  7. Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

    Okay, Kickettes!!!

    we need to investigate this matter futher….

    Firstly, if i was going to see Iker Casillas ( personally or professionally) would i look like that….. like im undercover…. all in black…. hair all over the face, no colour touch ups to the roots of the hair. LOL!!!

    Secondly, wouldnt i have made plans already inside the house before leaving for someone to pick me up!!! (probably bragging to da friends)

    Thirdly, the car story is a bit funny. When Iker is peeking out the door, its there, when he comes out of the house its there, but in between this CHARADE, when she is leaving i dont see the car.

    ooooHHHH, Iker, i just hope its not one of your team mates gals! LOL

    i would hate to see blood on that pretty face.

    Anyway, you are mine!!!

    Love you, Baby!!!

  8. Aisha says:

    Iker better not have done some “some glass of wine, then one thing led to another” act. He can get some much better if it’s what I thought it was. Anyway, sales girl would have had some official items.

    I will invesigate this mysterious case…

  9. Larissa says:

    I think she looks a bit like Rebecca Romjin.

  10. aps says:

    They both need a stylist. Especially her hair.

  11. truly_thata says:

    I just read at foros.vogue that this girl is a salesgirl. Iker have plan to sale his AUDI white car, that’s why he ask for help from this girl.

  12. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Oh no. Not Iker too.

    Sergio, CRon – book a ticket to the manbag convention for Iker.

  13. kil says:

    Good for you Ikar, maybe she can get you to shave that goat beard u got there!

  14. Shipra says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! I actually laughed out loud about that’man-bag’ comment! Can’t stop laughing even now. That joke is a class apart.

  15. smithda says:

    I think she needs a stylist also or some deep conditioning

  16. Louise says:

    Obviously she wasn’t worth the forethought because I can’t believe he’s an amateur at this.

  17. suzie says:

    kickette,it says she was only there a couple of hours…..hardly overnight is it. It could have been anyone,personnaly I’m hoping it was the stylist because god knows he needs one.

    • Thea says:

      You are just about the only person who has shown any evidence of a brain here! How can you expect someone not to appear sheepish when you constantly have photographers outside your house!

  18. Leila says:

    I love her shoes. That's it, carry on with your day.

  19. Innocenza says:

    I want her coat k plz and thx.

  20. Missy Manchester says:

    If she were a PR agent…she's a bad one. Because a professional marketing exec would know not to provide any fodder for the photogs…she would have:

    - carried business accessories (like file folders, paperwork…SOMETHING official looking)

    - called a cab from INSIDE the house

    - driven her own car/moped whatever

    And just to be on the safe side…she would have ended the visit outside with Iker and allowed the photogs to see her shaking hands with him and then looking at her watch.

  21. CNB says:

    OMG, is that Elin Woods's twin sister???

  22. Lolinha says:

    A blondie? That's new… I find the peeking extremely adorable.

    I hate to point this out, but Iker has actually been carrying a manbag for over a decade:


    (At least from way back in 2005)

  23. SweetVito says:

    Kickette, the article says she stayed a few hours, not overnight. OK it could have been a quickie but would you wear tights for a quickie? ;)

    Also (and I may be over-analysing… in fact I am over-analysing, it's Iker) but that white car out front looks suspiciously like the white Audi Iker drives. How come it's there when she leaves and not when he does? Interesante.

    I could be wrong on all accounts. In which case, our darling Iker is doing the dirty with Daryl Hannah. Go back to the brunettes, baby, they suit you so much better.