September 11th, 2012

Ilary Blasi: Still Not Pregnant Or Giving Gifts

wife of as roma il capitano francesco totti mother of two hotty totty family

Images: Ufficio Stampa.

il capitano wife mother of chanel christian cristian totti childrenSpeaking to Tgcom24 at Milan’s Fashion’s Night Out last week, Mrs Francesco Totti once again felt compelled to deny that she and the AS Roma captain were expecting a third.

They say time heals all wounds, but our relief at this news proves otherwise. Maybe we haven’t gotten past the time Ms Blasi boasted about denying her kids their god given right to presents?

“Cristian and Chanel have a different standard of living to most children.. I really want them to understand the value of what they have, I want them to realise how lucky they are. An example? Gifts only at Christmas and birthdays.”

Nope, we haven’t. Is that not the cruelest approach to child-rearing you’ve ever heard, Kickettes?
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8 Responses to “Ilary Blasi: Still Not Pregnant Or Giving Gifts”

  1. mickey_Italy says:

    Wise parenting. Cristian and Chanel r so lucky!! They have wonderful parents… Ilary is gorgeous and Francesco is simply the king of Rome :)

  2. Sara in Paris says:

    Lucky girl who got Totti!!! Their kids look super cute and she sounds pretty down to earth……..

    (eeeek, does anyone notice how obvious her cheek implants look when she smiles in the first pic, they sit way too low, she needs to remove them asap!!!)

  3. Catie2838 says:

    That sounds like great parenting. Thats pretty much how I was raised. I grew up surrounded by peers who got gifts for pretty much breathing. Shockingly enough, they were some of the brattiest, most self-entitled people I've ever met.

  4. Nicola says:

    As a child, those were the only times I got presents, so I don't don't think Ilary's gift policy is cruel or weird.

    • Nicola says:

      Disregard the second don't, I wish there was an edit button

    • Eli aka NC says:

      Same here, my parents also gave us presents only at Christmas and birthdays (and not all our birthdays), and we came out perfectly fine.

  5. Regina says:

    Sounds like sound, decent parenting to me. :) The amount and type of stuff I see my friends (who are not millionaire footballers) give their kids is astounding, and the kids grow up expecting more and more.

    Agreed that she's stunning!

  6. laligagirl says:

    At least they're getting gifts sometimes…..maybe they get "rewards" for good behavior, good grades, etc. she just doesn't think of them as "gifts". Could just be an issue of semantics.

    BTW, I've never seen her up close, she is really beautiful!