August 9th, 2012

In The Olympic Stands: The Beckham Boys

Looks as though yesterday’s boys group outing to the Women’s Beach Volleyball final was more of a “daddy wants us to do something cultural and we’re not happy about it” kind of evening.

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15 Responses to “In The Olympic Stands: The Beckham Boys”

  1. Dr. Heidi says:

    What is the obsession with this guy? I just don't get it….

  2. KL7 says:

    Shouldn't he be in LA training with his team? They way they got earrassed by Real Madrid shows he and he rest of the team could use it

  3. I think I saw a few more photos from a feed, and it looks like they were at least getting cuddly with their dad, well except Brooklyn, who looked pretty serious throughout. One thing I can't figure out, is who looks the most like David, I used to think it was Cruz, but lately Romeo is looking more like his dad.

  4. Ash Menon says:

    Ahh, the various stages of puberty, illustrated with Posh-like expressions. Adorable.

    • Caro says:

      I'm pretty sure David is still there himself, except he has NEVER had an awkward-looking phase in his life.

  5. tammyv says:

    Mena the kids most likely play beach volleyball. They live super close to the beach and it is a super popular thing to do here. Secondly, why should it be wrong to take them to see a women's final between the best teams in the world at their sport.

    Thirdly do you know he didn't go to any GB basketball games?

    • mena says:

      The Beckham boys are some of the most highly pap'd kids in Hollywood. The papz have photographed them playing soccer, watching soccer, skateboarding & body boarding. Not to mention how many times they've been pap'd shopping or out for some FroYo. If the Beckhams had ever actually played beach volleyball, they would've been photographed doing so. They haven't been.

      Same thing with attending Team GB Basketball games. If Becks had ever attended any of their games, he would've been photographed – especially since the Team GB Basketball program could use the attention.

      As far as Becks taking the boys to see Women's Beach Volleyball, I never said it was wrong. But for a guy who was so super gung ho about Team GB and the London Olympics, it's odd that the only event Becks has been seen attending is the USA-USA Women's Beach Volleyball Final. Considering Women's Beach Volleyball has been getting way more media attention for it's sex appeal instead of it's sporting appeal it probably shouldn't be too surprising that Becks went to see for himself & dragged his boys along too.

      • tammyv says:

        I have no idea where you live but the beach volleyball has been covered as the misty-kari 3-pete. They are from so-cal, misty husband is a LA dodger and huge in the local sports community, like Becks. It is entirely possible that they are friends and the becks family was showing support to friends.

        The kids are actually rarely papped without their parents present and the vast majority of their childhood events are not covered like their soccer games.

        • mena says:

          Um, no it hasn't.

          The media didn't start talking about Misty & KERRI's threepeat until well into the knockout rounds. All throughout the tournament, the media reported on the bikinis, the bums and the party atmosphere around the court. A few of the athletes (including Kerri) expressed frustration at the constant focus on other aspects of the game, but shrugged it off as just curiousity from people/media new to the sport.

          Sex appeal is also the reason given to explain why Beach Volleyball was one of the few Olympic venues that had a packed audience every day of its competition. Many of the new "fans" in attendance – like the dozens of MPs, Prince Harry and David Beckham – were reported to be there to ogle the female athletes.

          Now, David Beckham can ogle whoever he wants, but it's just weird that he brought his 3 young boys along while he did it.

          As far as Becks being friends with either Misty or Matt Treanor, I doubt it. The Gold Medal game was a huge milestone for Misty & Kerri and Becks is a very high-profile celebrity. If he was there to support them it would've been pointed out. It wasn't.

          • tammyv says:

            you're not from SoCal are you? beach volleyball is a way of life. Both Beck and Prince Harry have placed during their extended stays in SoCal.

            the "sex appeal" is what some sexist commentators think about any sport with female athletes as that is what women should be sex objects. one of the main reasons that the beach volleyball is packed is because it is one of the most even events for fans. They play music, people dance around, it is outside, they can hear, and see without the gym lights glare.

            The gold medal match is a huge event for any athlete,

  6. simone says:

    Cruz definitely doesn,t get it yet look at his face so funny, Romeo,s face even worse.

  7. mena says:

    Of ALL the Olympic events to take three young boys to see… I dunno seems like they're there more for David's own enjoyment and the media attention than for anything else, which is kinda pathetic.

    TBH, with all the Laker games he goes to, I was surprised David didn't take the boys to any of Team GBs Basketball games. You'd think Britain's biggest basketball fan would want to see & support his own team. They missed an absolutely amazing game when GB played Spain.

  8. German_Girl says:

    <…daddy wants us to do something cultural and we’re not happy about it” kind of evening.>

    Hmm, not sure. Brooklyn looks pretty engrossed….then again, it was the Women's Beach Volleyball. I guess he is growing up. :)