February 10th, 2012

In The Hot Seat: Tom Cleverley & Jordan Henderson

Who spends the longest amount of time primping in front of the locker room mirrors?

It’s an age old tool we’ve been probing our favourite ‘ballers with for years, mainly because we can’t be bothered to come up with any better questions.

As you know, over the past few weeks we’ve been training Chris Cohen of ‘Talking Balls’ to do our bidding (so we, ourselves, can spend longer in front of the mirror) and we’re pleased to say that he did a magnificent job of getting the goods from Manchester United’s Tom Cleverley and Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson, when he cornered them on Wednesday at the launch of EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis 2 in London.

According to Jordan, who may we add was seriously killing it with his combover, Liverpool’s proud title holder is none other than Jose Enrique, while Tom Cleverley was clearly lying/trying to avoid a beatdown later on by saying the Manchester United dressing room doesn’t “have too many of them, to be fair.”

You sure about that, Tom?

Kickettes? What’s he hiding?

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9 Responses to “In The Hot Seat: Tom Cleverley & Jordan Henderson”

  1. KellyEnrique says:

    Enrique.. why am i not surised hehe.

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    I could listen to Jordan Henderson all day. He is too SEXY. And he plays for liverpool which makes him so much Hotter.

  3. Sam says:

    I could listen to Henderson speaking all day. I'm obsessed with North-Eastern accents, OMG. I wouldn't be listening to what he's *actually* talking about though, just the sound of him speaking :D

  4. Lucy says:

    Since Ronaldo left I don´t think anyone has ever filled that gap at Manchester United… well maybe Rio

  5. Jayy says:

    Jordan Henderson <3 sooo cute!